INTEREST CHECK Another possible RP, Mecha! aka giant robots duking it out.

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  1. I have an idea for a mecha roleplay. Though I was wondering if anybody would be interested in playing a group mecha roleplay before I post a sign up thread. I already have a few who were interested however I want to see how many might be interested so I can have a general idea of the odds, or evens, that such an idea may attract. To give a few details away, the setting is on a post apocalyptic world. So not only is this story going to be purely mech but post apocalyptic as well. I'll give out more details as interest is shown. Partly because I'm lazy at this moment in time. xD Any thoughts you hace feel free to express them. Also there is a small off world military force camped on this planet.
  2. dude I live and breathe mecha RP's. Just look at my art thread.... half of it IS mecha!
  3. Well then, I can feel assured that you might just join the thread. So far I now have four possible candidates including myself.

    As the general theme for post apocalyptic stories, there is hardly ant system of governing body. The world was brought to destruction by the very machines that those who lucky to find operate now. Most pilots are bandits or malevolent leaders craving out their territory. Though thr off world military force arrived after the events of the apocalypse so their Automations(mechs) differ from the Automations that roam the planet. The pre apolocolypse Automations look strange in appearance and functionality.

    The character I plan on playing is a deserter of the off world military force. Just a side note.
  4. I've already designed my mech for it.

    Although, perhaps you should give it a look before approving if it's suitable for the setting?

  5. Count me in. IN IN IN!
  6. Dougverse, your mech looks pretty awesome xD And it does fit the setting. Are you going to be part of the off world military or a native that found a mech?

    And I knew I could count on your vote Raiu :)

    Since I have a feeling mech roleplays aren't that popular here on Iwaku so should we want for more interest to accumulate or would you guys want me to set up the sign up thread? As it stands there are four candidates I knoe for sure who are interested, myself included.
  7. Maybe we should wait.

    Also, I asked Doug if he could do 2 drawings for me... But I haven't gotten an answer... Gomen Doug. *Bows and gets belly slitting knife.*
  8. Whoa whoa, harikiri is a form of ritual suicide too.

  9. Currently I am working on both designs
  10. Hey um Dougverse. . . would you mind being contracted to do another drawing?
  11. what're you hankerin' for?
  12. [​IMG]

    The basic model would resemble the picture. On its back, their is a large tank that is connected to a massive cannon that is held in one hand. The cannon and tank basically resemble a heavy duty version of a flamethower but instead of a "spout" it is a large cannon with rifling. The color of the Automation is a dark red color. Plus in it's free hand is a shield. Well I know that this is sloppily posted but hopefully you get the general idea. And sorry for the lack of details. The cannon projects canisters filled with napalm. The Automation name is Cagard de Mondes. Scorcher of Worlds. Well hopefully that makes sense in French.
  13. I think I'll take some liberties with this one, since I've already drawn way too many Zaku II's and I don't feel like just drawing a Zaku II with a flamethrower. However, I can see how a heavier built mobile suit with a flamethrower could work, especially with a gasmaks type visage. I'll get working on it.
  14. That's actually what I had in mind. :) Thanks for drawing the picture by the way.
  15. Thanks. Could you give us a message after you accepted the work in the future though? Kinda worried I was rejected.

    Also... FORMULA FRONT!
  16. Oh um sorry about that. I just assumed you guys knew you were accepted. :(

    I'll defiantly look into Formula Front :)
  17. I was talking to Doug.
  18. Oh O_O well at least the thread is bumped :D
  19. Hey Dougverse, if it isn't too late or too much trouble could I add a slight modification to my mech design? If it is okay with you that is.
  20. not too late! I've been working on Raiu's request, mostly.