Anonymous wages war on Trump

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  1. Anonymous declares war on Donald Trump

    I don't exactly see what the huge point of this is. It's not like Trump is running for President illegally. They're wasting their time with this honestly. It's just as useless as the KKK hack and the Ashley Madison hack.
  2. I'm just shocked by his fucking magnificent hair tbh.
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  3. LMAO dat hair though!
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  5. More proof that Anonymous has changed and will never be what it used to be.
  6. Wow really? XD
  7. The thing to remember with Anonymous is that it isn't organized, at all.

    Remember the Gamergate problem of it being a Hashtag movement? Meaning anyone could sign onto it and do anything they wanted with the name?
    Imagine that on steroids with Anonymous. All it means is people on the internet not giving their identities.

    In other words:

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  8. I think it's a moot point. Drumpf's dirty laundry has been aired out plenty of times and people continue to follow him. The only damage we're going to be able to do to him is by not marking off his name when we cast our votes. I still have faith that there's more people who can see through his lies and his rhetoric of hatred and anger. We do need change, but it shouldn't be in the form of a hateful individual who has little value for human life outside of rich, white men. Eventually people will see the truth, and if they don't, I like to think that the majority of Americans are smart enough to understand that Drumpf isn't what this country needs.
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  9. Considering Bernie requires a miracle to win on the Democraft side now I doubt it.

    It's almost certainly going to be Hillary VS Trump.
    And if that happens you got the Republicans all going for him, and then all the democrats pissed with Clinton voting for Trump may it be out of spite, or because they just want a "Non-Establishment" candidate.
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  10. Yeah, but it's still a long way till November. I hate saying this, but white make up most of the republican demographics, and they are going to be outnumbered by the 'minorities' that they are out to persecute. Hispanics and African Americans have the chance to spare us four years of an orange president and who knows how many years of backsliding to the 50's and 60's...hell, maybe even the 20's given his opinion on women.
  11. I'm not so confident in that either. :/

    Because Minorities aren't just one big hive mind group. They're still full of unpredictable individuals who all think differently.
    On top of which, humans always have a tendency to signal out the bad. They could be selectively hearing Trump and going "Yeay! Get rid of X!" and completely overlook that they're also on the chopping block.
  12. Don't know why they'd bother. We're doomed anyway.
  13. I don't know. I really want to believe the sheer number of racist will open their eyes. The more I think about it though, the more I fear the U.S is screwed and the people who are going to get hit the hardest are the ones who have to power to stop it, but don't. We're going to be in a disaster of the Republican party's making. They created Trump, now he's gotten too big for them to have any control over.

    Sadly, I can understand shy people might want Trump. It has nothing at all to do with his politcs, but that he's a Washington outsider. What they fail to realize is that he's still in bed with the very people they're pissed at. A vote for Trump isn't a vote for the little man, it's a vote for the 1%ers that they despise.
  14. Short Version: He irradiates confidence, and feed's off people's anger and frustration, creating minorities as the catalyst.

    Long Version:
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  15. I don't see Trump as confident. I see him as insecure and needing to push off his insecurities by belittling everyone around him. I just don't see any appeal to him at all.

    For starters, look at him.... I'm not saying any of the other candidates were mildly attractive, but he looks like he baths in cheeto dust, and I won't even go into his damn hair. (I wonder if that' human hair...if it is, I think he needs to find a new donor. =/)

    Aside from the fact that he looks like a clown dressed in a suit that does nothing to flatter him, the faces he makes are nightmare inducing. But, looks don't make a president so I'l move onto my next issue with him; his speeches.

    The man claims he's very smart, (The fact that he uses very so often proves that false.) yet his sentences are so choppy you could probably ride them with a jetski. And his points? I can never find them! Whenever he makes a speech I feel like my head was just spun around and I'm back where I started with no idea where it was going to begin with. The only thing I've gotten out of anything he's said so far is building a wall, torturing the families of terrorists, the little man is paid too much, and that we need the rich to be great again (Which I translate to major tax breaks for the big corporations). If it weren't for news articles and other people translating what he says, I'd have no clue what his plans our, because all I hear whenever he talks is "We're going to make this country great again" with no plan on exactly how that's going to happen.

    Then I see things from the international community, and there are people in England and Ireland offering to take in whatever American that has a brain that wants to escape Trump's future reign of terror, and Canadians joking about building walls and making Trump pay for it. Like it or not, the world needs the U.S, and the fact that people are choosing a leader that other countries are terrified of does not inspire much confidence in me.

    However, there are some things I do agree with. We do need the rich, but we don't need them how Trump means. We need them to stop acting like greedy fuckers who send jobs overseas and tuck away half their fortune in offshore accounts so they're not paying taxes. We need the rich to realize that their money is coming from every day people who buy their products, run their companies, and do all the work that they don't do. The rich don't need tax breaks, that's been done before and it did absolutely nothing to help the country grow. We need them to act like they are a part of this country, not that they ARE the country and we're here to serve them. I'd like to see how they'd react if one day everyone working underneath them suddenly stayed home, and did nothing but read a book.

    My problem with Trump above all else is that he's making our citizens look like hate mongering assholes without any intelligence. Point out the fault in Drumpf's ideas and all you get as a retort is 'At least he's not Hillary' or just flat out insulted. I have yet to have a Trump supporter come up with a halfway intelligent answer for why they support him which can't be ripped to shreds with facts. 'He's a good businessman!' No, he's not. He's filed for bankruptcy multiple times and any venture he's put his name on has failed miserably. 'He's a patriot!' Again, no. If he was a patriot than why is he dividing the country? Why does he have factories in other countries? If he's a patriot, why aren't his products made in the U.S? No one can give a decent reply to any of those except to call me a socialist and tell me to fuck off.

    A part of me hopes that Anonymous does dig up some dirt that makes the man ineligible to run. Anything at all that will open people's eyes and see that he's not this country's redemption, but it's doom. Sadly, I think that he could be exposed as a child pornographer and people would find some reason to excuse his behavior. People do stupid things when they're angry at the system, but in this case they're screwing us all with their inability to look past their frustrations and see the truth.
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  16. [​IMG]

  17. Unfortunately, my husband is voting for Trump, so I've had to actually pay attention to what the moron (Trump, not my husband, although today he's an asshole moron who can go fuck himself, but that has nothing to do with politics and more to do with him being an ass.) has to say to point out why he shouldn't vote for Trump. Yesterday he came at me with the 'Trump supports LGBT rights.' which I had to correct him on as quickly as the words left his mouth. Our daughter is gay, and that is one of the first issues I looked at with every candidate, and the reason why all of the Republicans make me want to punch puppies and kick kittens.
  18. Damn :( That sucks. Yeah LGBT rights are the main reason I don't like the Republicans either. BUT I will mention this: Trump was the only republican who didn't support Kim Davis. Which is probably how your husband got that idea of him supporting LGBT rights.
  19. Even if Trump becomes president...he wont be able to do much as Congress will block most of his "ideas" as they have with Obama. The only way he will get anywhere is by paying them (as I feel he has done with Ben Carson and whoever else is endorsing him) which may lead to a big scandal if he is exposed.

    A President does not have that much power. He can't even declare war without approval from another branch. So eh...
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  20. No, but unfortunately that doesn't stop other countries from declaring war on us. =/
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