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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm also a pilgrim from LoE. I wasn't banned, or even involved in the trouble but I'm a friend of The Wandering Magus from Legends of Equestria, and I wanted to be able to keep playing together. Plus, upon discovering Iwaku, I can say it interests me. A nice haven for RP of all kinds- most excellent.

    I'm roleplaying but not roleplaying to new. Errr, wait...what was it again? Either way, I'm old hat at most RP, and I've tried all different kinds. I'm kind of an addict, and RP is where I really laid down my roots as a writer. Not to mention I've made so many good friends over the years. The collaborative element of RP is what really draws me. I love bouncing posts back and forth with a friend, never quite sure what they'll do next, or how they'll react.

    I'm a lady-face college student in Olympia WA, studying zoology and animal behavior. I am a fan of MLP, and RP in the ponyverse, but I was RPing in all sorts of other circles before MLP came around, so I'm pretty flexible. I enjoy reading bad fanfics, which serves my job as an Equestria Daily pre-reader nicely. While ponies might be my focus right now, I'm keen to try anything else ya'll got cooking round here, and there's not much I'll turn my nose up at; I'm not very easily offended. Violence, smut, swears, furries, bizarre fetishes- I don't mind, so long as the writing is good and it's executed tastefully.

    I'm really excited to get playing and meeting everyone. From the looks of things, this is a tidy little community of committed writers who just want to RP and enjoy themselves. What could be better? Sign me up!
  2. Oh, HEY! You finally made it! Welcome to Iwaku!!!
  3. I was trying earlier today but the site kept crashing, right while I was trying to register >.<

    Looks like it's all cleaned up now, or at least is it for me.

    Now guide me, as I am very lost!
  4. What dost thou wish for? I'll try my best to help!
  5. There's a massive list of things to do at the top of each page- how do I go about doing them? I filled out my resume or something already.
  6. Ahhh, those won't go away until you've reached the 14 days and 20 posts... It's the whole "making sure you're actually going to be active here" thing.
  7. Hi there new lady! :D

    Those things you can do are merely a nice suggestion incase you can't seem to find places to post. >:] But I dun think you'll have a problem with that at all seeing as you already have some friends here!

    Welcome to the community! <3
  8. Thank you, Diana =)

    So, I think I've got most of the list done. Now what?
  9. Now? Now you can do whatever you want! I've actually joined a few RPs, non-pony, since there aren't any of those made yet. And I really don't know how to start one of those...
  10. Hello other person who came to this site from the same site I came from!
    It's good to see I'm not the only new one to this site from LoE.
  11. Hello and welcome, Morning Glory! Thanks for joining! And thanks also for the shout-out. :smile:
  12. Always nice to see more people from LoE, despite how short my stay there was! Welcome to you as well, Dark Gods and Magus!
  13. Thank you, EE! And again, welcome MG!