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  1. This one is called "A Walk in the Woods".
    Whether you believe that they're accurate or you don't... they're kind of fun, right?
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  2. I walk alone. I meet a deer. We look at each other for a bit before the deer runs off. Very small house. No fence. Nothing but two cups on the table. Glass cup. Left it on the grass. Medium-sized lake. Went around.

    Lol wut? Ok, so problems will just leave me, which fits with my minimal motivation to fight it. I would be terrible at love, which might be why I walked alone.
  3. This test doesn't seem accurate at all with me lol. Which is sad because it was lovely thinking about such a situation.

    I'm walking alone.
    I see a squirrel.
    I pause and look at it, make a chirping sound. It freezes and then runs away.
    The house is small, made of cobblestones, with a thatched roof. There is no fence.
    On the table is a plate with bread and a bowl of fruit. Around the table are a couple of wooden chairs.
    The cup outside is ceramic. I pick up the cup and wipe it clean with my sleeve.
    There's a small shallow stream. I just step over it, no big deal.
  4. I'm walking with a best friend of mine, the animal I see is a wolf, it stares for a while before running off, the house I come across is a log cabin, not terribly big but it's not small either. It feels pretty cozy. The house isn't surrounded by a fence. The dining table is pretty empty, only set up for one person but two chairs are there. Around the table is neat and tidy.

    The cup is made of styrofoam, I ignore it. I find myself standing at the edge of a fast moving river and I cross it by hopping over rocks that lead to the other side.

    Not all that accurate, but still hella fun.
  5. Person I was walking with: I pictured myself walking alone... so... I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean.

    Size of the animal: I pictured a small red panda. So, if that's referring to the fact that I see my problems as trivial things that I shouldn't be getting upset about (even though I do), then, yeah, that's accurate.

    Interaction with the animal: We hardly interacted at all. I suppose this one is also accurate.

    Size of dream house: It was medium-size, so... yeah, not a very interesting one.

    Fence: I pictured no fence, and, yeah, I'd agree that I have an open personality.

    Dining room: I pictured absolutely no flowers, people, or food. I am certainly not satisfied or content with things in life. Accurate.

    All the cup ones: These don't really seem to apply to me because I didn't picture myself walking with anyone. >_> But the results were phrased very much like they were referring to a potential romantic partner (I mean, you could interpret them as not romantic... But I'm assuming that's the primary thing they had in mind), so maybe me not walking with anyone actually does make sense...

    Size of the body of water: Still not sure how I'm supposed to interpret 'love or desire'. But uh, even if I interpret 'desire' in an extremely general sense... I imagined a pond. So I... guess that makes sense? I feel like a lot of my desires are fairly basic things...

    How wet you get when crossing the water: I LITERALLY DIDN'T EVEN ATTEMPT TO CROSS THE WATER. MY INSTINCTUAL RESPONSE TO THAT PART WAS "I don't really want to cross the water at all...", and then I realized I could just walk around the pond, so I did that. Not a drop of water on me. I never even tried to get close to the water.

    I'm aromantic, so this part here is just hilariously accurate. XD
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  6. I'm walking with an unknown male, but someone I somehow feel close too (not sure what to make of this)
    we see a raccoon which watches us for a minute before going about it's day
    the house is a average size log cabin, the fancy type with trim and lights on. No fence.

    The table was a strong oak, log cabin style table with a white runner and fancy place settings for 5 people. there was hot food in dishes almost like a thanksgiving meal, and a small vase of flowers, and the sun was coming through the window to land on it.

    The cup was painted tin and I picked it up carefully, wiped it off, and set aside to be taken back into the house.

    The water was a full flowing average side stream, with crystal clear water than bounced over various rocks which I had to step across.
  7. I was walking with an unknown girl. She was pretty. The animal that came across my path was a dog. A big Black Labrador. It trotted up to me like Labs do, and started to jump and climb on me. I started pushing it away. It obeyed, but starting following me. It remained behind me the whole rest of the test at a distance. This indicates that I push my problems away, only for them to stay behind to come back later. The house was a colonial style house with no fence. Two stories. a front porch. The Dining Room table had six places set, a white tablecloth, and a vase of extravagant flowers. The plates were Fine China, and the silverware was polished, like I was expecting guests for a meal. The cup was a glass cup. Like one you might use in a kitchen to get water. I picked it up. The body of water in front of me was... Well, I thought of an ocean first, but then decided it was something smaller. I waded a bit to get to a rowboat, and then climbed in.

    Well... Those results were somewhat expected, especially the thing about problems. I can't really say if that's accurate or not. I mean, I do care for people I love a lot, but, eh, who knows.
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  8. Answers

    1. Flickers between being alone and with Red Riding Hood
    2. A Wolf
    3. The wolf get's defensive and growls
    4. The house is medium sized
    5. No Fence
    6. White plates, wooden table, wooden chairs, red cushions, red cover on table
    7. Plastic Cup
    8. I leave the cup
    9. It's a creek
    10. I... don't? If I have to in order to continue though I'm going to just walk right through it.

    Why I think I gave the Answers I did

    1. Former's likely the answer this quiz is looking for. Latter was just instant association to the fairy tail cause it involves walking the woods. And considering I'm debating Disney in another thread currently, it's no surprise this was in my mind.
    2. Wolf likely is linking back to the Fairy Tail mentioned above. That and it's closely related to Coyotes which are constant problem in my area, so it's a close RL association. Additionally, little kid me has both a fear and fascination of wolves (the latter likely caused by the former) which is probably also playing into this.
    3. Predator in the woods. Likely not fairy tail linked because he'd be trying to eat an old lady. So likely this is just my RL assocation and Coyotes not being friendly and it being advisable to avoid them.
    4. I hate feeling cramped, but at the same time I see no need to extragavace or excessive space. Getting more simply for the sake of more just seems... both wasteful and indicative a bigger problem of valuing status over self. I just want enough space for what I want/need and leave it at that, no more than I need for function.
    5. I'm assuming before seeing the answers this links to sense of privacy and security. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a rather open book in regards to personal info and such, I'm not paranoid of hiding things or keeping people away. I may not conciously seek people out... But hiding just seems... Paranoid and Idiotic.
    6. Well when I visualized the house I was visualising a warm cottage, likely explains the wood. As for why it seems so fancy? ... Honestly I'm blaming the music on this one, it's giving a very 'wonderous' vibe... I'm going to mute this video now for the rest of this.
    7. Brains on correctional mode, trying to adapt for fancy stuff. That such cups are common for campfires, which are common for both woods and cottages.
    8. Why would I want a dirty plastic cup? I could recycle it, but this sort of quiz has a "Journey" vision going on. So I'm likely tunning out any disruptions to that.
    9. The woods behind my backyard only has creeks. It was a natural association.
    10. I don't care too much for wandering the woods for no real reason... Walking straight through is because I did that all the time as a kid, more direct.

    Apparent Results

    1. Apparently Riding Hood is the most important person in my life :/
    2. Well the Wolf was dire wolf sized... So my problems are rather big. Not colossal, but big.
    3. Apparently I'm not dealing with said problems too well... But not horribly so.
    4. My Ambition is rather moderate
    5. I'm an open person
    6. I'm not satisfied at all
    7. My relationship with riding hood is rather disposable. :P
    8. I'm distant with riding hood.
    9. My love and desire is pretty damn small.
    10. Apparently my love life is insanely important to me given how I just barged right through the water XD

    What I think of the Results

    1. Not true at all obviously. XD But for the sake of the quiz, I'm going to assume the Robe was a substitute for someone unknown... In which case, not that true still cause why the hell would someone I don't even know be important to me? But... since I have a desire for a relationship someday you could argue it's representative of the importance I put in that. And in THAT case, then it's true in the sense of being important in an emotional way, but rationally speaking I'd rather avoid such situations so... Take this as will.
    2. I'm still trying to figure out my life, as well as tension with the extended family is growing. So I'd argue that as decently big, but I'm not dealing with stuff like poverty or crime which would explain the dire wolf size. Big enough to be sizeable, but not all absorbing.
    3. My best foot forward with figuring out my life is trying make my own Game System, so I'm dealing with it, but in any economically viable way atm. As for the family? I just accepted there's nothing to be done with that without changing who I am, and I'd rather stay true to myself than gain conditional love/approval. So... you could argue this was resolved well or I'm avoiding the problem. Likely the latter, in which case is this rather accurate.
    4. I'd say this is true. I want a family, a loving and affectionate relationship, a job I can enjoy going to, a decent house and enough money I can live not in abundance but without any fear of economic danger. So, not non-existent by any means, but I'm hardly reaching for the stars. In other words, I'd say it's accurate.
    5. Hit it right on the head... I even managed to predict this one's meaning precisely before hand too. XD
    6. Also rather true. I'm more in a "Killing time" phase right now than I am actually that happy with anything I got going in life, a sort of purgatory state.
    7. Well, obviously I can dispose of a fairy tale. :P Seriously though, if we're going by the "Future Relationship" angle... I want one true, but I have to uphold my own values and sense of self first. So I guess you could say they're kind of disposable in that way? But... I don't view it in a "Fuck it, if I tire of you then leave" way either. So... This one kind of misses the mark.
    8. Distant with someone I never met? I'D NEVER HAVE GUESSED!
    9. Love towards a non-existent person being small? Kind of obvious. My Desire in general being small? Well, my ambitions conflicts with that. Meanwhile my purgatory state more agrees. But desires correlates more to ambitions, so I'd have to rank this one as false.
    10. Rationally speaking? Not really, I have other priorities. Emotionally speaking? I spend too many nights feeling alone for me to dare try denying this... That being said, common wisdom does state one who feels they desire or need love the most is the least ready to recieve it... Which is likely why my Rational side is avoiding it like hell... Especially considering my past blunders in tackling these things when not ready... >.>
  9. This test is a silly test.

    Kitti answers!

    Well, I was walking through the forest with my sambo.
    No surprise, I guess.​

    We came across a bat. I like bats. I wanted to pet it but it flew away
    I have no idea what that says about me and my problems.​

    It's mediumish? I couldn't exactly tell you square meters or anything.
    Mediumish. Good?​

    No fence
    Who has a fence in the middle of the woods, though?​

    Uh, looks a bit like my tables normally do. A few letters on it, some coasters, a candlestick at the center.

    This is a bit silly. Why would there be random food on my table, getting cold or whatever? And people? Maybe we need to rethink that fence.​

    Nice little ceramic cup that I pick up and put inside on my table.
    Ceramic? That's pretty enduring, I guess? I tucked it in my house. Cute?​

    Large rushing river.
    I am a river... OF DESIRE.​

    Wait, now I have to cross it? Like, a bridge, I guess?
    Did not get wet on that bridge at all. Feels like this conflicts with my cup thing.​
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  10. Huh, alright.

    I was walking in the woods with Melon when I came upon a fox. The fox and I gauged each other silently before I moved onward. The house that I came upon was not large or grandiose, it was more of a comfortably sized cabin, rustic and well built with no fence around it. Inside there was nothing on the table but a single candle, a bong, and some fruits. Outside I found a cup made of brass, that I choose to carry with me, since I figured finding such an odd cup in an odd place must make it special. The body of water that I came across was a large river, which I chose to cross by a one-man canoe.
  11. I'm walking alone in the woods.
    I see a rabbit
    I pat the rabbit
    I see a small house with no fence.
    The dining table have living candles on it and the room has windows which let the evening sun enter. The dining table is in the same room as the kitchen as it's a small house, so normal kitchen items such as fridge, freezer, stove etc. are there as well in black and white colors.
    I walk outside and sees a plastic cup. I let it lie where it is.
    I find a stream. I jump on rocks to get over it and doesn't get wet.

    Analysis and true or false:

    Apparently I don't have a most important person in my life since I walked completely alone (though in reality I always take walks alone cause that's my alone time which is why I chose it. There's only one person I would take longer walks with and that's my best friend, so yeah, she's important, but wasn't part of my imagination this time.) The problems I face is small from my perspective (which isn't true.) I deal with my problems well. (Which isn't the case more than half the times.) I have very small ambitions to resolve the challenges in my life. (Eh, I can give it this one.) I tend to welcome people at all times and have an open personality. (In one way, yes I am a welcoming person, but at the same time no, cause I am not an open person nor do I even like to be around people. I guess it's correct in that my exterior personality is open and welcoming at all times, but that's just because I try to make it so people don't hate me -_-' I would see myself more as the second one 'prefer people not to drop by unannounced'.) I am apparently not content with my life (which currently is true). No points on the next one since I didn't have a person in mind. (But if I had been going with someone it would have been my best friend, and she is not disposable as the test says it would have been. And I don't see myself on a distance from her either as the test would have suggested I would if I had picked a person. She's the only person I don't feel distanced from. Either way, they're wrong if I had imagined my bestie and they are wrong if we're going for my original answer of no one there as you can't feel like there's a distance between you and no one.) I don't have love or desire and I don't find a love life of much importance (true)
  12. Walking alone

    Apperantly I'm the most important person in my life. Holy shite that sounds awful. If anything, this quiz is quite inaccurate but fun.


    The size of my problems; depending on perspective I can see this.

    Just watching

    How I handle it. I'm a peaceful man, not at all aggressive, not unless I absolutely have to be.

    Two bedroom, one bathroom, living room, small dining and kitchen

    The size my dreams are; eh. To me a dream is a dream, no matter how small or large someone else might see it. Circumstances always play a key role in this.

    Fence: Yes

    This one I can say is very true for me. I do not like people invading my space, I do not like them coming over unannounced and I limit how many people actually get to know the real me.

    Table: Nothing but a vase with orchids in it

    I am satisfied and content with my life. Once I move I will be.

    Cup: Western cowboy cup (ceramic)

    Not sure if ceramic ties in with glass but as I walked through the woods alone and am quite sure of myself I'd say the quiz was wrong on this one.

    Pick it up and carry it

    As stated, I'm quite alright with who I walked into the woods with.

    Large Body of water: Fresh water lake

    I have high hopes for this place I might be moving into soon, so the large body of fresh water is a good analogy to what my desires are.


    My love life? What love life? Ha.
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