Another New Arrival.

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  1. Well to begin with I'm Ignatius Madronal, better known as Natius in the internet world.

    I'm a Filipino high-school student going for my final year in 2014. I play several sports along with roleplaying, mainly Badminton and Tennis and occasionally video games. I also sing in a band for my highschool and that's pretty much me. Haha.

    I've been learning English since I was in second grade, writing stories since sixth grade and I have been reading a vast amount of books till this date so I think my literature skills are relatively experienced. I certainly do hope they can exceed your expectations.

    I've been roleplaying since my first year of high-school, but the majority of it was on Forums focused around one certain world, so going on a free range forum like Iwaku might prove to be a new and enjoyable experience for me.

    I'm fairly approachable, well at least I think I do seem that way, and I hope that we can be friends and possibly roleplay in the near future.

    huh not as awkward as I thought it would

  2. Hiii! Welcome to IwakuRoleplay.

    Pardon me for the small writing, since i'm actually used to it. Anyway, if you have any questions to ask you could visit the website, like it was stated from above, or ask any of the admins/staff and users who might help you with your problem. Every one of us are friendly to new users so don't worry, we won't bite unless your a tasty snack-- well ignore that last part anyway.

    We have lot's of different genres that will really help you, so don't mind posting in any of them. Good luck in finding your way, maybe in the future we might as well bump into each other. Byebye!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Natius!
    I hope you are liking it here, our staff and users are super friendly~
  4. Hi there Natius! I hope you haven't forgot about us already and come back soon! >:3