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  1. Hello~!

    I will try not to ramble, though I am not sure how many people tend to read these. If you are one of those people, then hello!

    I'm Luna, sorry if it seems like a typical internet name but it is my "real" name so I tend to use it. Although I think any name someone goes by is just as real as the name on their birth certificate... erm, anyways! I'm not exactly "new" to the role playing scene, but I did take hiatus for quite some time.

    Three years time actually.

    So coming back to it fills me with a lot of emotions. Excitement! Nervousness! Nausea! More excitement! Thrills! Happiness! Gas!

    If you've endured my ramblings so far, then I thank you. See, I enjoying writing, any excuse I get to commit thoughts to text I take it. So expect some nice lengthy paragraphs from me in RPs! I'm happy to help establish settings, NPCs, weapons, clothes, food, businesses, lairs--any excuse to get creative!

    My characters, be them male or female or unknown or otherwise, are relatively different from one another. One may be a sniper bent on taking out the rebel nation in a post apocalyptic world where bottle caps are the only ruler in this world. And another may be a frail innocent soul who just wants to please the other members in a gang and is willing to do anything to get a pat on the head.

    I'm more so open for anything, of course my profile has more information on that. I'm easily approachable! Please! I'm not--I'm not lonely or anything haha... Ha... hm...

    Anyway! Thank you for bothering to read all of this (if you did), I'll have to treat you to a coffee sometime to show my gratitude! But giving a good RP is just as good, right?
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Luna-chan! *throws confetti*
  3. *Dances in confetti* Thank you my Queen~!!
  4. Hiii, Welcome to Iwaku!
    I'm actually new here too, I just joined lastnight, I read through your entire post and we don't have to, But if you want to roleplay sometime we definitely can, I'm a passive roleplayer though and I stalked looked at your profile and saw you were one too so if you don't want to, It's alright with me
    + I'm not that experienced in roleplaying, I only roleplayed with a few people before

    But anyways I hope you have a nice time here ;o
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