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  1. So I have this little idea that I would like to try out. It's going to be scandalous, dramatic, heavily sexual, very mature, romantic, and hopefully long term.
    Story Plot:

    Esmerelda- my character for this rp- finds herself working for a very handsome, very powerful, very successful businessman as his secretary. Has been working as his secretary for the past three months and doing a darn great job since she hasn't been fired yet. Despite how attractive she finds him, she's sure to stay completely professional when around him, even a little cold to make sure that there are no mixed signals between them. However, on one faithful night, after having to drive her slightly tipsy boss home at the end of a company party, she finds herself in a difficult situation when am opportunity appears that she- as a human being and a woman with needs- just couldn't resist. She had a one night stand and slept with her boss. She regrets it the next morning and quickly tries to take off before he wakes up, thinking that they would be safe from the claws of a public scandal if he just forgot about it and she kept her mouth shut, but it wasn't to end there. Esmerelda soon found herself on the receiving end of the man's affections after that night and a participant of many more sexual adventures with him that they keep hidden until the time is right; until Esmerelda is ready to stop falling for his charms only and accept him as a man that wants her because he had already fallen for her heart.

    So, basically, a secretary and her boss have numerous affairs together because she can't resist his charms and how well he fulfills her needs as a woman and he can't resist her period. This will be a romance rp filled with a high number of sexual scenes to go with the plot, but that doesn't mean there won't be a plot at all.

    I'm looking for someone to play the boss and I would like for him to be the dominant, strong type of man and lover, someone who isn't afraid to go after what he wanted and who isn't afraid to seduce and charm to get Esmerelda into bed with him because he knows she can't resist.

    Please avoid one-liners; they make me sad. I never give so little in my posts that all my partner can do is give me back one-line. One-liners make me lose interest in the rp pretty much instantly and I will more than likely just bring it to a stop and let you know. I adore details, so the more action and expression and emotion you add to the post, the more I will love you.

    My work schedule has slowed down quite a bit so I'm on frequently enough to keep the story moving and would love for my partner to do the same. I'm not crazy about my partners posting once a day, even worse- once a week. At that point, I tend to start forgetting about the rp we have together and will miss when there is a reply.

    On that note, I think that's about it. If you have any questions or an interest in this idea, shoot me a PM. We'll discuss details and all that together!
  2. Sounds like a nice idea, PM if you're still looking.
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Elijah Johnathan Levi
    Nickname: Eli (preferable), John, Nathan
    Age: 25
    Occupation: CEO of John Levi Industries (company produces a widespread of things)
    "She is what I want; she is what I will pursue."

    Personality Traits | The Good:
    ~ clever/intelligent
    ~ hard-working
    ~ determined
    ~ straight-forward
    ~ forceful
    ~ charming

    Personality Traits | The Bad:
    ~ impulsive
    ~ possessive
    ~ unpredictable (sometimes)
    ~ aggressive (when feeling irritated & antagonized)
    ~ demanding (only when it comes to big projects for John Levi Industries)

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