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  1. So this should tell you that I think a lot, especially late at night. So, logically, I want to discuss what travels across this mind of mine. So, onto the subject in which I was last deep in thought with.

    Do you ever have those songs/movies/random memories that cause a memory? may they be fond or ill? For me, whenever I hear the song 'Fountain of Sorrow' by Jackson Browne I can't help but think about one of my best friends. Now he and I go back when we were mere eight year olds at a camp. We used to get into a good amount of trouble, whether it was setting cabins ablaze accidentally (yes we were punished greatly for this, campfires held inside Folger's old tin cans doesn't fair well in a confined space), or sneaking out to go on late night hikes, or sneaking into the kitchen and raiding the food storage. Our adventures increased whenever we saw each other (like when we were teenagers we went ghost hunting in a graveyard and got caught by the groundskeeper, that was fun), or forgetting that we left the pizza in the oven while trying to make cookies (like what I did a couple nights ago [SIZE=3]with a cake)[/SIZE] and turned the oven on, and promptly set the pizza on fire. His mom was so made at us. Or when we went to First Night, many other things I could state here, but it'd go on forever. We never were away from one another that much even when I was placed in a new foster home, we found some way to get a hold of one another. Even today he is still my best friend.

    Any fond memories you would like to share to add to the discussion?
  2. Pretty much any Rise Against song (especially The Good Left Undone) makes me think of my best friend. I introduced her to the band, and she introduced me to true friendship (no matter how cliche that sounds). We were casual friends my first few years in Nevada, where we met, but after a while, we became inseparable. I remember once, when we were walking to the bus stop in front of school after a pizza party in book club, I had been told to take home the leftover pizza. So, she was holding it and I decided to give it to the other kids waiting for the bus. She announced "Who wants pizza?!?" and opened the box, and then tripped over her own feet. The looks on the kids' faces was priceless. I've never let her forget about it. She's also invented 'high juice' which is just lemon ginger tea mixed with pepsi, from a crazy screening party we had. She's just about the only person I've said, "I love you" to with it actually meaning something more than a formality.
  3. Eeeeeevery once in a while my mind will give me something good. Beyond that, I want to rip it out and stomp on it. I hate my mind's capacity for the shit memories that I want to forget permanently. It'll remember a bad memory more readily than a good one!

    Songs usually trigger it the most. When I first started talking to Drew, he and I happened to be listening to the same track one time. My Oz friend had linked it to me and I shared it with Drew to which he said, "HEY! I'm listening to that now!" So every time I hear Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons, I can't help but have a bunch of good memories come flying back. Most of their songs do that for me now. Instant upper... one of my secret weapons. Fifth Element (movie) also does that because we both enjoy that movie.
  4. To the first part of that, I need only say;

    'Nothing fixes something so intently in the memory then the wish to forget it.' ~Michelle DuMontay
  5. Yes! Both good memories and bad memories!

    Every time I hear Two Beds and a Coffee Machine, even though I used to love that song, I also remember it was this chick's "theme song". That chick hijacked my boyfriend of the time (and even cheated on him during that same timespan) and though I got him back, and then years later we're not even together anymore... Every time I hear it, I get those old feelings of rage and pissyness back. >:[ It's one of the few songs I could never "take back" from the memory imprint...

    As for GOOD members, Love Bites. 8D My older sister and I were coming back from a casino concert where the band she was super hot in love with covered that song. And it came on the radio and we were singing along, and she got so wrapped up in the hotness and the song we nearly drove off the road. It was a really funny moment, and I remember it every time I play the song.