Another Day in the Supernatural World (Kaylove x Doctor Hi)

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  1. The cell phone started buzzing on the table, playing the soft ringtone it had. It wailed on for a while with no response. Mat looked over at the phone and sighed, knowing who was calling him. He didn't want to talk, but he knew he should. Finally after a few moments Mat picked it up and answered the call.


    "Mat? Where are you?"

    "I told you, I'm going on my own right now, just need some time to cool down."

    "Seriously Mat? On your own?! Do you know how stupid that sounds?"

    "Yeah Connor I do, but being with other hunters is not what I want right now. Give me a few weeks."

    "Come on you-" Mat hung up the cell phone and tossed it on the bed.

    Mat shook his head and holstered his colt revolver and silver dagger underneath his coat before heading outside, ready to go hunting on the new day.
  2. At the moment Kira was staying at a motel. She just recently possessed a human's body so she could blend in. Kira decided to look for a little fun and find a human to strip away their humanity and make them a demon.
    Kira was known as an alpha demon, she has the ability to sense other demons that are lower than her and have a bit more power over them.
    Kira head out the motel door, deciding to go looking for trouble herself.
  3. Mat pulled his car into the motel, analyzing the place as he got out of his car. It didn't seem too significant, but it would be a good place to start. He had read a report about a murder that seemed close to one of a vampire's. Mat walked over inside the motel, looking for any passerby he could ask questions to.
  4. Just as Kira left the motel room she noticed a car pull up. She could easily tell the man inside was a hunter.
    She hoped he couldn't easily tell what she was just as she could easily tell what he is.
    If that's the case she may have to turn to drastic measures.
  5. Mat toured around the motel, first going up to the attendant to ask him a couple questions about the place. After he was satisfied, Mat noticed a girl just leaving her motel room. She seemed unlikely as his vampire target, but maybe she could be helpful. "Excuse me," he said, going up to her and showing a detective badge. It was fake but he had made it look accurate enough for people not to question it. It was nice to have to not get his presence questioned. "I'm beginning a small investigation here and was hoping you could answer me a few questions."
  6. After being stopped by the hunter, or in this case, the detective, Kira grind her teeth as though she thought he was on to her.
    "Yes, what do you want to know?" she asked the young man. Before doing anything drastic she wanted to make sure that he wasn't really on to her, maybe he really was looking into something else.
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  7. Mat put away his badge and looked back at the girl. "Have you seen anyone that has appeared unoridinary? Seemingly nocturnal? We believe it's a man but unsure at the moment." It was a loose start but he didn't want to seem too strange. Maybe he'd get lucky this time.
  8. "No I haven't." Kira said, still keeping calm. He definitely looking for something, but he doesn't suspect it's her. A man, he's looking for a man.
    Kira gave him an almost fake smile. "Sorry, I don't believe I would be any help."
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  9. Mat made a quick nod. "Very well, just a couple more questions. Have you seen any items of interest, such as any weapon that seemed left out?" He asked. He had narrowed that the vampire had some kind of dagger with him. "And do you know anyone else of interest that I can speak to?"
  10. "I haven't seen anything," Kira answered the young man.
    "What exactly is this about?" she then asked with confusion, wondering why he was asking her all these questions.
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  11. Mat paused for a moment, not really site how to answer her question. "It's a private investigation is all. The department would rather not turn this full scale until we've narrowed it down enough." Sure, he figured that worked. "The details are confidential, I'm sure you understand."
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  12. "Yes... I understand," Kira nodded, smirking on the inside. Nice cover.
    She still couldn't tell if he knew she was a demon or not, so she continued to play it cool.
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  13. Mat made a small nod to the girl. "Very well," he said. The hunter looked over the girl again. This entire conversation had seemed just a bit too well rehearsed. He knew he was faking his persona but she seemed to have the perfect innocent replies. He wasn't too experienced, was he reading her wrong? It couldn't hurt to ask could it? "So...can I ask what your purpose is here?"
  14. Kira's fake smile faltered a bit. He must know.
    "My purpose? Oh I was going to meet up for a family reunion but needed to stop for the night," she quickly came up with a lie, hoping he would buy that.
  15. Mat could quickly detect the small falter in the girl's face, but wasn't sure to pursue it. "Right," he said almost sarcastically, knowing something was off. Was it her uncomfortable around him claiming to be a detective? "I'm sure you'll have a good time here." Could she be his target? She didn't seem to have the same personality is a vampire, but he wasn't sure. Was he this lucky? "I should probably move on now, have a good day." Mat stole a glance at the girl's room number before turning back to the front. He'd have to check it out to confirm his suspicions.
  16. "You too," Kira said back as the hunter turned away to leave.
    He knows something, she thought to herself. His tone of voice and just the vibe he gave off.... he must know something.
    Kira tried not to let it bother her, maybe it was just her over thinking...
  17. Later that night, Mat quietly stepped back inside that motel. He still wasn't sure why he was doing this. She had seemed innocent enough but shifty in a different kind of way. Something she was trying to hide. Mat had made sure that she was gone right before he had made his move. Just a quick inspection and he'd be satisfied with himself. Finding the room Mat looked around to make sure no one was there. He quickly pulled out a master keycard he had swiped earlier from a janitor and opened up the door.
  18. Kira had left the motel room earlier that day, looking for some sort of 'fun'.
    By the time she came back it was pretty late, if she were really a human she would have felt like sleeping for a long time after today's work.
    Once back in the motel she noticed it was unlocked and that someone must have entered...
    Kira went into her room and found the hunter from earlier. She stayed a bit quiet and before he could turn around she made sure to knock him out.
    If the young man were to wake up he would have found himself tied up in a chair and in a dark room.
  19. Mat hadn't even heard the girl sneak up behind him to knock him out. The went out fast, not even knowing what happened. When Mat woke back up, he instantly noticed himself tied up to a chair. He could hardly see anything, the whole place was dark. Mat quickly began to worry, this was not supposed to be happening. Focusing on his bonds Mat started attempting to untie himself, but there was so little to do to get himself out, but maybe he'd get lucky.
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