Another: Calamity 16 years later (Multi-Crossover/OC RP)

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  1. Let's face it, at some point in our lives (and I'm pretty sure everyone has done it at some point) we've placed our favorite characters (or characters) from an Anime/Manga, TV Show, Cartoon, Comic, Book, Movie, Game, etc. into another Anime/Manga, TV Show, Cartoon, Comic, Book, or Game setting. In this case..crossover. Don't understand what I'm saying, here's a few examples: image.jpg
    Most of you probably didn't see this..but this RP is labeled 'Crossover'.

    Why is it labeled 'Crossover'? Well, the answer in a moment, but first, what this RP is about:

    The RP itself is based on Another, a mystery horror novel that has also adapted into Manga and a Anime. If you have never heard of it, please google it. However, please put (Novel) or (Anime) after it otherwise you'll get everything aside from the Novel and/or Anime.

    Which leads me to my explanation on why this is considered 'Crossover':

    Originally, this was going to be all OC's. However, for the past few days upon watching the Another Anime Adaptation, I started placing some of my favorite characters from Anime/Manga, Cartoon, TV Show, Comic, Book, Movie, Game, Etc. such as-
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    In the situation of Another's characters had went through. Leading me to make this a crossover where your favorite characters (or character) from a Anime/Manga, Cartoon, TV Show, Comic, Book, Movie, Game, Etc. is placed in the situation of Another.

    However, Considering not a lot of people are good at playing characters from an Anime/Manga, Cartoon, TV Show, Comic, Book, Movie, Game, Etc. this RP will also feature a mixture of OC's and actual characters from Anime/Manga, Cartoon, TV Show, Comic, Book, Movie, Game, Etc. BUT, There has to be a Good Even Amount of OC'S and Actual Characters for that to happen. It CANNOT be all OC's and 3 to 5 actual characters. Nor it CANNOT be all Actual Characters and 5 or 6 OC's. GOT IT?! Good.

    Now, onto the plot. For starters I will changing a few slight details to from the original ideas of Another.

    But first, the Plot:

    After the Calamity of Class 3-3 in 1998 at Yomiyama North Middle School, it seemed that the calamity itself had strangely disappeared, as if it had never existed. And for a time, their was no deaths, which was a good thing. However, Peace cannot last forever.

    3 years after the Calamity at Yomiyama North, Another school in Japan had the same Calamity. Soon enough, it wasn't just Japan, but other countries and universes started to experience the same calamity, to the point where death became a normal thing.

    To stop this, Parents either traveled with their children or sent their children to the quiet yet popular town of Kurayami, the only city that has not had a calamity such as the one in 1998 at Yomiyama North and that apparently, has "No Death", As well as to attend Miozumi High School for Education.

    Soon Enough, Teenagers from different Universes and countries came to Kurayami to Avoid what was to be called the "Curse of Yomiyama". However, even Death can appear so suddenly in what everyone calls the "Freedom Town".

    10 years ago in 2004, a fellow student of Miozumi High school named Subaru Misaki

    Had strangely died from unknown reasons inside the school, and was found by a fellow student named Ritsu Satoshi (who is later to be revealed as the "dead one"). Shortly after her death, on a seemingly normal day the thought to be dead Subaru broadcasts her voice not only in the school but in Kurayami as well, stating that if anyone tries to bring up the ongoing phenomenon or her Cousin (Mei Misaki from the series) they would be killed gruesomely.

    At first, everyone thought this was a joke until one student named Akio Hiroki was Grusomely killed as well as his family. Soon enough, more students were killed when they bring up the phenomenon or Mei, in the worst ways possible.

    In 2008 however, one student found a tape from 1988 that had the [Wrong] solution to simply "treat one person as If they didn't exist" (not seeing another one was made in 1998 that is more correct).

    For 6 years, it seemed that the calamity in Miozumi high school had ended, or so they thought..

    Even though it may had worked, the ones that were ignored either fell into a depression and left the school, or Committed suicide, adding to the "Subaru Phenomenon".

    Fast forwarding to now (2014), another person has been selected to be ignored to stop the calamity from happening in Miozumi once again. But will a Newcomer Change that?

    Now, here's what different and/or similar to Another:

    •Unlike Yomiyama, The entire school of Miozumi High school is cursed. However, only 1 class (Like class 3-3) is focused on (instead of focusing on more than one class, only 1 will be focused on)
    •Like in Another, the settings will take place in highschool and a Manor (Called "Subaru Manor") as well as outside of school.
    •The "Deaths of [Month]" is also featured in this.

    I'll add more later on as the RP progresses, but for now, here's where you come in:

    •You can either make a OC or RP an actual character from a Anime/Manga, Cartoon, TV Show, Comic, Book, Movie, Game, Etc.
    •If you choose to make a OC, they can have powers. Although, this shall not guarantee they will live.
    •Characters from Anime/Manga, Cartoon, TV Show, Comic, Book, Movie, Game, Etc. that have powers or anything (weapons..etc.) are also allowed, although this shall not guarantee them living.
    •Characters from Another are not allowed to be RPed but can be mentioned.
    •You (or I) can kill off your character (or characters).
    •If you are playing an actual character from a Anime/Manga, Cartoon, TV Show, Comic, Book, Movie, Game, Etc. or an OC (Or both) the Character must be between the ages or 14-18 years old for the years
    (1st Year: 14-15
    2nd Year: 16-17
    3rd Year: 17-18)

    Like before, I'll add more later on. If you are playing an actual character from a Anime/Manga, Cartoon, TV Show, Comic, Book, Movie, Game, Etc. please tell me who they are and what Anime/Manga, Cartoon, TV Show, Comic, Book, Movie, or Game they are from, as well as if you want this character to live or die.

    If you are making a OC, here is your CS you need to fill out:

    Date of Birth:
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Other any details with appearance:
    Do they have Supernatural/Magical Powers?:
    Do You want your character to Live or Die?: (note: this is not 100% guaranteed that they will either end up with what you chose)
    Class: X-0 (The class that the RP is focused on) it (like class 3-3 in another) is much closer to death.

    And that's it! Have fun submitting~!
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  2. Hey I would like to join this RP and I would to do an actual character from a TV show I don't know how he can fit into the story but I'd like to put him in

    The 11th Doctor from the show Doctor Who Maybe he can be a teacher but if he can be a student that'd be ok
  3. Depends..if he's between the ages of 14-18 then yes he can be a student. Otherwise he's a teacher.

    Also, Please note that your character your playing could die in the RP. Just a warning. *Laughs Evily in the distance*
  4. Okay thats cool yeah hes 900 years old.......... also he will die but side note he regenerates.......
    He can't die
  5. But if you want him to go leave the story he can leave literally any time he wants he has a time machine

  6. but I just remembered he can die if the regeneration is too late so if a sudden death happened like a explosion yeah he'd die but a slow death he'd regenerate
  7. Hm..okay then.
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