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Hello, everyone. ^-^ I'm Sophia. You can call me Sophia, Sophie, Soph, etc. I'm new, if that isn't obvious enough, lol.

Nice to meet all of you! :]
Hi and welcome to Iwaku. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. :) Everyone here is really friendly and won't mind answering your questions, myself included. Feel free to send me a pm or a visitor message if you want a roleplay partner or just a pal to help make Iwaku less big and scary. I hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun as well. I look forward to being in a roleplay alongside you.

Best regards
Unofficial President of the Unofficial Newbie Welcoming Committee
Saying hello in Korea, eh? Welcome to the forum! :D
Thank you both! I feel very welcomed now. :] I'm excited about joining a new site and now I'm just trying to find a role-play. By the way, Kuroshimodo, they should make the Welcoming Committee official because it really works.

And, yes in Korean! It's my favorite language, lol.
If you feel welcomed with just two people, wait till everyone else shows up, heehee~
Welcome to Iwaku, Sophie!
I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.

I see that you have filled out the resume, which is marvelous! I hope you got a chance to look around already then, we have lots of cool places to post here. If you have poked around in it yet and you want to get to know some of the members with out of character conversation, I recommend General section! It has awesome threads like this one about which movies you like to watch for Halloween!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Hey there! Cerulean here with a local newb welcome and a free cookie. :cookie: I hope you have as much fun as we do! =D
Welcome, Sophia! I love your name, by the way. I'm known to be the cupcake addict around here, so seeing "cupcake" anywhere, anytime gets my attention. Hehe.

I'm Fluffy, or you may call me Andi. Let us know if there's anything we can do for you. We have lots of awesome roleplays, discussions and people here! A place I hang out at the most is the Writing/Art section of our lovely forum. We have fun challenges you can be a part of for roleplay posts, vocabulary and poetry. You can also showcase your masterpieces of drawings and/or writing, if you'd like! We would love to see. <3

Give me a shout if you have questions or need a roleplay. Looking forward to getting to know you. :]
Welcome to Iwaku, Sophia. I'm October Knight, known for the rest of the month as 'Pumpkin Lord'. Looks like you got a lot of good info from people, so I'll keep it short and say enjoy your time here!
Hello Miss new Sophie, welcome to Iwaku!

...Now I want to learn a bunch of cool words for saying hello or welcome. .___.;
Hi Sophie, I'm Ozzie! I'm new too. Nice to meet you!
Oh, wow. o.o I think I'm going to love this place. I've been to other sites where no one knows you were ever there. This is really nice. :]

I cannot wait to get to know all of you and start role playing a.s.a.p. Now I just have to figure out where the best role plays are. >.<
If you want to discuss RP ideas, feel free to PM me!
And another welcome for the pot~ Hello Sophie! If I call you "Sophia" I'm going to get confused with someone else around here, so. Sophie. Looks like you've got all the offers of help you could ever need, hey? I hope you have lots of fun roleplaying!