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  1. This tale begins in the present time, four normal teenagers whom are the best of friends take a trip to Europe (not that location on Earth plays much importance to the story, but sets up a foundation I suppose). There they stay at one of their grandma's house mainly as a place to sleep. But one restless night during their vacation, they were setting up a circle to play truth or dare amongst each other when a certain leather bound book with an Amethyst jewel on the cover caught their attention. The blank pages were bewildering but little did they know, opening that book invoked a spectre in the room known as Anne. Anne, an androgynous spirit who's face is eternally covered by a porcelain mask, and body draped in velvet black dress. Anne, was the owner of the book, and the only who can modify the contents of the pages. However, Anne uses real human spirits as the writers of the book to play out a story. Should they make it out alive will depend on their decisions through out the book.

    The 4 characters' souls are sucked into the pages of Anne's book and are transported in a fantasy. As fantasy as it may be, everything looks, smells, tastes, and feels real, and they have been put in the middle of a murder mystery plot and become the center of attention for a small town in the valley with only the items assigned to their class specialty upon arrival to fend themselves with.
    character sheet:

    about self

    RPG Class preference [e.g: mage, knight, rogue, healer, etc]
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  2. This. Sounds. Awesome.
    I'm totally interested.
    It's it cool if I use a picture for her appearance?
  3. I'm interested! Just wondering before I do a picture if they still are wearing their normal clothes or do they change once they enter the fantasy?
  4. I'm interested!
  5. Kinda debating on this one since you have three others already which may mean no more room for a fourth
  6. whoa o.o...totally sorry, forgot to add this to my watch list.

    anyways one more bump to see if you guys still interested
  7. Hey! I'm still interested.
  8. cool, totally acknowledged o.o... I'll have this coming weekend night if everyone or a few are still interested
  9. If someone ends up not playing, I would be glad to play a character.
  10. Hmm... doesn't look quite as appealing, but I'll think on it. Thanks.
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