Another Horizon: Swords, Magic, and Anime Physics

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    The Jeaulian Empire marched, its Gods of War crushing all opposition beneath their feet.
    Faced with this, the three southern nations united for the first time, forming the Coalition Army.
    Astopol became the shield, their faith in their Living Goddess transforming legions into the bulwark that halted the Empire.
    Dansila became the spear, generations of magical academia calling down the wrath of nature upon the manmade monsters.
    Illiserev became the heart, merchants and nobles opening their storehouses freely to feed the armies of the Coalition, their private armies doing what warriors could not.
    Talze Utera became the shadow, a bevy of monsters that rose from the black miasma, never pledging allegiance to the Coalition, but fighting all the same.

    And yet, when faced with an Empire that stretched from one end of the continent to the next, all they could do was stop its advance.

    It was something else that drove the Empire back.

    A war of attrition could not be won against the Empire.
    On the eve of the seventh month, a final offensive was launched by the Coalition.
    They charged through the graves of their fallen, meeting the immortal armies of steel and steam.
    It was to be a glorious death or a hard-fought victory.

    But it was neither.

    The summer sky split, shattering as black mud fell from a hole.
    From the mud came foreign monsters, incapable of anything other than destruction.
    They ravaged both sides, tearing swathes into flesh and steel, a black army that dyed themselves in blood for no purpose.
    The Empire retreated at the face of this new threat, and of reports that more of these rifts were appearing within its territories.
    The Coalition dissolved at these internal threats, each tending to their own, only able to hide in the face of beings that were dissuaded neither by sword or sorcery.
    The origins of these monsters were unknown, but there were certainly suspicions. Suspicions that turned into facts, and facts that turned into action.

    While the continent still reeled from this invasion, Astopol’s crusaders gained the allegiance of Illiserev and Dansila.
    They attacked Talze Utera, enacting a genocide that wiped out almost the entire population. For only a nest of monsters could bring forth a new generation of them.
    But even with the blood of an entire country on humanity’s hands, more of the black mud fell from the skies, and the Rift-Beasts’ did not falter in their senseless violence.

    In spite of the odds and their mistakes, humanity persevered.
    After days of constant fighting, a Rift-Beast was slain, and a discovery was made.
    When it died, it crystallized, becoming gray, dull gem reminiscent of iron.
    The craftsmen of Dansila immediately began to work on this new material, and soon, came up with the sword christened as ‘Origin’.
    It was sharper, lighter, and stronger than any other blade, empowering its users with power beyond what humans could attain.
    In the hands of Sword-Saint and Knight-Commander Mirelle Keep, the three nations finally had a way to defeat the blackened horde.
    Each Rift-Beast that fell became a new weapon to be used against them, a new soldier joining under the Knight-Commander’s banner as they vanquished the beings.
    The tides of battle changed, and after all those dark days, peace was in sight, a peace that materialized in the ore that was dubbed ‘talentium’.

    Talentium weapons became commonplace, Rift-Beasts no longer a major threat now that humans had the tools to destroy them.
    Rune Magic Technology, born from the laboratories of Dansila, revolutionized travel, communications, and everyday life, bringing an era of convenience.
    The Empire remained still, their Gods of War watching silently over the lands they once sought to conquer.
    The three nations all grew, the black miasma of Talze Utera giving way to the progress of humanity.
    Twelve years ago, such a brilliant present was unimaginable.
    Twelve years ago, this peace and prosperity could only be fictional.


    Twelve years ago, the world was not yet broken.
    Another Horizon

    Pretty long read for something that's just an introduction, eh?

    Congratulations for those who actually read all that without exploding their eyes. The basic premise is that this is a RP about wielders of Talentium, whether they be monster hunters, students, or whatever else, as well as background machinations and the origins of the Rift-Beasts. This serves as a continuation of the original RP, but it doesn't really matter if you know nothing about anything that has transpired, because it didn't get into the meat of the plot anyways. Past events will be explained more clearly within the OOC, if necessary.

    Common sense is useful, but Rule of Cool nopes it pretty hard most of the time. Also, there's probably going to be a fair amount of darkness and violence within this RP. If you can't stomach your character having horrible things happen to them, and don't dig the possibility of death or permanent changes to their appearance, this might not be the thing for you.

    That being said, it's totally not going to be as grimdark as Dark Souls or Bloodborne~

    If you have any questions, feel free to shoot.

    Also, there's an Index in the Graveyard with a whole bunch of information regarding the setting.
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  3. You mentioned Bloodborne.

    You're a cool person.

    I'm interested.
  4. I'll put this on a tab. I am tempted but I have other RPs to roll in.
  5. Gratz, Zombs. Better get that genderswap version of Araki ready.

    I feel like I've RPed with you before, but it doesn't really hey, glad for the interest. Any particular questions?

    Fair enough~
  6. I don't think we have - not sure, honestly. As for questions, I guess the only real one I have on my mind right now is:
    Will there be a 'main' story, or a collection of more 'character' driven plots that inevitably tie-in together?
  7. There's a main story, though I generally try to get player characters involved directly in it. As an example, in the earliest incarnations of the RP, a player had a side story of being the daughter of a crazy ass witch bitch, while another person started out with their character self-righteously killing the wife of a powerful mage who just wanted to live in peace after the war.

    Needless to say, witch bitch mom switched her daughter's soul with the man's soul, and the man, being in a body that was so much more conductive to his magical abilities, became a secondary antagonistic force, while the daughter was now unable to get along with another player character who was after her ass, because, you know, she's not a girl anymore.

    There's also the subplot in which a tolerant Astopolian knight player character befriended a vampire girl and realized that Talze Uterans weren't all evil scumbags...which lead to him becoming a cripple, getting tossed into a deep hole, and setting him up to enter the main plot once more as the final boss.

    But most of those things didn't actually conclude, so yeah.
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  9. That sounds super dank.

    Kind of really looking forward to this now; seems like it'll be a pretty creative space.
  10. Yes the name Jageroux rings a bell for me as well, but I don't remember!
  11. Lyra is going to be a go~
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  13. Welp, four people (or tentatively five) isn't enough for me to start an OOC yet, but here, have a CS template to work on if you're particularly bored. Note that you can add shit if you want, but this is all I really need.

    <character image, if you have one. No real people, pls>
    "Character quote, with character theme linked to it"
    Character's Name
    Character's nickname or title, if they have any

    A description of their personality, background, fighting style/ability, and any other special facts. Should be three paragraphs, minimum.

    An example would basically be...

    "How are you?"
    Hawa Yue
    The Wallflower

    Hawa is 4'2 and 50 lbs, a small girl who doesn't have anything to do with the world-shaking events that have occured so far in this fantasy land. Prone to flopping around at home or hiding behind her parents when approached by the boys next door, she's shy, awkward, and would prefer to stay inside playing with her dolls or reading her picture books rather than going out to the playground. Nevertheless, as the eldest daughter of the Yue family, Hawa has obligations to the family tradition, and thus trains in swordsmanship regardless.

    Specializing in one-handed swords, her fighting style is focused on dodging and countering, with the idea of limiting physical contact as much as possible, and to never take the offensive. A cowardly style, all things considered, but fear can occasionally be a stronger weapon than confidence. As of now, she has yet to develop any Skills or Arts characteristic of one who uses Talentium.
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  15. If you feel like being a keener, you can start working on a CS right now.

    If you don't feel like one, go lie down and listen to the radio or something.
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  16. Would that make this AAH, or AH2, Rode? :3
  17. Jacts Maroud (open)
    The Sellsword Juggernaut

    I wanna be the killer, not the prey

    Jacts is six foot of pure beef, a very imposing figure to come across, one icy glance is enough to put most with their tail between their legs before running off crying. Though, it’s also said an endearing look has put men and women alike under a shallow infatuation, but that’s another thing all on its own. He’s known for running around clad in steel and talentium armor as a self-promoting mechanism for the fact he’s a rather well known bounty hunter. Rift beast? Dead. Evil Witch? Dead. Supreme Vampire Overlord? De- Wait no that was a rather impromptu friendship before another bounty hunter slayed the friend… Oh no that’s some history we need to keep under the wraps for now, sshh, you didn’t read that.

    Due to being orphaned at a young age due to the strife that’s plagued the land even before the rift beasts, Jacts has kept largely to himself, keeping everything other than his reputation as an effective sellsword under heavy wraps. Though he’s been known to spill some extent of his past to over-curious children of important people he’s worked for. Jacts doesn’t have a particular country he calls his own, but he originated from Illiserev.

    Most of the money Jacts gets from his many hunts has always went to expanding his gadgetry and strengthening his armor and weaponry. So, not only is Jacts a juggernaut, but he’s a smart one too, and very resourceful. However, it comes at a cost. Jacts’ fighting style tends to be in large sweeping gestures as his main weapon, a sword known amongst bounty hunters as the Squareblade, is super heavy and hard to manage outside of a trained hand. Though effective, Jacts leaves many openings during a fight (because of his pure momentum) that he covers to the best of his abilities with the sheer functionality of some of the runetech he carries on him.

    Oh welp~<3
    I haven't got to use this guy in a loooonnnnggggg while, took me a bit to rearrange everything for his new home among those in this universe, though I'd love to hear some of the extent of runetech ^^

    If only this was more than an interest check.
  18. It's just AH, actually. Be a continuation, not a sequel or a remake, though I will tweak the plot depending on whether or not you want to continue with the Ashe life.

    First off, how old is he? Just so I can figure out what he was up to 12 years ago.

    Second off, talentium armor, while useful in some contexts, is both hilariously expensive (sorta like how you don't make talentium warhammers) and generally useless against another wielder of talentium, mainly due to the damage output, if that makes any sense. Generally, you're doing something wrong if you're taking a hit head on, unless that's your specialization. If it's just to be fancy though, go for it.

    Third off, Runetech hasn't been applied too well onto talentium yet, so it'll probably be implanted into his steel bits, not his talentium bits, and can you clarify on what exactly he can do with it?

    Fourth, he'll probably be employed more against, say, human bandits or rift-beasts than evil vampire lords or crazy witches. Astopolian knights are really gungho about all those. Maybe you should consider changing his bounty hunter status just to that of a mercenary. Expand his marketable abilities and all that.

    Finally, consider what his Skills will be. He's not a magic-user, right?
  19. I knew it!
    Knew I had some stuff to think through that I wasn't aware of, see this is why it's easier with oocs x3

    I'll do a rehaul here soon, gotta think it through. Though, I gotta say, this character has always been the type to take on things he shouldn't hahahaha.
  20. Dropping an interest so my CS doesn't look like it popped into existence.
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