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  1. Kyy sat in class, his feet up on his desk. He had never really been big on school, finding it boring. Not because it was learning but because he found it too easy. He had always been smarter than most his age.

    "I wish I could just go back to Gramps dojo. That's where the fun is..." He sighs, looking out the window.
  2. I drag myself to my next class with my friends Requan and Silver.
    "Why can't they have all the classes in one building,"Requan asks as we make our way across the street.They ramble on about how we have to walk so far when I just zone out. I just keep thinking of my times at my Dojo where I trained. I look in the window and see a familiar face looking back at me.I try to remember who he is all I remember is we trained at the dojo together.
    "...Right Shadow"Silver says my name breaking my train of thought.
    "Huh,"I ask trying to remember still.
    "Never mind," Silver says smirking and so we head to my next class which happens to be combined with his class today. This will be weird then again school is weird and easy so...
  3. Kyy sighs as the teacher tries to get his attention. "Are you going to participate today Kyy?" "Depends. Am I going to have to correct you all day?" Some students snicker. "We'll see, won't we?"
  4. So now there is two teachers since it is combined great more people yelling at Requan, Silver and I for not participating.
    "Will you three participate today you must find three gentlemen to work with from the other class for this activity," my teacher says directly to us glaring at us with an evil look. So the three of us search for some so-called gentlemen to be in our group when the other teacher just assigns three to us.
    "Alright did anyone here what we are supposed to be doing,"says Silver looking at the face of the boys. One has dark skin,dark brown hair and green eyes. Another with pasty skin, blonde hair and brown eyes. Of course the boy who looks so familiar. I kind of zone out next minute we are doing some weird experiment.
  5. Kyy looks at his partner. "Hey, I'm Kyysucara but most people just call me Kyy. You?" He starts setting up the experiment.

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  7. "Shadow" I say helping set up the experiment.
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    Kyy smiles. "Nice to meet ya." He starts working on the work. "Say, you look familiar."
  9. I smirk at him "So do you". I begin working.
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    Kyy finishes the experiment. He puts his feet up on his desk, falling asleep waiting for the rest of the class.
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    Saki sighs. "Class is boring!" She looks at Shadow. "Do you think so too?"
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    "For sure to easy wish I was back in training. How about you what would you rather be doing," I ask with a smirk.
  16. Saki smiles. "Same thing. I live at my grandfather's dojo." She stretches, the bell marking the end of the day.
  17. "I went to a dojo but my parents figured out I was doing karate not theater so they made me quit. I still train whenever they are not home with my neighbor who also went there but quit when his best friend aka me had to," Shadow says with a grin thinking of her best friend Kalmin who is a senior
  18. Ooc: oops! Lol didn't realize shadow was a girl til just now. I guess I will stick with Kyy lol

    Kyy shrugs. "That sucks. Lucky for me I've grown up learning from my gramps and the other masters at his dojo." He grabs his bag.
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    Shadow smirks and grabs her bag. "Who is your Grandpa," she asks wondering if he is his old master's grandson and old teammate.
  20. Kyy smiles. "Hasaki Namosaka." He carries his bag over his shoulder, walking out of the room with shadow.
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