Another Poll by Phoenix's Wrath; Least favourite Holiday

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Least Favourite Holiday

  1. St. Patrick's Day

    2 vote(s)
  2. Valentine's Day

    7 vote(s)
  3. Christmas

    2 vote(s)
  4. Halloween

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  5. New Years

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  6. Thanksgiving

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  7. Mardi Gras

    3 vote(s)
  8. April Fool's Day

    5 vote(s)
  9. Easter

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  1. Yes yes I know, 'you and your boring polls!' But please forgive me I get curious of what others like and love to count the statistics of consumers. So, I was listening to music and a pop up add as annoying and mindless as it was/is, Christmas music started playing over my Poets of the Fall. I was just going to click out of it when I thought to myself how much I dislike Christmas, but enjoy the company and sending out cards to other people.

    Then it boiled down to realizing that I don't dislike Christmas as a whole, as much as I dislike all the music that comes with it. Any Christmas song (with the exception of one for reasons I like that are not even known to me, maybe it's the tune and beat) just sends my brains into a throbbing and painful headache. Most are so annoying that when I hear them I'll put my headphones on and listen to something else so others could enjoy the music I so dislike and I don't have to hear it.

    But I began to wonder what everybody's least favourite holiday was. I want to say that mine is Christmas but again I'd be a hypocrite because I like sending and receiving cards while not liking any of the music and annoying events that come with it.

    Personally, my favourite holiday is Halloween, because I can wear my cheesy clothes that I wore in high school and not get laughed at (I went through a cheesy horror flick phase in high school).

    So, what is your least favourite holiday and why? What is your favourite?
  2. Valentines day.

    Just so you know, it's not because I don't have a boy/girlfriend (I have a lot of friends that have a boy/girlfriend but still doesn't like valentines day, so it has nothing to do with my lack of boy/girlfriend xD haha)

    I think I don't like it because of all the pink, I have always had a problem with pink xD hahah In Sweden we mostly celebrate valentines day by giving each other roses (some people gives heart formed candy or chocolate, but mostly it is roses.) We both give roses to friends that we like very much and to boy/girlfriends. From my experience in school it seems like it's mostly friends that gives to friends.

    Except for my problems with the color pink, I also don't like valentines day because it feels like you are going to appreciate the one you love most just on that day. But I think that's something you should do during the whole year, I think that it's sweeter to just randomly give someone you like a rose on whichever day during the year, why only do it during this time of the year? (I know, some people does it all the time, but for the most that seems to be THAT SPECIAL DAY)
    I feel like I want every day to be valentines day if I have a boy/girlfriend, and not just one single day every year x3

    And now I must confess that it was my friend who told me this (A friend that had a boyfriend at that time) And I just thought that it sounded good so I kind of copied his speech xD haha He lived every day as it was valentines day except on valentines day xD I myself didn't really know why I didn't like valentines day before my friend pointed out what I just spoke about, and that's when I realized that its probably that x3

    Now when I think about it... Almost everyone I know thinks valentines day is pretty overrated.. xD hahaha I know very few people that actually does anything for the one they like on that day x3 Maybe it's just us Swedes ;)

    I must stop writing when its almost midnight, my brain doesn't have a stop button at that time of the day... x3
  3. Valentine's Day. And not because I hate the holiday itself. I LOVE romance and friendship and any excuse to be happy lala lovey dovie and spread joy and love!

    I hate the PEOPLE THAT HATE VALENTINE'S DAY. Every single one of those "it's just a corporate holiday" (yeah, which holiday ISN'T?) and those "it makes us single people feel like shit" (Uh hello, love is about friends and family too! D:<) and those "I don't even have any friends" (probably because you're a jerk and whine all the time!) that sit there and COMPLAIN ABOUT IT THE ENTIRE TIME AND RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

    And I'm cool with the people that are simply disinterested in the day, think it's silly, waste of time, etc. Because who doesn't have a holiday they think is super stupid? (Sorry Easter, but you are one messed up holiday!) It's those people that BITCH that I hate. Not a simple "Oh I don't like it" the "OMG WOE IS ME I AM SI DEPRESSED VALENTINE'S DAY IS EVIL FOR MAKING ME THIS WAY." You were already depressed, jerkbutt, you just latched on to a reason to try an wallow in it and make other people feel bad, and upset and sorry that they are enjoying something that you can't.

    ....And that is why for one day out of the year, Diana will abuse her admin power and 24 hour ban anyone she catches being emo about Valentine's Day.

    Everyone may now awkwardly resume awkwardly confessing their hatred of holidays now. >:]
  4. I love Diana banning people that bitch about Valentine's day. I'm generally happy to help threaten.
    I don't mind Valentine's day one bit, even when I was single I still did fun and cutesy things with my friends.
    I'm generally willing to be the elf of spreading friendship love (see last Valentine's stunt), but the people who persist in whining about it bother me.
    Whining about any holiday, really. What, you think everyone but you can't see how commercialist it's become? They can. Obviously. They just choose to accept it for its spirit and intention and enjoy it anyway and spread love and kindness or at least shut up about it.

    I don't mind most holidays. I tend to assuage my annoyance with booze if forced to celebrate one that I don't care much for (see: Easter wine). April Fool's bothers me for the sole reason that people seem to think it's the perfect time to be a royal pain in the ass and mess with my stuff. It's not funny, just vexing.
  5. The only reason I dislike it is because the same person keeps hounding me every year on that day.
  7. UGH. I hate those people who whine and bitch about Valentine's Day. It's not right of you to make others feel bad because you aren't with someone.

    As far as holidays that I dislike... Eh, I can't say that I really have one. There are ones that I'm really indifferent about like Easter. Christmas is a holiday that I can get bitter about sometimes simply because of the way that my family treated it when I was little but I am now rectifying it.
  8. Least Favorite: April Fool's Day. What's the frickin' point of it? I don't like being pranked upon and usually my retaliation is in the form of a firearm aimed at them (loaded or not) or some other "extreme" response.

    Neutral Favorite: Christmas, but getting better due to rehabilitation efforts of my partner.

    Most Favorite: Valentine's Day. One of the reasons is because I get to be as cheesy, over the top, soppy romantic as I want to on that day and not have to say, "This is cheesy but..."

    Overall, though, I'm not very good at holidays. I find most of them have lost their meaning and have turned into some sort of corporate BS that is shoved down my throat every year at the same time: they're turned into days of mandatory "staying inside today." Hell, Christmas came 2 or 3 months early this year. I think we saw Christmas stuff before any Halloween stuff was out. Everything is "me me me" and "give give give." If you didn't give someone something, they get all in a twist. Consumerism at it's best!

    There are various other reasons for not being good at holidays, but -looks around- I don't see a couch, booze, mood lighting, or hear music playing so...
  9. Valentine's. I just don't "get it". When did we ever start needing a specific day to use as an excuse for romance? If you love someone you should be expressing it every goddamn day. The only time Valentine's Day ever meant shit to me was in elementary school cause it meant it was an easy day and we didn't have to do shit cause we were making Valentines for people who to us ranged from "Friend" to "Cootie Magnet" to "Why the fuck do I have to give a valentine to a person I'd rather see eviscerated and hung from the flag pole".
  10. Christmas.
    I honestly am not one for holidays or religion anymore and I think that's the most unnecessary one, or hanukah if people want to get technical since it's almost the same thing except people don't light up their houses like crazy.
    In terms of the amount of electricity and energy wasted on this holiday and blah, do they really have to put their lights up the day after thanksgiving??

    I love the family-orientated thing that goes on but all the rest is just company's wanting us to spend more money for a reason that doesn't really seem logical in terms of what christmas actually was. Unless I got history wrong.
    It would be a nice holiday if it were just family and friends enjoying each others' company.
    Either way that's just my two cents.
  11. I'd have to say New Years. More specifically, the eve of New Years...

    I'm not a big fan of getting drunk or being around drunk people. I have personal reasons, but it's also just unpleasant. It's one of those nights where I keep myself locked in my room because I don't want to associate with the party folk. Maybe I'm a buzzkill for it, but I'd be an even worse buzzkill if I were involved with the celebration. I get really anxious in drunk people settings. x__x Everyone's fun would be ruined because they made me have a panic attack, or made me pass out from stress. lol

    Valentine's Day haters get on my nerves, too. Instead of bitching about it, just be quiet about it. Let people have their fun. Sure, it's silly to dedicate a single day entirely to romance, but... I don't know. Maybe it's because I think of the children more than anything. I know for sure when I was a kid, I loved having classroom parties, handing out cards to friends, and having more recess to celebrate the day. Then when I went home to my mom, she'd have a little box of chocolates and a toy for me. That kind of Valentine's Day fun and affection is what makes me adore it so much.

    The only thing I hate about hearts day is how close it is to my birthday. xD My family is notorious for decorating my parties with discount pink and red decor... *sighs* I want a Star Wars birthday party, fools. Come on!
  12. Whoops I voted for my favourite holiday on accident. XD