Another Legend dies.


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Last night, one of commercials greatest, as well as co-star of the mega hit Postal 2 (Oh, and he did something in Different Strokes, too.) Gary Colaman passed away.

Gary Coleman, the child star who became a superstar at the age of 11, died due to brain hemorrhage at the age of 42. Coleman was a great actor whose contribution to the acting world brought smiles to almost everyone. The TV’s brightest star was always seen cracking jokes starring in ‘Different Strokes’. He was taken to hospital and admitted in critical condition but could not keep up, as the doctors tried their best. Coleman passed away at 12:05 pm at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Coma.
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Coleman was removed from life support at the hospital with him soon collapsing and passed away peacefully. At the time of his death, his wife and other family members were present at this bedside, who were seen in tears.
Coleman had suffered an Intracranial Hemorrhage at his Utah home. He was immediately taken to the hospital and was conscious and lucid. On the same day in the afternoon, his conditions worsened and soon started to slip out. Doctors tried their best upon putting him on Ventilator but ended up sadly.

The actor had already been suffering from Congenital Health Problems which made his height from growing but still achieving the peak of his career. He also went under two transplants at an early age of 14, where at one time he was in a condition where he underwent dialysis four times a day. He was donated a kidney by a Greek Kid who passed away in a car accident.

He starred in Different Strokes which ended in 1986 with him pulling out $100,000 per episode. Even after earning Millions, three-quarters of his money went to his parents, advisers, lawyers and the IRS.
God speed, tiny black man.


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It's really sad that he died but oh god I can't stop lol'ing.

Seriously I just saw it againg and I lol'd so much.


hahaha lol'd again.


On another note it is sad that he died. . . which is why it's hard to point this out but you've got "God speed, tiny black man" right above a picture of what looks like a white guy making a grab for his ass. JUST SAYING. >_>