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  1. Its 2:30am, Maynard is in his bed room, illuminated by the lights from the four computer screens. Maynard’s wooden desk cluttered with wired. 1 mac computer and two other computers that have windows 8 installed. Three 27” flat screen monitors fixed to the wall in a row. Three keyboards for each computer laying around on the desk. A little net-book sits on his desk.. No operating system installed. The operating system, windows 8, saved on a small 64bit SD card which Maynard keeps in his pocket.

    Maynard takes out the SD card and plugs it in to his notebook, once the operating system is loaded he makes sure the notebook’s identity is hidden by setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network), to be more secure he sets up a VM (Virtual Machine) for his notebook to hide behind, everything he does online now looks like it is coming from a another computer completely. Totally hiding his tracks online. Maynard logs in to MIRC, a chat client and joins the room #anonymous. In there is the home of the most advanced computer hackers and activists. Maynard uses the user name ‘Layla’ and if anyone asks he says “I am a 16 year old girl”. Maynard is very, very secretive. The users names of thousands of hackers and activists talking politics and other decisions in the world made by powerful people which their not happy about….
  2. ( what time period ear is this placed.. how advanced is technology)

    ace woke out of his sleep to the sound of police sirens .. he rolls over wishing he hadn't been disturbed. looking out his window he sees three cop cars and 2 cops on bikes.. ace lived on the 7th floor(topfloor) of his building looking at his computer monitor he sees that some one local has entered the chat. seeing that this person has not said anything.. he preceeds to taking a shower.. once doe hi throws on all black cargo pants, a t shirt and black hoodie . sitting down at his desk . which has two computers with 4 monitors 2 for each computer. a laptop and a tablet both mounted on 2 in platforms. he opens a secret compartment on his desk .. and pulls out his mouse. and key board. which are connected to all of the devices. he begins to scroll through news websites and map layouts of the surrounding areas. its not 2:51am.
  3. Hearing a ping Travis loggs on his computer and loads up puppy linux he felt like crashing the fbi site again "back to 4 chan i guess" Travis says to him self he knew how to set up a 4 chan raid and this one was gona be for the luz like the ones be for.
  4. Maynard notices that the IRC channel is pretty quiet with a lot of the users been 'idle', 'sway' or 'busy'. He opens his fire fox web browser and looks at the world wide news. scrolling through the headlines one catches his eye, 'FBI Cops Flamed for beating up a suspected Anonymous Hacker at his own home' Maynard copies the link to the news page and posts it on the IRC channel.

    Maynard Checks 4chan and see's a post already in the /b section, users who are garthering together to set up a raid on the FBI website . More posts on 4 Chan suggesting a possible protest out side police stations / FBI buildings all over the world !. Maynard says to himself "This is going to be big!"
  5. Travis goes to the /b/ Bord and posts a fbi meme under the success kid meme reading "beat up suspected anonymous Hacker. Geting haters" and under the meme Travis put hope you guys got all your kit ready for the big push hopfully were gona DOS the FBI's Ass.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.