Anna Before Eight.

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  1. So, I'd like to do something which involves romance, music, and the way two people can connect beyond mere physicality. This will be a FxF, whereas our characters will be within a girl's rock/alternative band. Members are 18+, and those who are 18 still have their senior year to worry about as well.

    Things to note: There will be no sex, not even fade to black. I just don't wish to even have that kind of atmosphere within this. There'll definitely be a build up within the relationship, and there will be conflicts and the like due to the nature of the setting and all.
    My character will be the lead singer, and yours can be the guitarist, pianist, drummer, mixer or manager, up to you. I'd prefer them to be one of the band members.
    I'd prefer real pictures, or at least, realistic ones.
    No older than 22.

    Some of the tags there are for what COULD happen; disregard them if they don't interest you.

    My character is as follows;

    Name|| Teresa Canatonia
    Age|| 18
    Personality|| Lively, Easy Going, Quirky, Fun
    History|| Teresa had been singing since she was 10, and over the years her voice has steadily improved to the point where she was able to be one of the founding members of the local girl band, Anna Before Eight. She's the youngest band member by a few months, and has a good relationship with all of the girls, including the manager. They're popular at local pubs and their gigs don't disappoint, though they do have a bit of improvement to go through.