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  1. Hello. I'm Cheysula; nickname it anyway you can. I'm not new to the arts of roleplaying or storytelling, but here I am - new to this place (yay)! I love epic fantasy and creating twists of my own for things such as old folklore, fairy tales, etc. I actually can't wait to meet some new people too; it's a small adventure in on itself. :D

    Anywho~ I hope to rp with you all soon, and please bear with me!

  2. "She's mean to mommy."
  3. "Mommy makes her feel old."
  4. Welcome to the Iwaku. My name is Pirogeth, or Piro. I like to browse the RP section and I am currently looking for RP's to fill up my schedule. Drop me a line if you ever need help filling up spots or with plots.

    Writing in the Moonlight,

  5. "Then he fixed them."
  6. Lyra thought for a bit, "That's true too."
  7. Lyra smile and hug him, "Yes daddy."
  8. Oh Diana! She doesn't need to fear the Gun-toting man, I mean, I've been going out with him for four years, and I STILL haven't died! She's FINE!
  9. *Archetype appears.*

    Who wants a body massage?

    Do not answer that if you value your sanity, life, and sexual orientation!
  10. ...... Ok, for the person in red, DO beware....
  11. Astorath began humming and rocked her gently.
  12. Heylo :D

    LOL :D Welcome to Iwaku. Lemme know if you need anything~ :D
  13. Oh wow. Thank you all for the wonderful welcomes. Haha. Don't I feel rather comfy~?

    And I will watch out... for any... weapons or other various devices of mass destruction that might come my way. Oh my.

    Sula works too, darling! Thank you!

    Oh, by the way... what are Porgies? I was thinking they were some type of pig for a minute there.

  14. Vay/ghost/november knight here (call me vay everyone does) sci-fi junkie, kroot, guy in gassmask, angry blonde bombshell?

    Welcome to iwaku.... I'm sure he'll think of something to call you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.