Another Search :P [A few originals, some fandoms. Open to FxF, FxM, and MxM.]

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  1. Hello Everyone! Thank you for taking a glance at my little thread, it's really appreciated! :] I do have a few rules, nothing to bad, but I do feel like mentioning them.

    1. Please be patient with me. If you bug me constantly or start telling me I 'owe' you rp responses I will likely drop you. I have school, I live in a house of six to assist my grandparents and my little brother. I am busy at times just as I'm sure you are as well. Overall though, I am on my phone (on here) often and talk often over OOC. I like to plan and chat, it's not required but it helps. That being said, I may be able to get out more than three posts to you a day, depending on the usual length of our posts.
    2. BE RESPECTFUL PLEASE. I treat others as they treat me.
    3. Have fun! If you dislike something in our roleplay, feel uncomfortable, or anything like that please let me know. I cannot stress this enough, I have my own issues and I never want to make my partners uncomfortable.
    4. Let me know if you wanna stop roleplaying. I promise I'll understand. :3
    5. This is just to let you know, I mainly rp over pm. It's a comfort thing. >.<

    Okay! Rules done. :3 Though I will ask, if you have any triggers or anything, let me know if you feel the need to. I have some of my own and I would like to avoid anything that could possibly harm my partners.

    On to ideas:


    Supernatural Hunter/Hunted (can range from pretty much any magical creature)
    Former Best Friend/Former Best Friend
    Internet Friend/Internet Friend (sort of kind of have a plot for this)
    Pirate Captain/Anyone
    Dragon Shifter/Princess (Prince)
    Royal Guard/Princess (Prince)

    I think that's about all I can think of for originals...if you have an idea let me know! :D


    Quick Note: I tend to do CanonxOC but I don't mind OCxOC. I also double up.

    Star Trek (reboot)
    Supernatural (Preferably anything before season eight...maybe a bit more earlier than that actually. I have not watched anything past Season 9)
    One Piece
    Rise of the Guardians
    Soul Eater

    I look forward to hearing from you guys! Send me a pm if you're interested. :3​
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  2. Still looking! :3
  3. I'm interested in the Royal Guard/Princess idea, but I was wondering, if you would be willing to roleplay with me, if we could change it to a Knight/Princess. I'm really interested!!

  4. That would be perfectly fine with me. :) Send me a pm and we can talk out the details
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  5. Still looking guys! :D Drop me a pm if you wanna get started on something!
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