Another Newb Crashes Through the Roof -- Not Really, Your Roof is Probably Up to Code

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  1. Seriously, I probably weigh around 100 pounds so, honestly, I'd probably die if I tried to bust through anyone's roof.

    Anyway, it's summer and I'm new to this site so I thought I'd introduce myself! I'm D'Arci, 22, and agender but I present as female so she/her pronouns are A-Okay! I've been role playing for about ten years now off and on. Lately I've been doing one x one RPs but I've done my time on Neopets so I'm pretty familiar with group role plays as well (though I suspect they'll be a little different on here - I hope).

    I suspect that I'll have to do a little more exploring on this site to get a better idea of where I should be looking but, since I'm a fan of multiple genres, I'll have a hard time narrowing my focus! Regardless, if anyone is interested to play feel free to read my bio and send me a PM!

    Have a good day, reader!

    Ahem.. Anyway..

    Welcome, D'Arci!

    I did not realize that Neopets offered roleplaying. I'm mildly intrigued.. and a little scared. I have no doubt that the roleplaying you'll find here is a little different, but it sounds like that may be a good thing! I know there's a lot to take in, but feel free to poke around and ask questions. We don't bite unless you ask us very nicely!

    We have a lot of open requests for 1x1s right now, as well as open sign-ups in our Group Roleplays. If you don't see anything in either category that strikes your fancy, don't hesitate to start up your own thread even though you're new. We have a lot of members, which means a lot of different interests. You're bound to find somebody else on here that wants to do the same thing, so don't be shy!

    If you'd rather polish up your writing skills and maybe knock some rust off that may have accumulated over ten years of roleplaying, then head over to our Content section. That's where our Institute is. There are a lot of things in there to help you get the creative juices flowing! But.. that is kind of like work.. and nobody wants to work in the summer. If you'd rather chill out, we also have the General Chatting section filled with mindless babble and debates and all sorts of fun, and we also have the Chatbox where you can chat with other members in real time if they're on too :D

    There's a bunch more, but I'll let you find that out on your own!

  3. Welcome! Despite crashing through my roof, I wish you the best and hope you have fun here :)
  4. I know right? Widdle Goku with the Nimbus Cloud is super heart warming for me.

    Yeah, Neopets has a roleplaying board and it's surprisingly articulate; I met a number of cool roleplayers on there! However, there is a very tight censor on... a lot of things. It's hard to get a post through their rules and have it actually be fun. They like to freeze accounts too, so, obviously that became more hassle than I wanted. Still, it was a good way to build a voice and style so it was mostly worth the pain!

    Anyway, thank you for the warm welcome and suggestions! I'll definitely look into the different sections! The Institute actually sounds like a lot of fun! Way better than the writing class I was taking this last quarter, I hope - as fun as the writing parts were, my classmates and teacher pulled my patience thin.

    Thanks again! And have a nice day!
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  5. Ahhh, haha, sorry about that!

    Thank you for your kindness, though!
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