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  1. Okay okay okay.. I feel like I'm on a role so I just really wana make a romance rp for everyone xO

    Here's the deal:

    ~ the season is winter.. its just so pretty.. snow everywhere.. so romantic.. xD
    ~ no bio's required, just your characters name and picture included in your post
    ~ at least a paragraph or more when posting
    ~ have fun n.n
  2. Sasami Kirimiya
    A young teenage girl with black silky long flowing hair walked cheerfully on the snowy path to school. She just loved the season winter, it was her favorite time of year. With all the snow and christmas coming up, what could go wrong? It was a bit chilly out this particular morning but that was okay, she was warm and all buttoned up. Sasami adjusted her fuzzy white polar bear hat on her head and continued walking. Getting to school from her house was about 15 minutes away which wasn't too long. She put her mitten covered hand out to touch the snowflakes falling around her, which were a lot lighter than her eyes that were a deep grayish blue with a tint of light blueish white. Sasami smiled contently, then looked down at her feet to watch her boots leave footprints on the snowy path as she walked. She just turned 16 which meant she was a sophmore in highschool, which was fine for her. She didn't want to grow up fast like her other siblings. She wanted to enjoy life as a teenager while she could, didn't everyone feel the same type of way?
    "Almost there.. maybe I should take the shortcut, it would be a lot faster.." She spoke in a soft almost angelic voice debating whether to take the main road or the back streets. "Ill just take the shortcut!" She decided and turned left to head into the backstreets. It was a lot more quiet here, since the cars took the main road and so did many people. She rarely took this route because of rumors she heard of how dangerous it could be for a girl like her alone but never really payed much attention to them. It'll be fine she thought, nothings going to happen. But as she continued to walk, little did she know what lies ahead. When she was getting ready to turn the next corner, someone suddenly grabbed her violently, sending her flying into an alley. With a thud, Sasami hit the cold icy floor, managing to land against a dumpster at that. Before she could even gain her stance, the stranger had her pinned against the cold solid surface, trailing his fingers somewhere where it shouldn't be. Sasami struggled to get the heavy figure off of her by kneeing him in the crotch and attempting to flee. She was almost out of range from the shady figure but just as she reached the opening out into the street, the male yanked her by her hair, pulling her back into him. She let out a loud screech before being shut up with a knife to the throat. Tears started streaming from her pale face while she prayed to god someone would find her..
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  3. [​IMG]
    Jax had been on his way to school. He remembered last winter when a girl had rejected him, he started working out, he got to be leading quarterback and he got his very first hug from his dad. The year had gone pretty good so this day should have gone better. He woke up slightly late, needing more sleep but instead he ran out of the house without breakfast and took a quicker way through the backstreets.​
    He pulled his hands into his pocket as his hands froze into near icicles. He froze when he saw a girl, a quite pretty one being assaulted. He started to freak out, there was a knife involved and it was up to her throat. He bit his lip and pulled out his phone. No calling 911 will take forever.​
    He gathered courage and ran up to the guy tackling him to the ground. He punched the guy in the face and turned towards the girl in his only free moment.​
    Go! Run!
    The guy had been punching him back but Jax was way to tough to be pushed around by some man brute. He held him down and eyed the girl, letting her run to wherever she was headed to. He wanted to stare for a long time, absorbing her beauty but sudden fear of this man who had nearly killed her!​

  4. Sasami Kirimiya
    Just as she was about to be completely violated and killed afterward, she fell from the man's grasp into the snow. Sasami turned to see what had happened, startled by the fact someone had tackled her attacker and told her to run. Tears still streaming down her face she wasn't sure if she should run or call the cops. Buttoning her shirt and fixing herself up quickly she backed away and flipped out her phone. There was a police station about a mile away from where they were so it wouldn't take them long to get here. Punching in numbers quickly, Sasami dialed 911 and had given them the place and address plus the situation. Hanging up the phone she saw the boy struggle with her attacker that was quite big. Deciding to help and not be useless, after all the girl did run track so her legs where her strongest, she had released several blows to the attackers face while he was still on the ground, her shoe meeting his nose, mouth, etc. "I am not some toy for men like you to harass!" She spat out words, furious more than anything before backing away. She could confirm he wouldn't be moving much after the damage done to his face. Sasami offered her hand out to the male who had helped her, presenting a small embarrassed smile...
  5. [​IMG]
    Jax took her hand and got up. He looked down a the man in disgust, he deserved to be this way after trying to take the life of a innocent girl. Jax, took off his coat and stuffed it in his backpack. The only thing that was to happen next is to see if this girl was okay.​
    A-Are you okay?! What is your name? I'm Jax Semani.
    He wiped his hair out of his face and took a deep breath, obviously shaken but way less than the girl had been. He fixed his pants, brushing them off lightly, wincing at the damage done, he had a tear in the right knee of them and he swore under his breath from it.​
    I have to go to school..This guy ruined my day.
    Jax looked at the guy and lifted him onto the car with great strength. The guy had been knocked unconscious and Jax couldn't help but grin at his pain. He deserved it. Who would do such a thing to girls like this. So beautiful and sweet to help me fight and destroy her near killer and rapist.

  6. Sasami Kirimiya
    Hearing sirens off in the distance, the police would be here any moment. When the male took her hand she helped him up, watching his movements. He seemed to have gotten hurt when defending her and felt bad for it. When he asked her if she was okay she simply nodded. Hearing his name, Sasami lifted a brow, hearing that name before. She could've swore the two went to the same school and that he was specifically a leading quarterback for their high school football team, sometimes she would go and watch the games. Not only that but she recalled him being in the same english class as her. She never really payed much attention to him, but heard girls giggle over him and what not. "Sasami.. Sasami Kirimiya.. I believe we go to the same school.." She replied in a soft voice, twiddling her fingers.
    Right at that moment the cops had pulled up beside the two. Sasami held up her finger to Jax and had a talk with one of the men. They had cuffed the culprit and put him in the back of the car while one of the officers were speaking to her. She explained the whole story in a calm manner, motioning to Jax when explaining what he had done for her. Writing the story down, the officer asked if she was alright and hurt anywhere. Besides her sides being bruised, a few scrapes on her knee and hand, she told the officer she was fine. The man offered to drive the two to school and explain to their superiors why they were late, also phone home her mother. Turning to Jax, in somewhat of a cheery voice, "I'm sorry about all this, if it wasn't for me taking the backstreets none of this would have happened.. The least I could do is give you a ride to school, an explanation why you were late and take you to the infirmary for your knee.." She finished saying, pulling a stray hair behind her ear, smiling small.
  7. [​IMG]
    Jax smiled, her kindness making him happy inside. Finally someone cheery and positive even if a very negative situation was made out of taking the backstreets.​
    No need to apologize I just got cut a few times, nothing a few bandages wouldn't heal. Anyways, I do see you at school. You're always the dazzling girl in the hall.
    He grinned charmingly and started on his way to school with the girl. I looked back at the police which had slightly scared him due to their large size and suspicious glances all around the area. Jax had blood on his fists. Not his blood. He knew why but he was afraid that he had also broken a knuckle. He looked at it quickly and looked back to the Sasami.
    Don't let this affect your day. Anytime you need help with anything, I'll be here.
    Jax said calmly letting her know he could be like her guardian angel. He was very sweet with the offer but would she accept it? He did not know.

  8. Sasami Kirimiya

    When the two had gotten in the car, Sasami felt a bit awkward. She folded her hands, twiddling her fingers while staring at the window. When she heard his words, she blushed lightly. "I'm not all that dazzling.. but thank you.." She giggled softly shaking her head. She looked at him this time, "I don't plan for it to ruin my day, usually if a negative situation occurs I just blow it off.. and I might just take that offer when I come across something I need a man for.." She smiled small, putting up her tough girl act. She was a bit frightened by the fact something like that could ever happen to her but part of it was her fault for not listening to rumors which were true after all. She wouldn't be taking that path anytime soon after her experience. Her facial expression changed from warm to serious. "Are you sure you aren't hurt?" She didn't like it when people were put in danger because of her stupid actions and always took the responsibility of their health. That's the least she could do anyway for him..
  9. [​IMG]
    He smiled and turned towards her, looking at the concern on her face as he looked down to his shirt which was too dark to reveal the stains of blood that had been on his stomach and his face had been bruised.​
    I am fine. Sasami, don't worry I just got stabbed here.
    He lifted his shirt revealing not only his toned stomach, but a gash that had been about 2 inches at length and not very wide. He sighed and as they got to their school he got out and opened the door for Sasami. He smiled towards her warmly and got his backpack. He stood near her looking into her eyes.​
    Are you fine? I mean if anything I can hold myself for the moment but I need to know if you are okay as well.

  10. Sasami Kirimiya

    She frowned hearing he was hurt after all. "Being stabbed is far from fine.." She shook her head analyzing his wound. The car had stopped and Jax got out first then she got out when he opened the car door for her. She talked to the officer for a moment before taking Jax's hand and dragging him into the building toward the infirmary. "Yes I'm fine but you are not." She didn't care much about her own well being when he had a wound that was a lot more serious. "The officer said he would take care of our lateness.." They arrived at the infirmary in no time, sliding open the door she got the nurse to look at his wound. The nurse took Jax behind a screen onto a bed, taking care of the wound. Meanwhile, Sasami got out band aids and started cleaning her scrapes before covering them with a band aid. Slightly lifting her skirt she realised her whole side was a yellowish purple that started from her left thigh and led all the up to the side of her breast. She made a click noise with her tongue shaking her head before buttoning up her shirt. She had a few other bruises elsewhere but they were less severe and small. She checked her neck in the bathroom to see if her skin had been cut, luckily it was just a bit pinkish so he never had the chance to cut her.
    By then the nurse was done and talked to Sasami about his wound. She went behind the screen to chat with him before she left for classes. "The nurse said you need to take it easy so your wound won't open up anymore. She wants you to stay in bed for the rest of the day and make sure you change your bandages when you get home.." Sasami smiled small, her smile filled with warmth and hopefully a bit soothing to him. "I'll take care of the notes we take in English class today, but you better find someone else who can take care of work done in other classes.." She stuck her tongue out at him teasingly. Just as she was about to turn to leave she crouched down and kissed his cheek, whispering "Thank you," in his ear. You could see her cheeks were tinted with pink as she left the infirmary to class..
  11. [​IMG]
    Jax's face flushed as he gave a huge smile to her. He rested his head back on the pillow and thought of her right after the small kiss on the cheek.​
    I uh...Thanks. I MEAN! Your welcome.
    He slapped his palm to his face and stared at her as he awkwardly stared at the ceiling waiting for time to fly by so he could catch her after school. He needed to talk to her more. He couldn't leave off here. No one could. He would die if she moved on without talking to him as if they hadn't known each other. She was sweet though. She won't, he thought to himself rather nervous now about his appearance and how good he had looked this whole time.
    I'll think about you all day.
    Jax mumbled to himself as he shut his eyes, now noticing the pain from his wounds and bruises.
  12. Viktoricus Fergoozo​
    Viktoricus carries a 530-pound weight on his shoulders. And then he does it, a front squat. The descent was smooth, and then he immediately struggled to stand back up. It was a hell of a grind. The front squat is one of his favorite execises. He's a mighty weightlifter, especially for his age, 18 years. He now got done with his workout.​
    After yawning, he leaves the school gym. It's now time to go to class. He walks around the building. The inside of the building is beautiful. It is clean and with flowers all over the place. Some students are walking to their classes. He heard whispers about a guy who just got stabbed. He got a little curious, so he goes into the infirmary to check him out. Maybe it's time to make a new friend. He is now inside the infirmary. He sees the wounded Jax. "Hey... I heard you got stabbed." he said.​
  13. Sasami Kirimiya
    While Sasami walked through the halls to class, she could feel eyes stare at her. "Looks like word had gotten out.." She thought to herself, keeping her chin up. She noticed a big bulky figure who slightly freaked her out head toward where she had came from. Reaching English class right when the bell ring, she slipped into her seat and took out her things. A friend of hers scooched over near her and whispered to her, asking what happened. Sasami explained in a calm manner while others around her started crowding, listening. She felt a bit uncomfortable but dealt with it. Everyone asked if she was ok etc. She just smiled and gave a short reply such as "Im fine". The teacher made a loud screech on the chalkboard telling everyone to get back to their seats so class could begin...
    Halfway through english class, Sasami had been taking notes just as she told Jax she would and sort of day dreamed at the same time. She was thinking about other things such as track which was later on and her parents. She wondered what she would have to come home to, a scolding or worry or both. She sighed softly and thought about Jax. Maybe she went too far kissing his cheek? She blushed at the thought of it but shook her head lightly. When the teacher came around, he slapped his ruler on her desk demanding an answer he recently asked a moment ago. Sasami looked up at him confused before responding, "What?.." The class broke out into a giggle and the teacher himself shook his head and told her to pay attention. Sasami rolled her eyes and looked outside through the window, watching the snowfall, being interrupted not long after by the bell..
    Now in her last class of the day, after having to wait through all her others and lunch, she just wish the day would be over already. She stretched in her seat, getting her things set up on her desk. She was currently stuck in an advanced chemistry class, being tested on the chapter her class had just finished a few days ago. She stared at the test, reading each question carefully and filling in bubbled letters. It was about 15 minutes later she had completed all the multiple choice questions and now had started the writing part of the test. She tried processing her thoughts recalling what they went over the past 2 weeks, giving detailed explanations to each open response question. Another 15 minutes passed as Sasami finished up her test. She looked over her answers and responses before turning it into the teacher. Taking a seat, she grabbed a book and left off at the booked marked page she had. "Only 15 more minutes to go.." She thought to herself. Eventually time had passed and the bell rung. Sasami packer her stuff up and headed toward her locker to get what she needed before heading to the girls locker room. She met up with her teammates and chatted with them while getting dressed into their uniforms for practice. She pulled her hair up in a ponytail once she was finished putting on her sweatpants and jacket. Her friends and her headed to the gym for practice since it was too cold out to be on the track. Sasami got into her routine and started warm ups, leading them specifically since she was the vice captain of the track team, and the captain was out sick today, so she began practice for the day..
  14. [​IMG]
    Jax smiled lightly and looked over to the brute who had asked him if he was okay. He was surprised to think another person cared even though, he was well known throughout the school, he had never met this guy.​
    Hey. Yeah, I was trying to save this...Cute girl. She was right about to get killed so I beat the guy up. I'm pretty sure I'll be fine. I'm Jax, and you are?
    Jax got up and stuck out his hand to shake with this new guy who he had just met. He was wishing Sasami was here so she could be with him to meet this large brute. This guy literally looked like a gym rat who did nothing but work out but that would be rude of him to judge. Maybe he could just be sweet to this guy and see how he would turn out.​
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  18. Akane Tagawa
    The only thing Akane ever looked forward to at school was track practice. Running helped her escape from reality, to enter a world where no one else was around. After just transferring the past weekend, Akane was new to the school and the team. As she quietly got dressed for practice in the girls' locker room, Akane overheard talk of a boy from their school who was stabbed while trying to protect the vice captain of their track team from getting killed. Akane shrugged it off, assuming it was just another one of those school rumors people made up. After securing her bun, Akane headed outside.​
    On the track field, most of the girls were already stretching, much to Akane's worry. 'Huh?! Am I late?,' Akane thought, trying not to grab any attention from the others. However, standing at 175 cm didn't help her very much. Akane looked at the girl leading the exercises, noticing the bruises on her sides as her shirt went up when stretching. 'Is that her...? The vice captain?' Akane mused, not realizing she was staring at the vice captain for a long time.
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  20. Sasami Kirimya


    "Okay girls! That's if for warm ups, get to your stations!" Sasami smiled cheerfully, shouting so everyone could hear her. She gave orders to some girls to take charge of their stations and start practicing for the home meet which was in two weeks. Sasami stretched, noticing her bruises were showing she pulled her shirt down. She looked around, noticing a newbie standing and staring at her. Smiling, she approached the girl. "Hi there! The names Sasami Kirimiya! You must be the new transfer student Misao was talking about, shes the captain of the girls track team by the way. I'm filling in for her today, she's been out sick for a few days now so Im your vice captain!" She shook the girls hand and breathed in some fresh cold air. "So tell me, what events will you be taking place in this year? Oh, you are Akane Tagawa right? Wouldn't want to be talking to someone else.." She chuckled and scratched her head, checking off who was at practice and who wasn't..
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