ANNOUNCEMENT: Overhaul of the Mentoring Program!

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  1. Those of you on Staff may already have known this was coming, but there are some changes to the Mentoring Program as of today!

    Due to strained numbers and other factors, the one-on-one Mentoring Program has- sadly- not been working very well for a long time. :[ It's time to go back to the drawing board and try something different!

    We now have four CORE HELP REQUEST threads stickied in the Institute! They are:


    [MENTION=user_group,12]Mentors[/MENTION]: All of you have filled out an application where you selected which areas you are able to give advice in. Your NEW JOB as a Mentor will be to answer questions in the Core Request threads that correspond with the subjects that you chose. You will also be expected to respond to miscellaneous other Help Request threads that people may post in the Institute, if it is something you can help with.

    You ARE STILL ALLOWED to do one-on-one Mentoring in your own time, but it will be up to you!

    I would like all of you to take the time now to read over the updated Expectations for Mentors, and to let me know if you need to either be removed from the Listing or have your subject list modified. Please get back to me about this promptly!

    [MENTION=user_group,13]Professors[/MENTION]: I would also like to hear from you! Please tell me if you would like to be removed from the roster or to change your subject list.

    You may all proceed to panic and wail about the sky falling!
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  2. Will this announcement be made outside the professor's lounge as well so that other members understand what's going on?
  3. Yup! I'm writing that up now. ;D
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