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    "EEeeeh. Five more minuuuuutes.." I moaned to Erza. "'s too early to go to school..."

    "There hasn't been a regularly scheduled sort of school for 2 years you lazy buffoon." She pointed out. "I swear, Natsu's been rubbing off too much on you. In any case, you've got to get up sometime today..."

    *Huff* "Fine." I shook off the covers of my bed, then straightened up to stretch when Natsu Slammed the door open to my bedroom and proceeded to yell in excitement.

    "OOOOOOOOOOHHH YYEEEAAAAAAH!! Another day of adventure and excitement! I got a good feeling you guys! I think that we'll really find the guild hall today!"

    "What makes you so confident Natsu?" Before he answered, I remembered that I had no friends to find in this new world. I had searched and found the corpses of all, but a couple. I still didn't know if they were alive, or if I just hadn't found their bodies yet. That being said, I didn't have as high a priority as my companions did in this new world. When the world fusion happened, my soul was bound to these two, and thus I survived the horrible event. See we (or the "new world" more like) called those who's souls were forged together "Linkers."

    The way it works (or so far as I know) is, that when our worlds combined, it permanently bound our souls as one, and at the same time, exchanged trace's of each of ourselves. Since I was bound with two of my absolute favorite anime characters, I gained some of their abilities, but because I was one of the rare few that was bound to more than one character, I had a combination of their abilities. From Erza I gained re-quip magic, and from Natsu, his Fire dragon slayer magic, but because I hadn't any knowledge of how to use either of these magics, I could only do basic stuff, though I was slowly learning from the both of them. It actually made quite a cool combo magic, that I had named "Forge" magic, as I had learned, through a practice session by lighting one of the swords I had re-quipped on fire. To mine, and my companions surprise, the swords metal heated up as it would, for that of a forge, but did not melt. From then on, we called it forge magic (or at least I did...).

    "So, we gonna try out that rolling hills area on the edge of town like we said last night?"

    "Yes," Erza snapped "but not after I drop by town to restock a bit. You two shall clean up this place a bit, and while your at it Morgan, do you think you could finish rebuilding the northern wall? It's the only thing left part of the house left to finish. And Natsu, you just do some simple sweeping, and cleaning as I said, or I WONT GET THOSE SIGNAL FLARES THAT TASTE LIKE A VOLCANO. So just behave."

    She gave a happy grin and walked out.

    "Have fun boys!"

    As soon as she was out of sight I quickly finished the 8 foot stone wall that surrounded our, now newly fixed and refurbished, two story house. It was my old house from before "it" happened.

    I immediately turned to Natsu who had just finished sweeping, gave a wicked grin, and said "You finished?" he shot a grin of his own my way and said "Just did.."

    As soon as I said those magic words we dashed over to the old school gymnasium that we'd converted into a training ground, for magic. And just like that we we're care free. I loved to learn how to use my magic. After all, it's not everyday you get bound to two Fairy Tail wizards.


    Just as Erza was about to leave town, she remembered to check the notice board to see if anyone had found the guild hall of their friends.. After letting go of the handle of her overstuffed cart of supplies, she got a look at the board and sure enough somebody had found it, or better yet the guild had found THEM. It was a poster for a Fairy tail hosted magic competition, and the address said it was exactly where the chose to look, just this morning..

    "Huh. It looks like Natsu was right. He'll be very excited. And I'm sure our friend Morgan will love the chance to test his magical abilities, Fairy Tail Style."

    When she got back to the house, and delivered the news, the house was the loudest it had been in a long time. For the three companions, it was a dream come true. Not only could they not wait to see their friends, again, but Morgan couldn't wait to see who he'd meet along the way.
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  2. Kei Assaragi's heart beat and the sound of his own breathing was all he could hear as his two new instructors were glaring at him. one was an young girl dressed in a sweatshirt and school skirt, her hair was purple and she had the ability to control ice. The other was a young boy with a blonde pony tail and mechanical arm and leg, he had a pocket watch with a weird insignia on it and called himself a state alchemist.

    "i'm..i think. I might be reaching my limit." Edward Elric looked at his new student and shouted as his stone golem took another swing at the young man. "damnit Kei I told you, you have to be able to think on your feet how are you supposed to transmute on the fly if your worrying about getting hit?" Kei dodged and looked at his hand which had a transmutation circle carved into it. Kei focused and started thinking, 'the chemical make up of concrete is limestone, granite, sand, water and through a curing process becomes cement.' Kei ran tword the golem and slapped his hands on it's back. "ok you bastard deconstruct." a couple of shots of electricity erupted from Kei's palms as the golem stopped and disintegrated into a pile of raw materials.

    Kei fell to the ground and had a smile on his face. "not bad right?" Edward approached Kei and smacked him on the shoulder "yeah good work kid." Kei looked annoyed. "you know i'm older, and taller than you right?" Edward lost his temper and shouted "who are you calling so small you can put in your front shirt pocket just in case you have to get into a mouses den?"

    As Edward was yelling Mizore called out. "don't you think we should use this time to figure out how to get back to our homes Elric-san?" Edward looked back he saw the homesick look on Mizore's face and scratched his head. "i don't know if we can even get back Shirayuki-san. I mean we don't even know what kind of phenomenon brought us here from two separate worlds. the world of Alchemy and the world of monsters." Edward looked back at Kei. "the best course of action is to be prepared, so why not help me train Kei so he won't be such a burden." "Who are you calling burden Ed?"

    Kei stood up and looked at his new companions, they both seemed to be forcing themselves to continue on. "Hey how about we forget about all that stuff for now and I'll go ahead and get dinner started." Kei stood up and ran back inside the house. The house stood tword the outskirts of town which was perfect for all the training Ed had started Putting Kei through, they had plenty of room. Kei washed his hands and started cooking as Mizore walked in her cheeks bright pink. "um do you need any help?" Kei looked at her and smiled "yes, please."

    Edward stood outside and saw the reason for his training he wanted to venture out and explore this new world. he needed answers and since his meeting of Kei and Mizore he felt that he had to keep them safe. They reminded him of Al and Whinry.
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  3. "Oh shit..."

    Kevin ducked, barely dodging the scythe blade that was almost as big as he was. Leaping back a few feet, he raised the rifle he held in his hands and rapidly fired several rounds, only for his opponent to block them all with a twirl of her weapon. "Ooh, so close! You're improving though, keep it up!" Not replying, Kevin charged forward, bayonet glinting in the light. There was a flash of red and black, and Kevin's rifle was suddenly on the ground a few feet away.

    Looking up as the spike-tipped haft of the scythe speared towards his chest, Kevin's eyes widened in fear. Throwing his hand up, the attack was halted mere inches from his palm, stopped by a translucent force field of sorts. Retracing her scythe into its folded form, Ruby Rose beamed at Kevin as her put her weapon away. "Nicely done! Looks like you're starting to get the hang of using your Aura." Grinning at the compliment, Kevin replied, "Thanks! Although, I've got a long way to go, you were holding back that time. Which is a good thing, as I'm pretty sure you'd knock me through the wall if you didn't."

    They were both still chuckling when the sound of footsteps drew their attention towards the door of the abandoned warehouse they were using as a temporary base. Dropping the sack of supplies he was carrying near the ring of sleeping bags on the floor, Roy Mustang approached the pair. It wasn't until Ruby leapt to the side that Kevin realized Roy had his gloves on. Planting an open palm on the floor just as Roy snapped his fingers, Kevin activated the basic transmutation circle on the glove on his right hand and generated an earthen wall just as a column of flame slammed into it. Another quick transmutation turned the wall into a fist that immediately flew towards the Flame Alchemist, who shattered it with a well timed detonation, filling the room with a cloud of dust. As Kev looked around, trying to see where Roy was, a hand grabbed his shoulder. "Checkmate Kev. You did good though, you actually managed to get the wall up in time. I brought some lunch back with me, you guys hungry?" "Yes, thank you! These impromptu training and sparring sessions are really taking it out of me." As the ragtag group settled in to eat, Kevin's thoughts drifted. Aside training him, Ruby and Roy each had their own goals as well. Ruby wanted to find the rest of her friends and team, while Roy wanted to track down his squad. Kevin would help then as much as he could.
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  4. It was the next day, and our first band of companions were walking through town, when they heard a rapid succession of loud explosions and rocks crumbling to the ground. One came from an old abandon warehouse, a short walk away, and the other from an old house on the edge of town, where they were headed to look for the guild.

    "WHAT WAS THAAT!" yelled Natsu,

    "I don't know, but what ever it is, it sounds like somebodies in trouble!" shouted Erza.

    "OK! Split up!" Morgan ordered. "Erza, you go with Natsu, and head towards the house at the edge of town, I'll stay here and go to the warehouse!"

    "But you'll be on your own, I cant allow that! If you die we all do!" screamed Erza.

    "Don't worry about me," I said with a smirk, "I'll be fine. I can hold my own with both of your basic levels, at the same time ,might I add, so if I can do that, I can handle what they can dish out, and on top of that I have a combo of both of your abilities at my disposal! Now get going!"

    The two groups parted ways, and dashed to the scene's.

    Erza and Natsu arrived to see a short teenager in a red coat, as if it was fine. He stood with purpose in his posture, and with a closer look, had two metal limbs. The other two were inside, and from what they could make out, they were making dinner.

    Without hesitation, Erza re-quipped her sword, and Natsu prepped his fists, engulfing them with flame.

    "Hey! What happened here!" Erza yelled, "Turn around with your hands up! I demand an explanation!"

    Meanwhile at the warehouse: Morgan had run inside to see if there was anyone there, and if so, assess whether they were hurt. There was a moderately thick cloud of dust from the cement, and (also like the first group) three figures.

    "HELLO!" Morgan yelled, "Is anybody there, and are you hurt?"

    The three figures took up, from what he could see as a fighting stance. Morgan took up a ready stance as well, and re-quipped a sword to his hand.

    He positioned the blade to his fighting stance when the figure in the middle yelled out "HEY! Don't move!" He sounded as if he had a past in the military, "STATE YOUR NAME AND YOUR BUISNESS!"

    Morgan simply stood and answered "My name is Morgan VanHalen! I was walking by and heard an explosion! I was wondering if anyone was hurt!"

    (Your turn guys!:bsmile:)
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  5. As Kei and Mizore were cooking there seemed to be some tension in the air. Kei couldn't help but remember his first meeting with Mizore, he saw her in the perfect setting with the sun setting behind her. He found her so beautiful that he confessed his feelings right away, she was shocked and shot him down saying "i'm sorry there is already someone whom i pledged my love to."

    A sharp pain shot throughout Kei's hand, he looked down at the cutting bored and saw that he had just cut his finger. "oww damnit" Mizore looked up out of her Daze and started panicing. "Assaragi-san, are you ok? hold on." Mizore grabbed a rag and wrapped it around Kei's finger while putting his hand over his head. As she did their faces got closer. Kei turned red as did Mizore when she realized. "um just keep it elevated." Mizore backed away then headed for the door. "i'm gonna check on Elric-san." Kei looked at his finger and dropped the cloth his finger was covered in ice, although it didn't feel cold at all. "did Mizore? damn i still can't control it."

    As Mizore stepped out she and Edward were greeted by two strangers one of them was loud telling them they were on private property. Edward approached them first motioning for Mizore to step aside. "woah looks like i'm not the only Alchamist here, well i was looking for answers and looks like they found me." Ed slapped his hands together and transmutted the pile of ruble into a spear. "so you demand an explanation huh well come and get one."
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  6. "So it's a fit you want then eh? Alright!! I'm all fired up now! shouted Natsu as his entire body was engulfed in a column of flame.

    "Lower your weapons, and stand down! We have no quarrel with you, and I assure you, that no harm will come to you if you do." Erza explained.

    "Screw that! I want a real fight, and you two look tough!" Natsu yelled. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH" He charged at Ed, fist at the ready, screaming "FIRE DRAGON IRON FIST!!"

    "Natsu wait!" Erza yelled, realizing it was already to late. Erza trained her sword on the girl who had just come from the trailer. "STAY WHERE YOU ARE!" Erza shouted.
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  7. Ed watched as Natsu engulfed himself in flames he thought to himself 'how is he able to do that without a transmutation circle or even by slapping his hands together, is he a humunculous?' Ed's thoughts were cut short as he was suddenly being attacked by a flaming fist attack. Ed jumped out of the way although his coat caught fire as he dodged. Ed quickly took it off and squared off with Natsu. "that's some impressive Alchamey, i don't suppose you'll tell me how your able to use the flame without burning yourself huh?"

    As Mizore walked out of the house she heard yelling. "Elric-san what are you?" she stopped mid sentence as she saw the armor clad woman who aimed her sword at her. Mizore's eyes started glowing as she summoned a cold wind from behind her engulfing her hands in ice like claws. "i don't know why you chose to aim your sword at me but you will regret it." Mizore charged at Erza firing icicles from her hands.

    Kei heard the sound of fighting as he came outside a freshly made salad in his hands. "hey i know training is important but it's time" Kei drifted off as he saw the two groups engage each other. Mizore was attacking fiercly as if she had been taking it easy with Kei since the begining, the same with Ed his moves, his strength it was all so intense. "these two, must have seen some real battles." As Kei watched he suddenly snapped out of his amazement and shouted. "ENOUGH!!!"
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  8. Erza stood firm in silence, when she heard somebody shout "ENOUGH!!!" Natsu doing the same while still in a stance ready to fight, but frozen. (Not literally [LOL Mizore])

    Erza straightened up, now wearing her Adamantine armor from the fighting, and said "Thank you sir. I had no intent on harming your friends or you, nor your property, but as your companions will tell you, my friend Natsu got a little rowdy, and started to fight. Which reminds me..." She gave Natsu a terrifying glare and he immediately started to panic, as he knew what would come next. Erza was not someone to be trifled with, and when you did, you were in for a world of hurt.

    "Natsu..." She said sternly "When we get back to the house, your in BIG TROUBLE. We'll discuss this later... For now let's properly negotiate like civil people with our host's."

    Choking back terror in his voice "OOookay ErZA. I'll bE goOD..." *GULP*

    She faced the three companions, and said "My humble apologies." She kneeled. "I will endure any penance you see fit in response to my friends actions."
  9. Kei put down the bowl and looked shocked that someone who had a sword aimed at his friend could be so civilized. "um not at all, really i'm sure Ed had something to do with it. he usually starts going mental if you mention his height." Ed looked back at Kei and mouth the words "your dead".

    Kei walked up to Mizore who never took her eyes off Erza. "it's ok Mizore, see were all ok now." Mizore's ice claws melted as she took a more relaxed stance. "Why did you two come here in the first place, if you didn't want to fight us?" Ed looked up at them and before they could speak interrupted. "do you have anything to do with the current situation were in, are you the reason Mizore and i can't get home?"
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  10. "Do you mean the event?" Erza stood up quickly, and had a concerned look on her face. "We don't know what caused it either.. Perhaps you could tell us what you know, or what your thoughts are on the matter? " She said frantically. "And no, we have nothing to do with that. we arrived here under the same circumstance as you probably did, speaking of which, if your like us then who is your linker?"

    "We only ask, because our linker could probably tell you more than we can!"
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  11. Kei looked up. "linker? whats a linker" Kei looked over at Ed and Mizore then back at the two. "Does that mean that there is a reason Mizore and Ed were torn from their homes?"

    Mizore looked up her eyes wide "do you think your, linker will know how to send us back home? back to Tsukune and everyone?" Kei saw her face light up Tsukune must be the name of the special someone she had at home. Kei walked up to Natsu and Erza. "could you please take us to where you linker is? I have some questions for him."

    Ed rushed up and pulled Kei to the side. "are we sure we want to go with them i mean." Ed looked at Natsu, still standing in a ready stance should he need to engage. "we don't know anything and we might be walking into a trap."
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  12. "I assure you.." She glared at Natsu "..There will be no more discrepancies. Would you wish for us to find our linker so you might speak with him?"

    "Yeaaaah, you guys'll Love Morgan. He's a really fast learner, and he was actually taking care of something not to unlike our little brawl, just now."

    "Speaking of which..." Erza slowly turned her head towards where there group had split up. "I hope he's okay. we haven't heard alot of anything from that area since we crossed path's."

    "So what's the plan then?" Natsu said earnestly.

    "Why don't we ask them?" She turned to face the new compatriots. "What would work best for you?"
  13. Ed looked at the two then back at Kei and Mizore. "do whatever you want, i'll tag along either way to make sure you don't get your selves killed." Kei looked at the two and nodded. "ok then, Please take us to your Linker, um Morgan." Mizore was smiling. "yes please as soon as possible."

    Ed grabbed his coat and stuffed his arm in his pockets. "fine, lets get this over with." Ed started walking ahead of everyone. As he passed Natsu he whispered. "i'm ready for round 2 whenever you are" Kei and Mizore ran up to the two, ready to follow them to wherever their linker was.
  14. "Alright then, let's get going." She turned around, and began to walk, Natsu not far behind her, in the same direction as they came.

    "Let's just hope he hasn't gotten into too much trouble with his side of things.."

    Natsu got an evil look in his eye and said "I hope he found somebody tough to fight. I'm all fired up now.."

    They all continued to walk in an awkward silence, all trying to figure out what to say in order to break the silence, and start a good conversation on the long walk.
  15. Kei was walking alongside Mizore as Ed was trailing behind obiously upset that Kei didn't bother to discuss this with him. "hey um you know what this may be a little out of order but we don't even know your names." Kei stopped and introduced everyone "this is Mizore she's a snow woman from a world of monsters, that's Ed he's an Alchemist, oh i mean a state Alchemist." he looked back at Ed who just continued to walk slowly.

    "oh and i'm Kei, nice to meet you guys."
  16. "Happy to make your acquaintance. My name is Erza, and my friend here is Natsu." She said stopping for a moment, then continuing to walk. "We're Fairy Tail wizards. I am a re-quip mage.

    Natsu slammed his fists together in front of his stomach and said "And I'm a Fire Dragon Slayer!!" He smiled really wide, and stood there a moment. He then turned around shortly after and continued to walk again. "We're trying to get back to our guild hall from our world, and we know where it is now in this new combined world. So what are you guys tryin' to get back too?" He commented over his shoulder.
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  17. The group was just starting to settle in to eat when a mysterious voice called out through the dissipating dust cloud, startling all of them and making them leap to their feet while brandishing their weapons. As Roy and the stranger had a brief exchange, Kevin started thinking of what to do. Walking forward, he glanced at Roy, "Clear this dust out, Roy, let's let everyone get a good look at each other." With a nod, Roy snapped his fingers and a small detonation cleared air between Morgan and Kevin's group."My name is Kevin, and these are my Companions; Colonel Roy Mustang and Ruby Rose. Thanks for checking in on us, we're fine, just a bit of training. Also, thank you for being cooperative, it makes things much more pleasant. If you don't mind my asking, are you a companion or a linker?
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  18. "That's what that loud explosion was? Huh.. All's well that end's well I guess... Anyways! I am a linker, yes. My companions and i split up when we heard 2 explosions across the town. One was here, and the other was on the edge of town in a rickety house." He stood up relaxing his stance a little. After all, these guys were in the same position he was. What his luck too. Another dual companion linker! he had to be cautious though. He still didn't know these, people, but on the other hand, he was linked with Roy and ruby, so he must be an admirable guy to get linked to them..

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  19. Mizore spoke up. "I would like to get back to Youkai academy. that's where i go to school. It really is a great place filled with alot of important people to me." Mizore blushed as she thought of her friends.

    Ed didn't say much "i just want to get back to central and find Al that's all you need to know."

    Kei got embarresed "come on Ed that's no way to talk to people who are trying to help us."
  20. 'Wait, he said companions. Looks like we've found another dual linker, very interesting." Morgan's demand to lower their weapons, however, started setting off alarm bells in Kevin's mind. He'd gone from polite and cooperative to demanding that they lay down their weapons in a matter of seconds, while also revealing that he knew of Roy's abilities. Kev had seen enough movies and read enough books to realize that this all could have very well been a rouse to surprise and mug them. Judging by his sharp intake of breath and narrowing his eyes, Roy had come to the same conclusion. A smug grin crossing his face, Kevin coldly stared at Morgan. "You know, for a second there, I really thought you were being sincere. Roy, torch his ass.' Extending his hand, Roy snapped and sent a column of fire racing towards Morgan.
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