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  1. For nearly a thousand years, the world has been shrouded in darkness.

    The last great King had protected this world with his own life, the magic blood in his veins allowing him to push back the demons that scourged the land, and command the dragons which protected it.

    Though as all things must, the King had died of age, and not nearly thirty moons after that, the world was lost.

    Magic, now considered a legend, had long dissipated from the world, and the blood of the kings Heir thought to be dry.

    This king is Your ancestor, and you inherit his powers, knowingly, or unknowingly. And as legend states, You are the next Heir to the throne, and You are the one who will reforge the land from its broken handle, into a gleaming saber of peace.

    This is taken!
  2. Name: Alivaer.
    Gender: Female.
    Dragon Species: Voric.
    Dragon Age: 109.Which is about 20 compared to a human, so she is a young adult still.
    Appearance (open)
    Easily weighing half a ton, Alivaer has a wingspan of about 50ft, and stands at approximately 30ft. She is about 70ft from nose to tail, and standing on her hind legs is about 60ft in height. Being still young, is normally smaller than most, but just the same as any other dragon.[​IMG]

    Species history:The dragon breed of Voric, is perhaps the most proud, and civilized variety of dragon alive. Who value honesty, loyalty, and above all else, respect.

    Being the oldest currently alive, most Voric view themselves as much more superior to other breeds, as they've lived the longest. Though some, like Alivaer so not see the same way.

    For as long as humor lore dedicates, there has been a constant, but silent war between the two sides of the race. Though the actual reason for it is unknown, and many theories have been proven wrong by the dragons themselves.

    Most Voric are able to use water based abilities, and some of them are even born with ice.

    Personality:Alivaer tends to separate herself from her own kind. Finding herself among other species more often. She values loyalty as most, but she may lie if it works out for the best. She is devoted to her fascination of lightning, and will often follow where it strikes, believing it's a potential god guiding her forward.
    History:Alivaer has a rather dull history. Having hatched among twelve other dragon pups, and leaving with the surviving four. After time progressed, the four eventually drifted away, and Alivaer eventually left the one that stayed with her. Having never seen them again.

    To this day, Alivaer searches the world for her companion, all she knows is that they could be any race, and gender, and any type of person who is not an actual dragon

    Dragons Breath:She has none, being too young for her body to be able to cope with the effort of producing anything. So she tends to use her mouth and claws if in a rough situation.
  3. A young deer, maybe a fawn, galloped behind the rest of the group. There were ten or so other fawns galloping ahead of the little one, which seemed to have a limp. Everything was happy when they suddenly stopped. The rest of the group ran away but the little baby couldn't. It was on the ground, dead.

    Mira walked over to the baby, pulling her hood down. Her short brown hair was a bit mussed, and looked over the fawn with her brown eyes. Kneeling down, she started to skin it. Practice made it easy as she slipped the fur off. She folded it, ready to wash and dry it later. She started to cut off what couldn't and could be used. She smiled at the meat in front of her, silently thanking the beings above for some food. She was close to running out.
  4. Alivear had been in the air for nearly two hours now, and she needed to land, soon. But all around there was no clear area, either completely open to the world or too dense with trees or steep hills.

    Feeling the weariness in her bones, she decided that if she were to land anywhere, it would be in the thinnest batch of forest she could find. The open area she could have no problem getting to, but it was the risks that kept her away.

    It was the fool hardy, self proclaimed 'prince' and the occasional demon worshipers that kept her away. Either would kill her while she slept without a second thought. To sell off her remains or use them for some sick ritual.

    Taking herself lower, Alivear scanned the landscape.
    There was no dense population of people, but the wildlife was plentiful, which should cause her no real harm. Though the trees... They were another problem, and unless she could find somewhere to rest soon she was going to be in a rough situation.

    Finally, out of the corner of her eye she saw a thin, gray, and weathered rock protruding out of the line of green. To Alivear it was as a human would put it. 'A shrine of gold.' Tipping her tail ever slightly to the left, began toward it.
  5. Mira had set up in a cave made by a weathered rock and large tree roots. It was comfortable enough and kept her warm in the cold seasons. Cooking some food, she heard a large being flapping its wings. Curious, she grabbed her bow and arrows, slowly moving to see what this creature could be. When she saw the shape after climbing up the boulder of a rock, she couldn't believe her eyes. A dragon! A real life dragon! She thought they were extinct! She felt her excitement turn to fear as she backed away. It was going to eat her. That's what all dragons did, right? They ate humans or burned them until they were begging for mercy? She didn't want to be killed and started to try and climb down the rock, afraid of getting killed. It was hard, seeing that it was larger than most of the trees.
  6. The moment Alivear rested her talons against the rock, she knew it was going to collapse. And desperate to get back into the air, quickly flung her wings backward which only resulted in pulling both of them out and locking the joints. Before she even could register it, she was plummeting toward the ground in the opposite way of the rock, which was about the only luck she had.

    Landing on her back with a loud thud, and her tail slamming into the ground in an even louder "thwack", felt her right wing push to far to the left, and she knew it was going to break. With the sound of a large branch breaking, felt the bone break under her own weight. The only thing that kept her from bellowing in pain was the fact that she was rolling, and came to a crashing stop against the side of a tree.

    Almost immediately, Alivear started throwing a string of curses and insults at herself. More focused on punishing herself then the wound. The red of the blood sticking out of her blue wing as if a marker.

    Though Alivear had no idea that the Human girl near her could hear her every thought as clear as day.
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