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  1. Nothing wrong with a little shameless self promotion, right?, lol jk...but check out my deviant art for examples of my art style and what not. Anyways, I'm just here like other fellow artists that take these requests like some kind of artistical challenge to sharpen and hone our skill in this craft to one day be good enough for commission (and maybe quit that lame part time job, but thats a stretch). Now for some Q&A:

    Q: How do I make a request?
    A: you post here your request with any reference images or nice written description (because I have an imagination too) and dont forget any minor but important details like....scars, birth marks, or...stigmatas (those recently have become pretty popular.

    Q: Why choose you
    A: Well why the f*** not?

    Q: Are there any limitations? things you wont do?
    A: Well, when I was open for request on DA, I got some strange requests such as... "Inflation, bulging belly, Car molested by a dinosaur"...not even joking... rule of thumb, if you found any of the listed somewhat disturbing, you're free to make any request.... except cars, I honestly cant draw a damn car to save my life...what up with that.

    Q: Do you do furry?
    A: yes

    Q: Did that last one need a Q&A separate from the one before that
    A: Yes

    Q:do you think you're witty?
    A: sometimes, we all have our moments

    Q: Relevance
    A: Whats that?

    Q: payment options?
    A: Just a curtious browse through my gallery on deviant art, drop off a comment if you like :)
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  2. Could you link your DA account to this thread so we may gander at your work?
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