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  1. Greetings, Iwaku-folk! Call me Kage.

    I am a long-time writer with over a decade of stories, prose, poetry and of course, role-plays under my belt. I was directed to this site through another I frequent and so far, I am enjoying the range and structure Iwaku has to offer.

    That aside, I suppose I should give a quick rant about myself. I am a single father, born in Japan and currently living in the US. English is my third language, and I am dyslexic/disnumeric. I am an audiophile, meaning I am basically addicted to sound, particularly music. I adore the darker side of things, and have a passion for cooking. If you write with me, these things tend to be apparent in my posts. If you wish to know more, I am always open to making friends and chatting, so drop me a message.

    If you wish to know more about my role-playing and preferences, I have filled out the handy form already.

    So... that is about it. I am off to seek my first role-plays.
  2. Hi~

    Welcome to the site, hope to RP with you (When I reach the level tho...)~
  3. *Is sitting in chair and waves* Hey Gray Fullbuster. Welcome to Iwaku.
  4. Hi there Kage! Welcome to the community! :D