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  1. The basic idea I had in mind is in the terrible summary below. XD I am thinking this will have action, adventure, romance, and humor all mixed up into it. So please feel free to have fun with this. :)


    There are few survivors left of the apocalyptic world war that took place, and supposedly, in one section of the world there are four of them. Unfortunately, when they discover one another in the war-ravaged town, they realize that they are technically enemies. The war that had taken place for years had been between the two genders. With multiple nuclear battles and the fact that separation of the genders limited reproduction rates, the human race had gradually deteriorated in population. And just like everyone else, the four survivors had been taught to hate the opposite gender since they were mere children. They didn't wish to fight, just like many others did not. But they didn't have a choice. Neither of them had killed anyone just yet, but when the identical male twins and the two females learn of one another, they begin to wonder if their clean record would last for much longer. They are prepared to fight in order to defend themselves on instinct, thinking that the other side just wishes to kill them. Eventually, they realize that there is no point in fighting now that the war is pretty much over. With no more fighting, perhaps the opposing survivors will start to get along? There is still much to learn in the apocalyptic world, especially with the fact that the young survivors had been shunned from the opposing gender since birth and have not interacted outside of fighting one another. Needless to say, after placing differences aside, they are perhaps even intrigued by one another.

    Sorry for the craptastic collage~. This was done...when I was much younger. And unfortunately I do not have the individual pictures anymore to make the layout over. x_x Anyway, I was hoping that someone would be interested in playing as the two female survivors? Of course, they don't have to be twins--they could be just sisters or good friends if you'd prefer that. Doesn't matter to me as long as the two females already know each other well. :) Even though the war took place in a somewhat modern-ish society, I imagined that they mainly used weapons such as swords, spears, and other bladed weapon types instead of guns. Perhaps the guns were reserved for the 'higher class' or something like that. And aside from the mentioned threats that lowered the human population, there is also the lingering threat of monsters in this world. I will explain more of that later.
  2. Ooo I'm interested! :D
  3. Awesome! I'm glad you're interested, I should be able to post the thread for this later on tonight after I get off work. ^^ I'll send you the link to it after I post it. :)
  4. Alright no problem! Just wondering, what would the reason be for the sexes shunning each other? And how did they reproduce? o.O
  5. Hmm, I actually have not thought of too many specific reasons as to why they began to fight yet. I couldn't make up my mind on that. XD I suppose quarrel after quarrel eventually rendered the genders as enemies, along with equality issues. That could be one of the causes. I was also thinking a bit along the lines of how the Amazons hated men, except this kind of hate grew in both of the genders and thus triggering the battles. But they were not able to reproduce either. That's why all of the battles and the separation of the genders eventually made most of the human race die out, leaving these scattered survivors. The genders began to separate when the male twins and the female survivors were children, maybe when they were about 6 or 7 years old. This was also when they were taught to see the other gender as the enemy. Sorry about that, I didn't mean to put in that they were 'shunned since birth'. XD I should have said since they were young children, but because they were much younger, they don't recall much interaction with the opposite gender if they did have any. Though of course, these particular survivors have always had second thoughts on this hatred for the other gender, which probably leads onto the realization that there is no need to continue fighting like so. My guys are also 18 and have always preferred peace over war. And since the genders were separated when they were children and technically could not reproduce anymore, the youngest that a human could probably be currently is in the older teen years. Like around 17 or 18. Maybe even 16. I hope this helped or cleared up any confusion. If you have anymore questions before we start, please let me know. :) You can also PM me if you prefer that too.