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  1. Greetings my pretties!

    A Little About Me:
    I'm a female student, set on the GMT timezone. I attend a prestigious university, so my time can be a little stretched at times, but I'll post multiple times a week if not once or twice a day.
    I'm a pretty open mined person, so there isn't a whole lot of kinks that I won't play. My loves
    and hates are listed below, so please check them out and I'll love you forever. :)

    I don't have a particular preference for PM or forums, so as regards that, it's entirely your
    preference. I play only female characters, I've never quite got the hang of male characters.
    I mostly play FxM -- occasionally I play FxF with a little convincing.

    Plot Cravings:
    My Preference in bold

    Knight x Princess
    Hero x Villain
    Rogue Super x Agent
    Royalty x Thief
    Demon x Human
    Conqueror x Princess
    Werewolf Alpha x Vampire Leader
    Sky Pirate x Hostage
    Butler x Maid

    King x Princess

  2. PM's have been sent but spots are still open. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.