Another Exciting World Conference

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  1. The conference room slowly started to fill with nations, all still attempting to wake up and face what everyone knew would be a waste of three hours where practically nothing would get done.

    A few of the participants had been there already, one of them China, who was propping his head up by his elbow and trying to fight off jetlag before others came in and manners became necessary. To his left, South Korea was slumped back in his seat, head tilted back as he snored-loudly. Suddenly he yelped and sat up, looking around as if in a daze. Meanwhile, Vietnam, seated next to him, daintily moved her heel from Korea's toes and crossed her ankles, the corner of her mouth twitching, yet she didn't smile.

    "G'day, Artie!" A voice bellowed from the opposite side of the room as Australia took his seat. His grin was met with a harsh glare. "I'm England here, you idiot!" The blonde hissed at the younger nation, who merely shrugged. "Sorr-ee, mate. Didn't know you were so touchy." England groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose.
  2. America had taken his seat, holding his Mc Donalds bag, securely, as he ate. Liechtenstein sat down and placed a small envelope in the seat next to her, saving the seat for Switzerland. The Italians sat beaide each other, in their own little worlds. Then, Canada sat in the seat besides America, quietly. Japan sat two seats down from China, leaving a chair in between Italy and him. France sat besides Angleterre (England) and was smiling to himself.
  3. Switzerland came in shortly thereafter, sitting next to his sister. "Thank you, Liechtenstein," he said brusquely with a nod of his head. Following the Swiss was Turkey, who sauntered in and took a seat next to Egypt.

    Seychelles came in with France, flipping her hair ss she sat down next to him. Lithuania ran a hand through his hair, smiling politely as he took his seat, while Denmark grinned as he slipped in and slumped down into his seat with the other Nordics.
  4. America took a sip of his soda before he remembered. He rummaged through his bag and pulled out another drink in a Mc Donalds' cup. He walked over and gave it to England, "Hey! I got you some Sweetened Iced Tea from Mc Donalds!"

    Liechtenstein smiled, politely. She took the envelope back, "You're welcome, big brother."

    France grinned at Seychelles, "How are you, ma copine (my friend)?"
  5. England looked down at the cup, where the ice had melted. "The gesture is...appreciated, America. But I prefer my tea without lethal amoints of high fructose corn syrup."

    Seychelles smiled as she started playing with her hair-a habit of hers since childhood. "I'm fine France, thanks for asking. And you, comment cava? (the only thing I learned in my one week of French 1... XD)
  6. America shrugged, "Fine, more for me!" He laughed, then took the tea back, sipping it on the way to his seat.

    Liechtenstien whispered to her brother, "When does this start?"

    France smiled, "Oui, ├žava!" (You can just ask ├žava... You don't need the comment... XD)
  7. England rolled his eyes, and faced forward.

    Switzerland glanced around. "Probably when everyone gets here-some people are too lazy to get out of bed for three hours."

    Seychelles nodded. "Good! It's nice to see you again." (See, my long-term sub didn't get that far. He was too busy showing us card tricks. I kid you not.)
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    America hummed, gathering his notes together. They were in a messy heap, but he decied to pick them up.

    Liectenstein nodded, "But America's here... Or is he always early?"

    France nodded, "Oui, it's good to see you too." He ran his fingers theough his girl-ish locks, looking over at England's papers.
  9. Switzerland shrugged. "We're in his home country, it'd be rude to just barge in like an complete idiot-"
    "The awesome Prussia has arrived!" An arrogant voice bellowed from the door.
    "Like that."

    England clicked his tongur when he saw the disaster otherwise known as America's paperwork, then realized France was glancing at his. "Can I help you?"
  10. America smiled at Prussia, "Heya! I have paper you forgot at the last meeting in here.... Some where..." He began searching for Prussia's lost paper in his pile of paper that he hasn't sorted since 1792...

    Liechtenstein smiled, politely, "I see... Is Prussia like that a lot?"

    France smiled at England, placing an arm around him, "Oh, mon cher, friends don't keep secrets from one another, non?" France continued to read Enland's papers.
  11. Prussia went over to America, takimg tge opportunity to look over the blonde's papers. "What, you get extra burger grease on here or somethin'? Not sure I want that paper, dude! Kesesese!"

    Switzerland sighed. "You have no idea...when he was a nation, he was far worse."

    Englandpushed France's arm off of him, face turning red with indignation. "Friends-which we aren't-do not act like children at meetings!" To emphasize his point he jabbed a finger in Australia's direction, who had gotten bored and was balancing a pencil under his nose.
  12. America handed it to him anyway, smiling, "Here, take it, I found it. I don't try to get grease on my papers! I promise!" He then laughed.

    Liechtenstein nodded, curiously looking at Prussia, "I guess he doesn't seem too bad... Just loud..."

    "But, Angleterre, we have always been friends, non?" France said, leaning to snatch a paper out of England's pile and easily sneak an innapropriate picture in it's place. (Because, I want England's reaction... XD) "Even during that cold Hundreds Years... We were still friends."
  13. Prussia snickered. "Well, thanks, 'Merica." He snatched the paper into his own hand and tried studying it. "Can't make it out. Eh, don't matter." He rolled it into a ball and tossed it into the trash can. "Awesome! Betcha you can't do that!"

    Switzerland glanced at her, then narrowed his eyes at the albino. "Believe me, he is a handful..."

    "What did you put in my-!!!!" England sputtered, face turning bright red as he slammed his papers down on the desk. "WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!" He cried. "Do you have any shame?!"
  14. "I bet I can!" America exclaimed, accepting the challenge. He looked through his papers to find a useless one. Instead he found a paper he hadn't seen in years. He laughed, shouting at England, "Look! I found our Treaty of Paris!!!"

    "Why?" Liechtenstein asked, innocently.

    France snickered, until America blurted out about the treaty, "Ah, oui, the one in which you two had to come to my beautiful capital and declare yourselves two different nations?"
  15. England raised an eyebrow at the American. "What, you mean you were about to throw out that-" Hm. If America threw that out, he could tease the git and not recognize him as a countrt anymore. And oncs again, France got him flustered. "We did NOT!! Does your mind always have to be in the gutter?!"

    "You should have seen him, always picking fights and claiming land. In his heyday, he was quite the empire."
  16. America looked at the paper, "I wasn't going to throw it out, England! If I did, we would be at war and you would have to suffer the American Military! Why would I put you through that?!"

    France looked at Prussia, "When is your brother coming here?"

    Liectenstein smiled in awe as she looked at Prussia, "I wanna be an empire.... Maybe...."
  17. England raised an eyebrow. "I hadn't expected you to remember that. Though, if anything, you'd be the one suffering."

    Prussia shrugged. "Damned if I know. He was complaining about something lame like food poisoning earlier. It may take a while."

    Switzerland smiled a bit sadly at his sister. "All that glitters is not gold, Lili," he said, using her human name as a rare term of endearment. "It's a lot harder than it seems."
  18. America smirked, "As if. Who saved your sorry butt in World War One? Two? Three?"

    France sighed, "Mon Dieu, why would he be saying that?"

    Liechtenstein felt her cheeks begin to brighten when he said her human name. She nodded after what he told her, "I know, but wouldn't it be nice, big brother?"
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