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  1. "Good morning~" Aurora chimed as she walked into the lobby of the hotel she worked at. Dressed in a black pencil skirt, white blouse, and bright blue heels, the young woman walked behind the reception desk to set her purse in the small office. Aurora worked as a receptionist and housekeeper at a nice hotel called The Hampshire Court. She loved the job because it allowed her to be social at the front desk, quiet during her housekeeping shifts, and work alongside her best friend.

    Clocking in, she put her name tag on before walking out to the front desk. It was early in the morning and she was taking over for the graveyard shift. Running a hand over her red curls, she bid the others a good day before checking the list of guests that were planned to check in that day. She was twirling a lock of her hair around her finger when her eyes stopped on two names. "T. Hiddletson and C. Hemsworth? No way... It can't be. Can it?"

    Looking up from the list, Aurora turned around in search of her best friend. She walked into the back office and found her sorting papers. "Atropa, can you look at this list with me?" She held up the list and moved to stand beside her, showing her the list in her hand. "Please tell me that I'm not losing my mind and these guests aren't who I think they are."
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  2. Atropa typically arrived an hour earlier than anyone else. She opened and closed the hotel, even though it wasn't required of her.
    She wanted everything to be done perfectly, and so, once everyone else left at night, she would go behind them and check everything.
    Plus, she had anxiety, so she also had to make sure everything was turned off, if it was supposed to be.
    Technically, the hotel never closed- there was staff on duty 24/7, to help guests if needed, but the night crew was.... A bunch of lazy stoners, to be honest.
    Plus, getting up early gave Atropa enough time to shower, shave, blow dry her hair, get dressed, and do her makeup, as well as pick up a coffee on her way to work.

    Opening the front doors, Atropa smiled kindly at the night receptionist. "I'm here. You can all go home." She said, knowing that the girl would be sure to text everyone else.
    The night shift people were constantly glued to their phones.

    With that, she went into the back office and closed the door, taking a seat in the expensive computer chair she'd ordered last month.
    Since she spent a lot of time in the office, she decided she needed a good chair.
    Turning on the computer, she lost track of time typing in all the information needed.

    So when Aurora entered and spoke, Atropa jumped slightly. Holding her chest, she grabbed the guest list from her.
    "This.. Has to be a coincidence..." She said quietly, shaking her head.
    Standing, Atropa made her way to the front desk, checking the clock on her way.
    "Well, it says they're both to arrive at two. It's one fifty, so, let's wait and see."
  3. Aurora saw that her friend was having the same reaction she was. It must be a joke. Why would those two show up at the hotel? And from the information given, they would be here for a few months. It all seemed too strange and unreal to actually be true. When Atropa said that they would wait and see, she nodded and took the list back.

    Walking back to the front desk, she put the list back in it's place and began to work on her other duties for the reception desk. She answered a few calls and helped a few guests that arrived early. As she got busy with some guests, she completely forgot about the two names from her list.

    Walking out of the airport, Tom yawned as he walked towards a car that was waiting to take him to his hotel. He had been traveling for most of the day and while he wasn't mentally tired, his body was exhasuted. He was about to start filming on a new movie with his good friend Chris Hemsworth and he had scheduled to arrive a few days early to scope out the town they were filming by and get some rest so he was ready to work.

    Dressed in dark jeans and a simple button-up, he had the leather strap of his laptop case resting on his shoulder as he approached his car. Looking to the driver, he smiled. "Thank you. Tell me, has Chris arrived in town yet?"
  4. Atropa took her time in the back office, typing information into their files.
    Without the computer backup, it was possible that they could never know who was staying where.
    The old system they used had been a large book that whoever was at the front desk would write in.

    It was a horrible way to keep information, because some people had bad hand writing.
    Also, some of them, like the stoners, didn't write enough information.

    So, Atropa had changed everything to digital last year.
    Sure, they still had paper information, but she made sure to always type it up, too.

    Looking at the clock, she stood, stretched, and made her way to the front desk.
    "Anything?" She asked, looking around.


    Chris had been on flights all morning. He didn't really mind being on planes, but he preferred the ground.
    Once he got to town- which, actually, was quite cute and small- he found his car and driver waiting for him.
    "Morning." He said, smiling as he got into the backseat.

    "Do you know if Tom has arrived yet?"
    The driver shrugged, and turned the car on, making his way to the hotel that Chris would be staying at.
    "Sorry, I don't know much, actually.." The driver said, smiling sheepishly.

    Chris nodded, not worried.

    The hotel was quite large for such a small town, and it looked well kept.
    Grabbing his bags, Chris entered, looking around curiously.

    He made his way to the front desk, where two young women were working.
    "Morning. I believe I have a room booked under Chris C?"

  5. As the day went by, Aurora had forgotten about the two names they had spotted on the list. She was focused on the various guests that she helped check in and check out. She offered a few people help when they asked about places to eat or shop. She had just helped check someone in when Atropa approached. "Have a nice stay!" When Atropa asked her question, she looked at her in confusion before remembering the names on the list. Standing up taller, she picked up the list and looked for the two names that had caught their eyes earlier. "Nope. Nothing yet."

    She set down the list and looked to her best friend. "Do you really think it would be them? Wouldn't they use fake names?" She ran a hand over her hair and twirled one of her curls around her finger. Aurora was about to say something else when she heard someone greet them. Looking up, she was stunned to see the handsome man before her. Hearing his question, she was frozen for a moment before breaking from her trance. "Oh, pardon me.. Let me look to see what we have." With some quick typing, she looked up the check-ins for the day and saw that there was no Chris C in the system. She gave one quick glance up to him and realized that he looked so familiar. Could this possibly be?

    Clearing her throat, she stood up tall and looked up at the man. "I'm sorry sir but we have no reservations under Chris C. However, we have one under Chris H. Would that be your reservation?"

    Once in the car, Tom leaned back against the cushions and sighed. While he had been sitting on a plane most of the day, he was enjoying the feeling of sitting in a car instead of a plane. He stretched out and heard a few things pop as his driver took him towards his hotel. He hadn't heard from Chris lately so he hoped that he was traveling safely. They had decided to meet up sometime today to go over lines and catch up with each other.

    When the driver stopped in front of the hotel, he looked out the window and smiled. "This looks very quaint." He opened the door and got out of the car. The driver got his bags from the back and stacked the baggage on a cart for him. Tom headed inside and looked towards the front desk. That's where he spotted Chris chatting with one of the reception girls. "There he is! I was hoping you had arrived already." He approached the desk and patted his friend on the shoulder. Looking to the girls behind the desk, he saw that they were both very pretty. "Good day, ladies. I hope he isn't giving you too much trouble by being a diva," he said as he teased his dear friend. ​
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