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  1. Hello. ^^ Once again, I’ve got another idea that I wanted to rp with. And, wow, this is the third time that I’ll be requesting a male character. o.o Anyway, hope someone is interested. ^^ I will be starting the actual rp from where the ‘incident’ that makes the guy suspicious of my character occurs. You’ll understand better of what I mean when you read this...kind of long and awful summary:

    Football tryouts had been made about two weeks ago for the high school juniors, and the local high school team has a new member: Ash. Or, in other words, Asherra. Asherra wanted to play football for her local high school, but the coach did not allow her to due to her gender. So, she went out of her way to disguise herself as a boy. And at tryouts, she was accepted onto the team. Everyone else on the team have, so far, thought ‘Ash’ was a ‘pretty cool’ guy, what with ‘him’ becoming one of the top players next to (your character) within two weeks of joining. (Let’s call him Jake for now). Jake has come to like him as well. However, there are a few odd things he’s noticed about Ash, and he has always been a little suspicious of him. At times, he couldn’t help noticing the fact that Ash looked rather feminine compared to them. He was the smallest, could definitely be considered a ‘pretty boy’, his sexual orientation was questionable for he always told the cheerleaders to ‘go away’ when they attempted to ask him out, skipping out on physicals was his specialty, and he tended to dress in the bathroom stalls rather than in front of the other guys. Though, he had always disregarded it all as mere coincidences and never actually voiced his suspicions. Eventually, the boy becomes even more suspicious of Ash after the ‘incident’ occurred, where he had accidentally grabbed her chest during practice session. Of course, Asherra tried covering it up but now...Jake’s suspicions are even further raised from the incident. He didn’t buy it at all, wasn’t exactly enough evidence. He wasn’t exactly interested with exploiting her actual gender to the entire team, but...he did want her to admit to him that she was a girl for some reason (you can decide on that reason if you want). And to make matters worse for Asherra, the coach decides to take the team on a trip to a theme park resort for a week to reward them for their major winning streak...assigning Jake to be her partner/roommate. Will the suspicious boy find the proof he needs with this opportunity, that will get her to admit the truth? And why did the girl want to play football so badly in the first place, to the point that she’d disguise herself as a male just to get onto the team...?


  2. *steals Vic-chan and hides her in the backroom* Don't look at me that way, but you are rp-ing this idea with me. Got it? I can be the best Jake you will ever get.
  3. -Happily gets stolen away- Awesome! Will gladly rp this with you. :) I will get up a thread for it straight away after I get off work tonight~ Oh and if you'd like, feel free to change the name. I was only using the name Jake as a filler in the dreaded summary. XD