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  1. I thought it was pretty fun, and I was bored. And heck, even if it's accurate of not... it will give you some chuckles at least!


    The restaurant had just a few people
    It was not too dim, nor too bright.
    There's a wall that's mostly windows, the rest of the walls are plain.
    Soda of the coke variety.
    The waiter is dressed semi casual in s white shirt black pants
    Fettucine Alfredo .

    Some things were accurate. The drink one, not so much. As for what I hunger? Lol. I dunno what to take from that.
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  2. Show Spoiler
    Barely people inside. Pitch black outside, faint rustic lighting inside. Barely any windows. Waiter in only the most formal of shirts. You know the ones with the decorative, vertical flabs over the chest. Water.

    I am very unsure about the meal. The first thing that came to mind was pizza, but hey. Who eats that on such a formal date? So I just "Eh. Steak." I don't know what to take from that.

    I like this test. It tells me all the things I want to hear.

    Seriously though, I need to work on indecisiveness. And worrying about what others think.
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  3. I had a laugh, this seemed to butt against my typical "restaurant ideas" and I think came off fairly nonsensical. It was fun, though, but I don't think that it fit me terribly well.
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  4. The shit I imagined
    I pictured a decent amount of people there, but not crowded, so this says I'm somewhere between not ready to find "the one" and desperate for it, probably closer to the nah side.
    My bright lighting means I'm more likely to share my deepest self with people other than my partner.
    Empty walls means best for me to be single for now.
    I had a light beverage, so that says I'm insecure in relationships but value them more strongly.
    My waiter was weirdly mixed between casual and formal, button up white shirt with a bow tie but also wearing khakis and an apron for some reason? I dunno man. I guess going by this test that means I'm in the sweet spot for how much I give a fuck about other people's opinions about my relationships.
    HAHAHAHA the food one. I went with chicken strips because that's my go to safe choice for wherever I go that is an unfamiliar restaurant, because only a completely terrible restaurant will fuck up simple chicken stuff. So I guess that means I'm looking for, I dunno, safety or security in a partner?

    These results are mostly nonsense. If it were accurate then my restaurant would be crowded as fuck, dark lighting, empty walls (one right), dark liquid, casually dressed waiter, and no food at all. This one is even worse than the nonsense abstract thought tests because you're gonna get people picturing what they're familiar with, like I did with drink and food, which is stupid for a test that's supposed to reveal secrets about your psyche based on what you imagine.
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  5. The food one: apparently I really need... fish and chips from my partner right now? It's not a memory of home, since I didn't really eat it until adulthood. It's not exactly decadent... I think it means I'm kind of hungry and that sounds tasty.

    Your conclusions are similar to mine. I sort of pictured how I picture a cozy restaurant. My waiter dressed like 85% of all waiters, I think?
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  6. Apparently, it's best if I'm single at the moment. Wonder how I should break it to my husband. o.O
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  7. I was reading some of the youtube comments. It was only after that (and I had managed to stop laughing) that I decided to post it here. XD
  8. What I'm curious about is where do they get these results from?
  9. I didn't like this one at all. Because I actually pictured dates I've gone on, so I know what restaurant I'd go to, how busy it normally is, the decor, the wait staff. what I drink has nothing to do about my love life. The deeper meaning that could have happened like with the cube test, didn't because I was way to realistic about this date.
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  10. They're pulled directly from the anus of whoever came up with this silly test.
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  11. My Answers
    • The Resturant is Fairly Crowded
    • Lighting is Bright
    • Walls have a lot of Windows
    • I order an Iced Tea to drink
    • The waiters all wear a fancy Suit/Apron get up
    • I have a Steak to eat
    According to the Quiz
    • I'm not yet ready to meet the one
    • I share my deepest self with those other than my partner
    • I have many more relationships awaiting me
    • I'm not as reliant on my relationship (Assuming by darker they mean colour, not alcohol content)
    • I'm too concerned with what others think
    • Apparently I want my partner to be the Loin of a Cow (Or to be Decadent)
    What I think the reasons are I chose what I did

    First off to clarify, I hate the idea of "Dating". I find them to be mundane and forced activities whose focus isn't to actually spend time with the partner but to "Woo" them. To give a false image of who and what you are in order to gain artificial success in sex and/or status. As a result I (Ideally speaking, I've been single for years now) avoid dating people, I think it's important for a couple to just be happy with each other end of story. By all means go out, have fun, spend time. But don't make it some big pre-planned thing to be lavish about and spend a long time preparing for, just have fun with the person you like for gods sake!

    Why is this relevant? Cause my view of Dating usually leads to be to picture dates a lot more like a Fancy Interview than anything else, where the 'Job' is a temporary romantic partner.
    • Dye to said fancy interview, I default to a Fancy Restaurant. Those tend to be crowded.
    • Like-wise, they're well lit usually.
    • Windows are usually seen as nice, so I figured a place meant to woo a partner or be fancy would have a lot of those.
    • Iced Tea broke this fancy chain. This is me grabbing something I personally enjoy to deal with the overall awkward environment of putting on a false persona as expected of dates.
    • Back to the Fancy Restaurant Image. Of course they'd be dressed fancy.
    • Steak is a compromise bit. It's a fancy food, but it's also a food I enjoy so it's another excuse to retreat to something I actually like.
    What I think about the Quiz's results
    • I'm probably not ready for a relationship. I'm not in any position financially to handle a relationship (and no, not in a Man Supports bullshit. I mean being able to afford to do anything with them at all that not just staying at home all day everyday). And I'm not really in a position emotionally either, I can only see myself becoming too open or attached in the relationship and having that cause to stress, drama etc.
    • I'm definitely open with others. I already value my friends higher than Family Members, and even when I was in a serious relationship years back I was more open and closer with said friends than I was with her. Additionally, my 'deepest' self isn't really a secret anyways. I may not go up to people and start ranting out of the blue, but I'll bring it up if it's relevant to the conversation (which some people might see as me ranting, if for nothing more than being so open isn't culturally normal). In short, I'm not open about myself for intention, but I certainly don't hide stuff about myself from others either, which doesn't leave much of anything to be exclusive to a romantic partner.
    • I have no idea as to say what my future holds with relationships. It's possible there's a point where my love life will just explode, but I think it's far more likely I'll just wander through life prioritising other things and as a result not actually be able to get into such a relationship. That, or I happen to find someone I can be close with and it works out overtime gradually, not as likely as the former but both more likely than a bunch of other opportunities suddenly exploding.
    • Me not being reliant is an outright lie in almost every angle. I get very emotionally attached in relationships, so there's a certain amount of reliance and clinginess in that. And ideally I'd want to be a stay at home Dad if I ever had kids, which adds a lot of financial reliance on the Wife as well. And even if that doesn't happen I want to chase a career I'd enjoy, not one that's wealthy which once again adds certain level of reliance.
    • I've admitted before on Iwaku to people's comments getting to me quite a bit, and that it's just a lot easier to disguise not being affected when over text. But at the same time, that's more in a getting beat up over people not liking me sort of deal. I don't ever feel pressured to change for people either, if everyone turned around and beat up on me for who I was I'd be more likely to kill myself with the pride of staying true to myself than I'd be to change who I was in order to appease them. So if we're talking about this in a relationship standpoint? I'd be too concerned about what others think of me in such a situation yes, but it also wouldn't play much if any role in who I dated and why. I'd be taking a "Fuck you! I love who I love!" stance, but also be feeling rather shit inside for the fact people won't accept it.
    • Well I'm not into Bestiality, so no Cow Loin please. And I don't care about a partner being Decadent either, at all. In fact being Decadent is a massive turn off for me, cause it shows the person will actively and conciously decide to live their life in a fake manner. One dictated by what others value, rather than what they themselves want or care about.
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  12. It really wanted me to think about the meal I imagined and what it represents.

    I just wanted a, man, I really want a sandwich right now.
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  13. I avoided this thread for a while because I'm fucking aromantic, so I assumed none of it would be relatable.

    But I'm bored as hell right now so let's fucking go.

    "Many windows means you have many more relationships awaiting you."


    "If the walls are empty, it may be best to be single at the moment."


    "If you chose a clear or light beverage..."

    Bitch I chose water because I'm too young for alcohol, and I don't like soda, coffee, or tea -- so I choose water like 90% of the time when I go out to eat because there's nothing else I will drink. So I'd say it means absolutely nothing in the context of this. :D

    "If the waiter is dressed formally, you are too concerned with others' judgements of your relationships."

    Uhhh. I'd say I'm too concerned about others' judgements about everything I do in general, so uh... yeah... I guess that's accurate?

    "Your meal represents what you need most from a lover right now."

    ...I ordered spaghetti.




    CONCLUSION: I got more out of this test than I thought I would, and it was actually surprisingly accurate in a few places. XD I had fun with it.
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  14. Papyrus, how I love thee.
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