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Fantasy, Modern, Historical Romance.

General announcements for the RP will be placed here if any come up, but mostly this will be a place for me to announce short-term group threads, open to pretty much anyone in the realm. At least a week in advance, I will announce the premier date, the setting, and both the IC and IRL duration of the thread (currently 3 months, but that's up for change depending on how things go). I will also make suggestions for people not typically invited to have an excuse to join. If you all would like, I can extend that advance notice further out, and add a reminder of an event starting on the day of, but that is not the current plan.
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Borked Discord Link

Hey everyone!

If anyone tried to join the Discord yesterday, I'm really sorry if you got kicked. The realm is ready to go, as is the Discord, but the invite link I generated accidentally granted only temporary membership, which meant you got kicked if you clicked away. The current Discord link is updated and should no longer kick anyone! Please feel free to rejoin.
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Foreign Characters

Hey everyone,

So, I've gotten a couple questions about this, and I wanted to lay out my policy on foreign characters and foreign royalty very clearly!

You can make foreign royalty, as long as they have a reason to be in Britain at the time, and are not a real historical character or RULER. So not like, Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary. But a nonexistent prince or princess of Spain or whatever is fine.

THAT SAID, for any foreign characters, I will be briefly and broadly looking up the cultures and their relationships to Britain at that time in history. We may not be focusing on historical accuracy, but I do think it'd be a bit jarring to have someone introduce a completely anachronistic version of a foreign culture dumped into this relatively historical setting.

I also wanted to add that I will not be accepting East Asian characters. If you post one, I will ask you to take it down.

Please don't get me wrong, I am aware that there were Asian people in Britain at the time, and there is merit to portraying this place and era in all the glorious diversity it had, but as an Asian person living in the US, I am a little exhausted with Asian fetish and its widespread effects and the level of personal trauma I have because of it. I definitely don't assume that anyone who wants to make an Asian character is going to submit something fetishistic, but I figure the best way to preclude that possibility is to simply have a blanket no on East Asian characters. This will only be limiting Chinese, Korean, and Japanese characters (and I may hard side-eye Mongolian characters). I am not banning characters from India, the Middle East, or Southeast Asia, in large part because I feel a lot less like a minor detail off will trauma trigger me since I have less familiarity with the cultures in those areas, but if I get too many of those that feel very disrespectful or fetishy, I may block people from making any more. (Those who have already submitted before I put up the announcement will be spared.) I hope you all understand and respect that this is a purely personal motive, but I just don't have the energy to wake up and have to argue with someone why I will not be accepting their geisha today.

I do really welcome foreign characters and PoC, and hope plenty of you will play some!
First Event

Hey all my wonderful and very excited players!

We have officially hit 10 players with accepted sheets (and like... 35 characters total you psychos). As promised, I will be setting up our very first event! More details will follow, but it will likely begin soon after I get back from Christmas travels on the 26th, and will probably be something very public considering a bunch of you made commoner characters. As always, if you're feeling stuck on how to get your character involved, message me (can be private or in the server) and we can brainstorm!
Event #1: A New Year's Fête

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay. @Kuno has generously offered her character, Thomas Caldwell, as IC host for this event. With his slightly scandalous reputation, it's little surprise that the Duke has invited not only the gentry and nobility for the annual New Year's party held at his townhouse, but also any number of common folk. It's also no secret that he doesn't much care if someone arrives with a friend or three.

How to get your character there: Unlike most balls, this party is actually more catering to the commoners and less proper members of the gentry and nobility. For commoner characters, this would be a great opportunity to meet potential clients or sponsors, as well as take advantage of some free food laid out, so even if they don't have a direct relationship with Thomas, I'd imagine this is a party greatly anticipated by those who can find someone they can steal an invitation from, or a friend they can ask to bring them or give their invitation, etc. It also has a reputation for being a really good time. More proper nobles probably somewhat look down on this season-starting bash, but... he's a duke, and is inviting a lot of other nobles. Whatever his reputation, his connections are nothing to sneeze at, and this party is probably a large affair so particularly the more desperate men and women wouldn't hesitate to jump at going.

All that said, no one is under any obligation to force their characters to be there.

IRL Duration: I'm really sorry to add this delay when I know how much you guys are anticipating this, but both because my life is going to be blowing up the first week of January, and because I don't want to so perfectly overlap with Kuno's own sandbox murder mystery event, A Turkish Delight which you all should definitely check out, you don't even need a full character sheet or anything so gogogolook, our event will start January 13th, and end April 13th. (Giving you all the allotted 3 months we're gonna test out)

IC Duration: Since this event is the first and kind of a test drive, it's going to only last one night IC. It'll start at 7pm (after the more formal dinnertime), and last until well into the night for those who choose to stay that long.

More Notes on the Setting: This event is a more casual party that will be held at an extremely spacious townhouse in London, and plenty of drink will be served. There will be a game room for men to smoke, drink, talk about political shit, and play cards, but the main ballroom will probably be the main setting. While dancing will be available, I don't expect it to be expected of or even necessarily a main attraction, especially when there are so many commoners around.
Redheads and Changing Accepted Characters

Hey everyone,

Those of you in the discord know I have half-jokingly told ppl to stop making redheads. After looking through the characters we have submitted (and the ones ppl planned to make redheads until I said that) we are indeed extremely disproportionately redheads, which I did not realize was going to happen when I made my own on a whim. We are currently at 17% individual redheads, and 8% families of redheads. This proportion would be 21% and 11% respectively if a couple hadn't changed their plans. The highest proportion of redheads in the world is 10% in Ireland. It's 4% in England. And this is modern times. Back then, there was more discrimination against redheads, and I'd bet the percentage was lower in England. I know a small sample size can skew results drastically, but we have almost 50 characters guys, this is not a small RP.

So I'm making it official. I'm not allowing ppl to submit anymore redheads until our percentage of individual redheads is below 3%. Sorry to crush any dreams.

I also just wanted to briefly note that you absolutely can change your CSes or character info after I've accepted them! Just please run the changes briefly by me first.
Some Hopefully Exciting Changes and Updates

Hey there, both people snooping around this weirdo place for the first time and the folk who've been bopping around since day one!

Overall, we've been real quiet this year. And that's okay! I will keep the Regency Index up and around as long as anyone wants to play in this setting.

I've had a couple people ask if it's okay for them to come back after a long absence, and the answer is always always absolutely yes. As long as I've okayed your character sheet, you are welcome to come and go as you please. We are BOTH always open to new characters AND very molasses-friendly.

I am partly to blame for the quietness, I fully admit. As some of you know, I'm in the middle of writing my dissertation for a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and I will defend it squarely in mid-February. If I'm lucky I won't have to edit it (or any edits will be minor), but overall the program has impacted both my free time and my mental health. That will all be done soon, though, hopefully, so I'm gearing up to get back into this! I will be trying to get a new edition of In Confidence up by April latest, and an event planned by then as well. If I'm a bit slow, it'll be a Summer Ball, but if I'm on time, look forward to some Springtime Picnic action.

One major change in the structure of our realm is that I've decided to change our redstar area to content for alternate universe stuff. It is now called Deviant Derivations instead of Decadent Dalliances, and you're welcome to use characters you made for Regency in any kind of setting there, or make Regency-esque but entirely historically inaccurate threads there. I will be peeking at it still, but I won't bug you guys about characters with weird stuff going on for that time period! You are still welcome to ask me to look over them if you wish, though. I know not everyone's super comfortable with the time period. I decided to make this change mostly because I know historical stuff can feel kind of intimidating, and I've noticed some of you using your characters for things you're more comfortable with. Definitely don't feel pressured to move them here, I just want to provide a space for that sort of thing if you want! Plus, @rissa may have a Regency-themed magical surprise in store for you all soon.

Heyo! Two weeks out from my defense date, and I've got an exciting event to announce.

I've loved writing fictional letters between characters since I was a kid, and I definitely attributed that to my Austen influences (if you couldn't tell from the Invitation I wrote in the opening post of this RP, haha). So I'm really excited to announce that @rissa, who set up the Cervian Post in the Circle, is planning to open up a postal service thread here as well!

Writing letters is a great exercise for both getting to know your characters as a whole, and specifically learn where their voice is highly distinguishable. Plus, this is especially relevant here in the Regency Index, since letters were pretty much the only form of long-distance communication at the time! Go ham and have fun.
I'm killing Regency, thx 4 playing. Feel free to ask your threads be moved to general RP areas. Bye!
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