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  1. My heads been full of ideas recently . . . and my last search didn't do anything, so here I am again. Looking for partners.

    Here are my plots:

    It's the modern day world, but effected by magic. There are magic containment rules and such which keep too many major crimes from happening by means of magic. In the city of Mersa the Police force is doing a good job of keeping anything bad from happening. Character A is an officer in charge of keeping magic users in line. Sometime in summer, a large amount of magic shows up on the radar, Character A goes to check it out and put a stop to it. Character B is there making an illusion show and everyone on the street seems to be enjoying it. Will Character A put a stop to the 'misuse' of magic or watch the show?

    The pokemon region of Mercy had been known for it's spiraling city pattern and abundance of starting towns. Character A and B are from the starting town of Herice. Characters C and D are from the starting town of Scera. I don't have too much of a plot but I've got everything I need to make this interesting.

    A group of traveling heroes had slain a black dragon, which was no big deal for them or anyone else in the Black Mafia. A young Paladin(Character A) had been tasked by an Oath of Vengence to slay the dragon and has decided to track down the people who had slain it so that he/she can work for them until he/she has done something just as great as slaying a black dragon. He/she is suprised to see the sketchy make up of the group of heroes and is even more surprised to find out that Character B had even sat out of the fight.

    The radio towers in Decite were famous, the main attraction of the island. Though recently, a villain has been taking over one of the stations for a few minutes at a time to use mind control on the listeners, causing mass 'suicides'. A hero tries to save the day, but what happens when he/she has trouble stopping the villain?

    A young girl with dreams of traveling around the world had started her journey. She'd reached a small town in america and met an artist. Kind, talented, etc. She'd fallen in love with him. For the sake of her journey, she had to leave within the month. She came back a year later, after her journey, to find the man a mess. You could barely tell they were the same person . . .

    Alright, those are my plots. Basic rules, Grammar, punctuation, capitalization are required, blah blah blah . . .

    If you're interested then PM me, refer to the plots as the colors they are posted as.
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