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  1. Hello boys, girls, and all of you that don't fit into those labels! I'd like to share some of my music with you. I encourage you to comment and share your opinion. I also encourage free usage in whatever projects you want.

    All of the albums have NSFW content of some kind, see warnings for specifics.

    Bad Influence
    An exploration of my offensive behavior, mental instability, and otaku/hikikomori tendencies through the mediums of sampling and hardcore techno.
    Strong language
    Sexual themes
    Rape reference
    Blood spatter in album art

    Tenderness, aggressiveness, and nostalgic melodies all show up in this EP. I'd like to hear what you think the inspiration behind each track was. There's a short story that a friend of mine wrote inspired by the first track. Made under pseudonym I don't use anymore.
    Drug reference in short story
    Drugs visible in album art
    Guns visible in album art

    No Stops
    A dark drum and bass album inspired by internal anger, personal fears, and horror culture. It's agressive, creepy, and sometimes almost scary. Made under pseudonym I don't use anymore.
    Female nudity in album art
    Gun visible in album art

    Disclaimer: I do not condone or take part in violence or sexual abuse, and do not take kindly to those who support or take part in these acts. I do not condone or take part in drug use, but avoid judging those who use as I don't know their lives.​
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  2. I shouldn't even be active currently but... - Throws confetti - Wooh!! You go Annie ^_^
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  3. Dreamless
    This track was made while thinking about the people who are dear to me including those I haven't spoken to in sometime. I hope it reaches everyone I want it to in some way and reaches the people I will care about that I have yet to meet. Surprisingly there are no warnings related to this single.​
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  4. Warning
    Inspiration behind this one is the creepypasta "You'll Always Feel Cold" as narrated by the ever lovely Rainbow Elric. For once the inspiration is pretty clear and actually in the music.​
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  5. v[゚∇゚]V Awesome music!! ≧(’v’)≦ Dreamless is my favorite. It's so cute and reminds me of space.
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