INTEREST CHECK Another one of those X-men roleplays...

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  1. The X-men have been around for along time. They are a gang of Mutants that set out to protect other Mutants and to spread the word that not all Mutants are bad. They are there to protect and not to destroy. One Mutant in particular made a school for young Mutants trying to control their power and live a normal life. This place is a sanctuary for all Mutants young and old. But after a major battle Professor X, the founder, was killed trying to save one girl in particular. Her name was Jean. Her power was great and she was the only Class 5 Mutant alive. But she had a dark side as well. It called itself The Phoenix . Professor X took her in and tried to help her. But they thought she died trying to save them.They were wrong, she was alive. She came back and The Phoenix was let out. She went to the dark side trying to help those Mutants who were trying to stop a so-called cure. The Professor died trying to help her and Jean died at the end. She asked for it and she was finally at peace. So there were 3 Mutants who died in that battle. Scott, Professor X, and Jean. The school was taken over by Storm at the Professor's request. And it went on collecting new students every day. Helping them control their powers and helping them to live as much of a normal life as a mutant can.

    The school is a gigantic mansion. When you first go up to the school you you pass through a huge gate that has a huge X on the gates. You pass through a bunch of gardens where you see kids of all ages walking around. Some of the littler kids are playing in the fountain near the door. There is a big garage on the right where they're are an assortment of cars and vehicles. To the left of you there is a basketball court. But underneath that is the X-Jet. In the back is a huge yard and a pool. The pool looks like it was taken out of the jungle. There is a maze in the backyard and a small forest. In the school there are many rooms on the second and third floor. There are singles and doubles. On the first floor is the kitchen, the living room, the game room, and the Professor's now Storm's office. In the so-called basement there is a virtual training room and all the classrooms. All the bedrooms have their own bathrooms.