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I currently have one wonderful story going but I would like a second and possibly even a third but no more than that. I can only focus on a few at a time, whether that's a good thing or a bad thing I'm not sure. But that's irrelevant!

So, I am a female that enjoys playing females. I can play a female in either a FxM pairing or an FxF pairing. My characters are usually a mixture of dominant and submissive because honestly I prefer characters that aren't completely one or the other. Having a character that can be both is exciting!

Currently I am more interested in what others have in mind, so if you have roles that you would like to try out please share them! I like creating stories with others and play off their ideas better. I like to write a lot if I am inspired but it doesn't have to be a novel. I would rather have quality over quantity.

So if this interests you at all or you would like to know more about me please shoot me a PM, that is the easiest way to reach me on the site. :) Thank you for reading.


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