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  1. Please note that only participant roleplayers are allowed to make a post here. People who want to join will have to wait until slots are open. When slots are open and you are interested, just PM me rather than posting here. Thanks for understanding!

    Interest Check | Character Sheet/Information | Out-of-Character/Plot Discussion | In-Character (coming soon!)

    Hello! Welcome to the Out-of-Character and Plot Discussion Thread. Here, we talk about character interaction, story progression, and random shenanigans.

    There are only two rules in this here discussion thread:
    NO SPAM.

    That is all. I encourage everyone to interact with everyone else for a seamless relationship and interaction!
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  2. First post of commemoration for this wonderful event and so that no one could steal it from me. C:<
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  3. Glad to see this all coming together (:

    Excited to start.
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  4. Everything happening so much. @-@ I turned around and suddenly it's time to find Yuji's sheet.
    I'll get to the sheet just need a minute to get off mobile and onto the laptop to find it.
  5. UPDATE INFO #1:

    In-Character thread coming soon! We're currently in the character-creation phase. Your characters will be checked individually (as well as make banners for them) and I still need to create info on the "Events" tab and all. I'm sorry this was all I was able to post at the moment and that it's really late. You may start creating your characters now. Remember to be realistic in creating your characters! Also, please check the "Character Sheet Format" as I slightly updated it: Now you have to add your Affiliation. For bystanders (including those who will become eventual members of the gang), just label your character's affiliation as "None".

    Thank you for your patience!

  6. -- Deleted. --
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  7. @Shounen Senpai Feel free to give the bystander a nickname if you feel inspired upon banner creation. Provided there are no issues with her. And ah let me do that update of yours, unless you have some other plan for her.

    Think I did the edits correctly. Also love the city details.
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  8. Thank you. :D I honestly had a bad time and got dunked on trying to figure out what places to add. Don't worry, more are coming as per everyone's suggestions!
  9. This thread hath been more silent than I thought. I shall tag everyone for a roll call, just in case they didn't get the memo.


    I might not be directly affected, but I'm at a time of discomfort at the moment. My childhood friend who lives a block away got hit by a jeep. Confirmed X'd. It was my mom's birthday and we were having a birthday dinner and were having fun. Needless to say, the fun ended IMMEDIATELY. Ugh. Dammit. I'm still horrified about what happened. But yeah... just wanted to put that out here.

    That aside, I'm going to be making a second character. A MAJOR character, at that. You guys create your sheets; no need to rush.
  10. D: I'm so sorry about your friend, Senpai! I hope she will be okay.
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  11. He. And like I said. Confirmed X'd. Means he's dead. On the spot. :/
  12. Oh! That really sucks senpai! There's not a while lot of words I can say to make it better. I'm sorry for your loss.
  13. You really gotta be careful at night time here in the Philippines. Drivers transform into savage race-car drivers. And thank you. C:
  14. @Shounen Senpai I'm sorry for your loss.

    What comes to roll call, still here!
  15. Awwwh.

    You be careful too sire.

    Can't lose you too.

    I can't feel your loss but I hope things will get better for you.

    But I'm still here. Reporting for duty Sargent Senpai!
  16. Sorry to hear about that, but I'm still here. Hope the asshole driver gets what he deserves.
  17. Well I'm not sure what to say, good and bad day I assume. Hopefully the rest of your week is uneventful.
  18. My condolences for your loss.

    Side note: I'm here as well.
  19. @Shounen Senpai I send my condolences your way for your friend. May he rest in peace.

    On a lighter note, I'm also still here... In and out. :P
  20. I am still here.
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