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  1. Ok, the second amendment thread got derailed enough I had to move things to PM twice now. XD

    So before this happens a third time, let's just move all those debates here where things won't get derailed.
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    The future of this thread. So, with that in mind...

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  3. I know.
    This is here to prevent derailment, that's all. :P
  4. Jonathan Mcintosh does all of her writing for the videos. That's why she flounders so hard without his written cue cards.
  5. Gr8 b8 m8
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  7. Whats laughable is that she calls herself a gamer.

    You can't be a feminist and a gamer.
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  9. Oooh nooo. An image. My argument is completely broken!

    Oh wait, it isn't.
  10. You can't be a gamer and be a non-Christian, Brown haired, Conservative, cat loving, gay tolerant person who is a fan of harry potter. Gamer just means you play games. Suggesting there's some sort of "racially pure" gamer is no better than every other hate group formed around the"ideal" form of a specific group.

    There are feminists who play games. Suggesting that it somehow occludes them from a title that just describes a hobby is hoping a little high on the prestige of the title. You don't need to earn being a gamer.
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  11. Feminism is an ideology that demands legislation that follows its cause. In this case, Anita Sarkeesian, believes that all game developers should follow the formula that feminism presents as its narrative. If games don't have "strong" and "empowered" women, then in her reality, they shouldn't exist.

    Games, by nature, tell their own narratives and stories. They appeal to different crowds all the time, through the different stories they try to convey to their buyers.

    If you believe in controlling the narrative of a story, then you can't have just any old story.

    Nothing has blocked the intrusive nature of feminism nor more effectively than the gamer community.

    There are tons of videos by Milo Yiannopoulos and Sargon of Akkad that have completely destroyed Anita's assault on gamers, feminism trying to impose itself on gamers, and feminism in general.

    Feminists are the weakest types of women anyway. It's not really worth my time.
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  12. Drats! I've been found out!

    No Matter, you're all too late. For soon I will marry Anita Sarkeesian and through the power of kinky bdsm sex0rs and the exploitation of her repressed submissive tendencies I will plant my superior Aryan Seed into my new bride and soon Feminism and propagating the white race will go hand in hand AND I WILL BE THE SOLE RULER OF VIDYA FOR ALL ETERNITY!
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  14. There's games that have stuff that appeals to feminists. They play those games, enjoy them. I don't personally enjoy the Call of Duty series and would rather have them go away, does that make me not a gamer? No, I just want more of what I want made and less of what I don't like made. You can be someone who hates specific things, wants to see less of them, and be a gamer. It's a huge part of consumerism. That's why some companies die. Free radical, Relic, Neversoft. Because, collectively, we believe we shouldn't need to enjoy things we don't like. People who don't produce experiences we enjoy disappear. Their narratives die. Companies who produce narratives (and great gameplay experiences) we enjoy thrive.

    Also game narratives are stupid almost exclusively. For every Planescape Torment you have a Shadow The Hedgehog.

    Not that I agree with Anita in any fashion, but she isn't a spokesperson for every feminist. Not that I agree with much of what they have to say.


  15. You just made a great point. See you (possibly a feminist) don't personally enjoy Call of Duty games and "would rather have them go away".

    Me, as a regular and rational human being who doesn't like CoD, simply ignores them and wishes the series the best of luck with those to whom its target demographic is.

    The very fact that you don't like something and want to see it go, even though millions other people want it, is what makes you not a gamer.

    I believe everyone should have access to the games they want and to play them all they want, despite the fact that I don't like particular games or developers.

    And yet there is this fancy thing called economics. It dictates if there is little demand of something, there is very little of that something.

    Not if you want gaming franchises to die if just because you don't like its content.

    Correction: Economics.

    Relic and Neversoft died because they weren't innovative enough in a fast enough time to grow with the times.

    Regardless of whether or not people liked the products of the company.

    And you missed the point completely. Feminism is only concerned about its own narrative. They want to impose it as a gaming industry standard. You cannot be a gamer and hate all gaming that doesn't match up with your own ideology in lock step.
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  16. I think some people need to re-educate themselves on what REAL ACTUAL FEMINISM is, and not buy in to the hype of crazy extremists. o__o

    Because if you are going to sit there and talk about the beautiful world of gaming, like there's not some fucked up extremists douchebags out there that makes the rest of the gaming look shitty, and then condemn feminism for their stupid collection extremist dingbats, you are not as educated and smart as you think you are. >:[
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  17. Sure, start up the thread and we will talk Feminism.

    "you are not as educated and smart as you think you are."

    If you are going to go for personal insults, I'd prefer you address me directly in them.

    Ad Hominems are Logical Fallacies, by the way.
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  18. Kind of like No true Scotsman and Strawman arguments, right?
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  19. Jesus wept, it's like Babby's First Philosophy in here.
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  20. Call them out in the debate and debate, or don't.
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