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  1. Pairing: Prehistoric outcasts
    Detail: Two options:
    Option one: I rp the male, banished from his tribe because they believe him to be a demon. He looks odd, with pale skin and hair which are unusual for his tribe, and blue eyes which are near nonexistent at this point in history. He's also sort of a rebel and does not follow tribal customs, and he's weaker but far more intelligent than those in his tribe. You would rp the female, and choose the details of their eviction, either from his tribe or another. These two then meet up and basically begin their own tribe.
    Option two: I rp female, banished from her tribe for disobedience and refusing to be with a male she dislikes. Something similar to what happens in option one happens, but you'd then rp the male.
  2. Hmmm. This sounds rad
  3. hello do you want to rp with me if so just ask i wil try to be online when you are i am open to what ever you want to rp about just tell me soo yep yours amy
  4. I'll rp option two with you if you'd like. And if you're still looking
  5. Alright, so..
    Amber-moonlight for the first option?
    Shakensilences for the second?
    Could you both send me character descriptions?
  6. Would you like them here, or should I pm you? Also do you have any prefrenses for the CS
  7. Either is fine.
    What is CS? [Sorry, it's not a term I've seen before.]
  8. yer msg me if y still looking
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.