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  1. They were slow... except for when food was readily available for the taking. Then their meager, sloppy steps turned into a limp trot. These brainless beings that craved just for the flesh of those still living, simply bumbling about and bumping into each other that range from a slow commute to something similar to a Black Friday sale. Then again, stuff like that didn't happen anymore. Not after they took over.

    It started off slow, only a couple of cases here and there in a little town. The thing with any kind of sickness, though, is that it catches on quick. Especially in the grimes of the United States, where a mix of people mix with the wrong people and end up mixed up in the chaos of being a live sacrifice. From there, it spread quickly. No matter how much bacteria-killing product was used, nothing was developed to completely fight against a toxic bite from these things that managed to bring themselves into existence.

    The city seemed quiet now. Compared to the sounds of the street, people, vendors, and sirens that went on so long ago, it was deathly quiet. A hard thing to cope with after getting used to falling asleep to those noises growing up. The only sound was usually a distant murmur of shuffling footsteps as a herd of those things would make their way through, still on the search for something else to fill their belly. As they moved from place to place, tripping along without anymore care as to who they were anymore, they were watched. Their existence a bane to the brown-green hues that traced their movements when they came too close to the closed off building. Movements becoming slow and thoughtful as she waited for the beings to move on.

    Then, in the morning when dawn started to rise up, the chill will wake her up. She will sit on the ledge of the building, contemplating whether or not today was the day that she would finally make up her mind and jump. Maybe today was the day she'd finally find someone else that was still alive in all of this. Maybe she will finally hear someone else's voice instead of listening to her own every lonely morning. There was always that inkling of a possibility that there could finally be someone else on the other side of the portable CB radio.

    The contemplating finished, the woman deciding to carry on instead of just ending it. She sighed deeply as she brought the CB radio to life, bringing it up to speak into it as she gazed across the horizon for some kind of movement that wasn't the sluggish steps of the dead. Her hair whipped around her face in a vortex of dish-water blonde that she ignored to concentrate of speaking over the wind.

    "Attention," she would always start. "This is Kilo-Uniform, Yankee-Uniform. This is an attempt to reach out to... to anyone that's still alive. I am in a safe area and will keep you safe. If there is anyone left in the city that needs to reach out, follow the voice until you see the green flag. I will be waiting." She set the CB down and watched it for a few moments, keeping it on for the time being. Maybe someone would finally reply today, but she assumed it wouldn't.

    "I'm waking up,
    To ash and dust.
    I wipe my brow,
    And I sweat my rust.
    I'm breathing in,
    The chemicals..."
    she began, continuing on and raising her voice to let it echo off the empty buildings. The only time she made enough noise to gain some type of attention. Once she was done, she listened as her echos faded away and her voice disappeared for the day. The echo confused and jostled the undead in such a silent city, but she hoped that someone living would be able to follow it. Her gaze went up to the flag, hanging limp from the lack of breeze to support it. Looks like another lonely day. she thought as she reached up to turn off the CB radio until tomorrow.
  2. Days are often spent in better atmospheres. Ones that are thriving with the living, people going about their business. This wasn't one of those days. He managed to find a very small safe haven for one night, but he needed to flee and find a larger one, because, for all he knew, the horde could find this location and end him. What remained of human life, he wasn't sure. The threat of death was ever present, no matter where he went. The stench of death had seemingly consumed the planet, at least that's how he thought of it. He gathered his weapons: an assault rifle with a thirty round clip, telescopic sight, and shredder rounds; he also carried a katana which was sheathed on his hip. It was a present given to him before the outbreak. Wearing his jungle camoflauge from head to toe, he proceeded to venture out into the open, hoping to find some signs of human life.
    "Attention, this is Kilo-Uniform, Yankee-Uniform. This is an attempt to reach out to... to anyone that's still alive. I am in a safe area and will keep you safe. If there is anyone left in the city that needs to reach out, follow the voice until you see the green flag. I will be waiting." He immediately traced the voice to a safe haven, off of the road just west of the side entrance, yet heading north into the city. He took shelter in a fenced in state park, presumably one that belonged to the city. Walking out of the gates, He began his reply,
    "Kilo-Yankee! This is Alpha One! If you can hear me, acknowledge! I am zeroing in on your location!"
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  3. A man with messed up black hair wearing a black hoodie and ripped jeans watched from a top a bar roof drinking from his flask seeing someone wearing camo down it the streets as he put his flask away he heard that person talking to someone on the radio. "Seem like people are alive somewhere" he smirked as he stood up from were he was sitting and walked over grabbing his ax and shotgun. "Well guess it's time I go make some new friends or new enemies " he laughed as he made his way to the fire escape on the side of the building and walked down making sure not to draw to much attention to himself as he started to tail the man from a distance. "Maybe if I'm lucky there will be booze"
  4. The woman heard the voice crackle through the static of the radio and her heart stopped. Her eyes were now glued to the radio, wondering if the voice was real or not or if she was just listening to the remnants of a ghost trying to communicate with her. Soon enough, though, she shook her head and quickly hopped up to her feet, radio already at her lips.

    "Alpha One, I'm awknowledging your response. Listen closely and follow the voice," she ordered, raising herself back up on the edge and taking a deep breath. She felt something, finally, that she hadn't felt in a long time. A very long time... hope. The hope that there is, indeed, still life left on this desolate piece of rock. Fueled with this hope and the adrenaline of meeting another human again that was still alive, she belted out. Raising her voice high and into the buildings and letting it echo through the mostly empty city, save for the undead and the person who just spoke.

    "Each morning I get up I die a little,
    Can barely stand on my feet!
    Take a look in the mirror and cry,
    'Lord, what you're doing to me?!'"
    she sang out, finally feeling a bit of her soul flare back to life.
  5. He jogged from the park, pacing each breath until he made it to the fence. He climbed the fence and made his way down, trying to trace the voice of the one who called. The city was aged, cracks in the concrete and graying of buildings. Chips of paint from the aging steel, a dark gray, removing the reflective surface from any light hoping to give it life. He followed the voice of the woman to the building he thought she'd be on top of.
    He looked at the building, aged metal, cracks in certain spots, and glass windows shattered; the shards of glass littering the ground outside. He opened the door to view the inside of the building. The paint cracked on the walls, chipped away and the paint graying away with age. The machines losing paint color, rusting and browning, allowing the rust to claim them, as time had decreed. Looking toward the ceiling, and the flight of stairs, to see old browning pipes, rust claiming them as well as the stairs that led to the roof.
    The air was musty and dry. He swallowed and carefully ascended the stairs, one at a time, hearing the creaks they left behind as he continued them to the top. Feeling a heavy steel door, he pushed into it to open up to a partly cloudy sky, and a cemented rooftop. The sun shone, blinding him, as his eyes had not adjusted to it. Regaining his vision, he noticed a silhouette of a woman. He walked closer to her and stopped mere feet from her. "Kilo-Yankee...?"
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  6. The man followed the other watching him jump the fence as he sighed. "Dammit" he groaned to himself as he to jumped the fence as well as he stopped looking around seeing the man go into a building in the distance. "Well either I follow him into the building might being a trap or I find a safe spot out here and wait to see what happens were a coin when I need one" he begins to walk towards the building as he begins to hear what sounds like singing. "Lovely voice though I'm sure the zombies will just think it a dinner bell" he stopped as he heard groaning coming from behind him as he saw some creeping out the alley. "Well guess I'm going into the building trap or not" he chuckled as he ran into the building slamming the door behind him. "Shit well any chance I had of being sneaky went out the door" he laughed a little as he looked around trying to find anything to barricaded the door.
  7. The woman heard the steel door shut and her voice automatically cut off, echoing away against the buildings as she spun around toward the stranger. She took him in, noticing that he seemed rather rugged from travel. She couldn't help but smile as she held out a hand toward him after he approached.

    "That's my call sign," she started, her voice coming out hoarse at first. She coughed a couple times before continuing. "My name is Kurureenu, but that's a mouthful. You can call me Ku or Reenu if you'd prefer."

    Finally! Another person. She wanted to skip with elation, but she could imagine how odd that would look. Especially with hungry zombies several floors below them. There was no need to draw any more attention than she already did for that morning. She gestured for him to follow her as she walked over toward a rooftop greenhouse, or what was left of it. "I have some food and some water over here if you're hungry. It's not much for the time being but... It's just been me up here for awhile. I was beginning to lose hope."
  8. "Call me Soul. It has been quite the trip. The rations in my pack are low. I managed to survive off of what I could take out of an abandoned general store. That was days ago.

    "Doubt there is anything left." He looked at his assault rifle in his hands, sitting down to work with it, focusing on it. "I don't mean to be rude, but if there's a horde out there, I want to make sure everything works before we meet it." He checked the weapon's magazine, barrels, reloading mechanics, and he took a clean cloth from his pack and wiped the rifle down. Setting it down, he took the sword from its sheath on his hip, he used another cloth, from his pack, to wipe it down, and clean the blade before sheathing it once again. He sighed, looking at Kurureenu, "Kurureenu is fine.

    "Not too difficult. Shit..." He laughed a little, before continuing, "I'd love to kill something right now, but, I'll enjoy the peace for now; it's nice." He turned his attention to the countryside and wondered what they'd do to pass the time. What would they do? What could they do? His hands began to twitch, his trigger finger itching to pull the trigger, but he fought it.

    He got up off of the ground and walked to the edge of the building, looking off the side from which he stood, he carefully scanned the areas of the safe haven until he heard the door at the base of the building slam shut. "Someone, or something, is down there." He exclaimed, hoping Kurureenu heard him. He started toward the door, cautiously willing to meet whatever awaited him.
  9. The man looked around seeing shelves as he rushed to pushed them in front of the door as he got that all settled he took a deep breath as he heard the back door of the building get crushed as he turned seeing more. "Mother of fucking God I have the shittiest luck" Rune sneered as he grabbed his hatchet from his waist. "Ok I'm going to enjoy cutting you fuckers up" he charged into the others as he swung his ax down onto one's head as he kick another to the ground as he pulled the ax out of the one zombies head. "God there as hard headed as me" he laughed as he chucked his ax into one's chest as he pulled out his shotgun and aimed down shooting them. "Die die die" he laughed as they fell holes in there heads and there legs basically gone.

    He then walked over to the one with his ax in it's chest and tears it off it as he takes a deep breath. "There dead and now and way into the back alley"
  10. Kurureenu spun around as the stranger, Soul, reacted to the sound and went over by the door cautiously. The woman reached under the table she was by and pulled out a 9mm handgun and went over to the door as well. She wasn't cautious, though, as she opened the thing and listened to the sounds from down below. With a curse, she started down the steps, muttering about, 'they got in' as she went.

    It wasn't long until she was at the first landing, looking upon another dark-haired stranger with a hatchet in hand. The zombies that had just broke in littered the ground around him. Her hazel gaze turned into a glare, the back of her mind confused. Another person? Did this one come with the first? Was this actually a trap?

    She raised her gun and pointed it at the stranger. "Don't move," she sneered toward the man. "And if you don't think I'm going to shoot, then move. I love it when people are too stupid to think I'm not serious."

    Movement. Her gaze swept away from the new stranger and toward the door, seeing that the thing was still wide open. The woman cursed before turning her glare back toward the stranger. "You fired shots with the door open? You fucking idiot! They're going to come straight here because of you!" The woman brought up a hand, pinching the bridge of her nose with irritation while inside, her soul trembled.

    She was terrified of the creatures. That's why she always hid and kept safe and used the empty city to her advantage. She always tracked where the undead would be, making sure to avoid them at all costs when it came to food runs. This new life scared her and this person... this person was going to bring it straight to her doorstep.
  11. "Kurureenu, focus on the bigger threat. He's the secondary." He calmly stated, aiming his assault rifle. "I'm closing that door." Carefully placing his shots, he shot singles, one bullet at a time, his breathing increased, watching his targets fall, making sure he counted his shots for his reloads.

    He moved down the stairs carefully, firing and reloading before he touched down at the base of the building. Firing more, and watching the bodies drop, he drew his blade and fought his way to the door, cutting off the heads of a few zombies, pulling the heavy door shut, and latching it, straining to pull the aged latched down which barred the whole door. Breathing heavily, he looked up to Kurureenu, "How did they get in here? I climbed that fence, and the rest of the haven looked fenced off, there would not have been an immediate penetration. This doesn't make sense..."

    Remembering the stranger, he aimed his assault rifle at him and calmly commanded him, "Where did they come from? Did you let them in here? Where did you come from? How did they get in?" His vision blurred, and ne backed into the wall for support. It's too early! How the hell had they caught up? I was certain they were days away from here...?!
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  12. The man chuckled softly. "Your joking really" he then looked at were he was between two people both with guns in there hands aiming at him as he let out a loud groan. "Hopping to make friends, but looks like I fucked up" he sighed as he sat on the floor not caring about the guns or the threats as he places his shot gun on the floor and pats his waist. "Dammit were my hatchet oh" he looked seeing it still in a re-dead's chest as he reached into his hoodie pulling out his flask and opening it up taking a drink.

    He then looked at the two again as he raised the flask up. "Would either of you like a drink?" he looked at the guy with the rilfe. "What about you looks to me you might faint" he then turned his head looking at the girl. "What about you love care for a drink seems like you just saw the real world again"
  13. Kurureenu stayed where she was on the landing, providing any assistance she could to Soul as he made his way over to the door. Once the thing was closed, she visibly relaxed, training her weapon back on the new stranger. "He has a point, stranger. What's your name?" she asked before her gaze flicked over toward Soul as she noticed him back into the wall. Maybe it was the lighting or it was actually him, but he seemed a bit pale to her now.

    She lowered her weapon, coming down the steps and quickly bringing herself over to Soul. "Get over here with that flask and don't call me 'love' again," she ordered of the new-comer before turning her attention back to the person in front of her. "Are you okay? Can you get back up the steps? You can rest there."
  14. "Intense focus caused me to perspire profusely. I have my own flask of water. I'll be fine." He assured her. Bending on a knee and searching through his pack until he found the flask. He sighed, realizing he only had enough for a few drinks. Looks like I'll have to be more careful with how much I focus, and how much I drink. "I appreciate the concern, Kurureenu." He turned to face the stranger, "I'm going back up on the roof to assess the situation. This is no game. The dead have been reanimated in order to damn the living. We must think to try and survive this, and hope, that if any other living person is out there, they're putting up one hell of a fight." He looked toward the stair well and proceeded up, hoping that the reinforced steel door, along with a latch that fitted the door's width, would not be breached.
  15. The man watched as the other going up the stairs as he looked at the girl as he smirked a little as he stay seated on the ground. "Well you can call me Rune" Rune then stood up as he picks up his shotgun and slings it on his back as he walked over to the zombie taking the ax out of it's chest. "So this is no game right sure it's not a game, but it's as fun as a game you just get one life and no restarts" he then looked at girl. "So your names Kurureenu what about the man with the military grade weapon what his name?" Rune asked not trusting that man already as he then holds out his flask towards Ku. "Want a drink oh and just so you know it's booze not water"
  16. Kurureenu watched Soul carefully as he took a drink of his water and assured the woman that he was alright. None-the-less, she was still concerned. After all this time being alone, she finally had two people who were still alive through all this. She wasn't alone and she felt such joy because of it. Her gaze followed him up the steps before she hollered that there was more water in the greenhouse if he wanted something to drink. Then her attention went to the other newcomer who finally introduced himself.

    "Rune... The name suits you," she muttered as she listened to his speech about this life being like a game. She took the flask from him with a snap and took a swig of it, feeling the burn of the alcohol unexpectedly as he told her what it was. "His name is Soul," she answered simply as she went to hand the flask back, taking the moment to lean forward toward Rune. "You look like you haven't slept well in weeks. Why don't you come with me and I can set up a place for you to sleep." The woman began to head for the stairs, gesturing behind her. "It'll be okay. I've been looking for survivors so I can keep you two safe."

    Then she went up, leading the way up the steps and to the roof. She opened the door and scanned the area for Soul. I hope he's okay. she thought with a bit of worry.
  17. He scanned the area, and the ground, feet below where he stood. three sides of the building, and nothing... He felt uneasy. A small group of undead, and then nothing... He sat down on the cement of the roof and looked at his rifle again, sighing heavily. He took, counting, the third magazine of his rifle and reloaded. Sitting it beside him, he began to voice words of his worries

    "A taste of what is to come
    A damning of all mortal kind
    A threat that shows no mercy
    That knows nothing but feeding and death
    One that knows no rest
    Ongoing pursuers
    And relentless persistence
    A small victory
    Here today
    Yet an impossible war upon the masses
    May our aim be true
    And our will prevail
    For the masses shall come
    And swallow the light of day
    Lest we can find other lost people
    And stem the tides day by day."

    He was not here even an hour, and yet he understood the fate of those who didn't make it. They all belonged to they belong to death. He stood up, sighing, cradling his rifle, looking at Kurureenu. "What should we do? There are no signs of any undead near us, not unless I've missed something."
  18. Rune smiled looking at Ku. "Kurureenu not a bad name neither" he chuckled softly as he took back his flask from the other as he heard her telling him there be a place were he could sleep as he stood up and started to follow Ku up the stairs. "Your right slept is luxury in these hellish times you understand right?" he asked as his eyes wondered looking at Ku's ass as they walk up the stairs. As he stood behind Ku as she opened the door looking at Soul. "Your not missing anything it's just those brain dead fucks are more active at night then in the morning and well it's still rather early before night fall" Rune spoke as he scanned Soul still wondering how he could have come acrossed a military grade weapon like that rifle since he found his shotgun at the bar he was staying at next to the jin.
  19. Kurureenu looked between Rune and Soul before putting her attention back on Soul fully. "You two should get a bit of rest. I promised a sanctuary and expect to give you such," she informed them before tilting her head as her curiosity got the best of her. "Did you get the guns from one of the military buildings in town or did you illegal own them before shit went to hell?"

    Without waiting for an answer, she paced over to the edge of the building, leaning over and looking down at the dead that had wandered by after hearing the noise from below. The woman sighed before turning back around and leaning on the ledge, crossing her arms. "Do you two have stories?"
  20. Soul looked up at the sky and reflected, "Growing up was your average cliché of an obedient son helping his parents with what was needed, earning their trust and respect. Stayed that way until I turned twenty-four; my current age. Over the years, I'd learned that my neighbor was a war veteran, and was allowed to keep his assault rifle after filling out the necessary paperwork. I visited him often, listening to him tell his stories of the most recent war. It surprised me, because it would seem like most veterans wouldn't want to relive the hell that he had; you know, watching people getting shot in the head, blown apart by grenades, rocket launchers, or watching their brothers in arms breathe their last.
    "A few months ago, when this started, I was awakened by screams throughout the neighborhood, and I looked out my window to see, what I believed, to be the start of this hell. Houses missing windows, houses on fire and people either running through the streets in fear, or using what they had to fend off the attackers. Arming myself with my katana, I rushed over to my neighbor's house, and knocked on the door. The vet's wife answered the door. I learned that he had decided to go out on a night of drinking before, and he never returned home. The same happened to my parents, only, they went out for a night of fun instead; they never came home. She saw my blade, and walked back inside to grab her husband's assault rifle, and clips of ammunition with it.
    "My husband would want you to have it." She choked through tears."
    "What about you?" I asked, unsure of what she planned to do.
    "Let me die like my husband did"
    "Ma'am, that's insane! I can't let you do that."
    "Nor can you sway my decision, son. Run! Find others, and survive this hell!" With a heavy heart, I took all that she had given me, and left. I've been lucky, choosing certain spots to rest in. I've been running ever since that day, thankful I've not encountered the undead...until now. It is because of those lives that were lost that I'm even here at all."
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