Another Love, Another Heartbreak

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  1. Emily woke up to her blaring alarm clock. She sat up and grabbed it. She turned it off and yawned. The sky was still dark and it was 6:30. She got out of bed and stretched before she got undressed. She put on blue boot cut jeans, a loose sky blue tee that started on the sides of her shoulders. She put on white socks and comfy black sneakers with white laces. She grabbed her bag and walked downstairs. She went into the kitchen. She sat down and ate the French Toast her mom made before she left. Once she finished she took off her shoes and put on her roller blades. She skated to school, her shoes in her left hand. Her thoughts drifted back to her boyfriend from two months ago and how he cheated on her. She shook her head to clear the thought and smiled when she saw the falling cherry blossoms.

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    Name: Emily
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6
  2. Name: Kuro
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'4
    Kuro Rose himself out of his bed he had no shirt on, He quickly looked at the clock "Shit late on the first day!" He runs over to a personal bathroom in his room and begins doing his hair brushing his teeth and taking a shower fast. He shoved on a white collar shirt with designs on it and a brown vest, He put on gloves and his necklace making sure his neck tattoo showed. He than looked into the mirror wondering why he still had red eyes when the doctor said they should ware off by the age of 5, 11 years ago.

    He ran down the steps and passed the kitchen taking a piece of toast from his sisters plate and putting it in his mouth, "Hey!" "Too late now!" He ran out the door and began running towards the high-school he was now enrolled in. He was the new student and had transferred from California due to an unforeseen circumstance that involved him.
  3. Emily saw someone running. She had never seen him before buy he was running the same way she was blading. She smiled at the thought of a new student. She roller bladed over to the guy and circled him as he ran before blading next to him. "Hey." She said with a smile. I'd be good to make a friend. She thought as she bladed by him. Ever since the heartbreak she hadn't really been around or done anything except cry and mope around so her friends probably left her as well. At least she got all her summer homework done so thank God.
  4. "Hey!" Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead "Which ways the school" He felt stupid for running towards nothing or rather something he did not know the place of. He still ran although his breaths were short and rapid and his heart was pounding in his chest for not just one reason, "Nice blades!" the sun made his golden hair look even shinier than before. He was looking around probably looking for the school but he didnt even know, "So what school are you going too?"
  5. "Ouran." She said then looked at her blades. "And thanks." She turned her back to where she was going and her front to him. She bladed backwards but she knew the route well so she was OK. "I'm Emily. Who are you?" She asked
  6. "Kuro is the name getting lost is usually my game!" He looked more serious than he really was, Contrary to most belief he was quite humorous f he finds someone he takes a liking to. He looked at her quickly and looked back to his front "Hey you know we're late right?" He thought she seemed a bit to calm over being late for the high-schools classes and such.
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