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  1. Because I seem to have a muse working overtime now, haha.

    The idea is Pamela and Dante are step-sisters, one a pretty pale princess and the other a dark-skinned beauty, who are part of a rich, modern family where Pamela's dad married Dante's mom when both girls were little. Pamela, 22, is spoiled and bratty and has never worked a day in her life and throws a tantrum every time she doesn't get what she wants, thinking she's entitled to own the world. Dante, 21, is modest and humble and making her own way through life by writing music and teaching dance lessons to kids so she doesn't have to depend on her step-father. Pamela and Dante are not on good terms with each other; Pamela seems to have Dante and everything she does while Dante has simply given up on trying to be friends with her and refused to care about anything she does.

    They seem to come to a head, though, when a man makes an appearance in their lives. He's a handsome man who's sweet and prince-like, the son of a rich business tycoon that will soon take over his father's company. He meets Pamela at a dinner party, practically forced into accepting a dinner invitation from the young woman who had fallen in love with him at first sight. Just to be nice and polite, he accepts the offer and visits her home for dinner with her and her family; there, he meets Dante just as she was coming back from work. Her subdued personality, sweeter than Pamela's, and down-to-Earth attitude attracts his attention immediately and he wants to know more about her. Unfortunately, she didn't want to have anything to do with him since he was associated with her step-sister. However, he continues to pursue her for her affection, slowly breaking down her barriers and gaining her trust and love, while Pamela seethes with anger and jealousy towards her step-sister...and it goes from there.

    What I am looking for is someone to play the sweet, prince-like son of the business tycoon. ^.^ Hit me up if you think you'd be interested!
  2. HOLY CRAP, This fits my character Allen to the teeth.
  3. Does it? Hehehe. Would you be interested then? If not, that's fine. ^.^
  4. Eh, sure why not. Would I have to fill out a Charater sheet or something?
  5. No, no character sheet is necessary. If you want to make one, that's fine, otherwise I'll find out what the character looks like in the rp. Thanks for accepting the rp. ^.^ Also, if you get bored with it, please let me know. I want us both to enjoy it so don't be afraid to say, 'hey, I'm just not feeling it.' Okay?
  6. Good to hear. ^.^ So I'm not sure how much longer you'll be on for, so would you like to start the rp now or tomorrow?
  7. Me dunno. We could just get started. Sometimes, it may say im online but I just be checking other stuffs.
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