Anira and Kresch

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  1. Perched upon a boulder high above the clearing below, Anira with surveying eyes, scanned the forest before her. She had been hunting for hours and she grew weary of the disappointment. For the last few months the game in the forest had been diminishing, leaving the elvish huntress in dire need of food. Climbing down from her perch, Anira decided she would search one last area of the forest before retiring to the cave in which she had made shelter for the evening. She knew of a lake near by that promised at least small game to kill. Bow in hand, she quickly, but with quiet steps, began moving towards her destination.
  2. It wasn't long until the Elven huntress spotted the lake. She maneuvered toward the water, ever so quietly so as not to disturb any would-be game that was in the area. As she approached, she noticed a figure sitting atop a moldy stump along the shore. Of all things to be found in her woods, a mere human was sitting there, staring at the water. He took no notice of her, and continued his empty gaze into his own reflection. Puzzled, Anira lowered her bow and cautiously emerged from the thicket. As she approached, he lifted his head and stared at her. A smirk began to spread across his face, and he waved at her. After a few seconds of waving had passed, the man stood, and began to walk toward her, his smirk ever so present on his face.
  3. With a hand on the dagger she kept tied to her hip, Anira cautiously approached the human. Within the moments of the two closing the distance between them, Anira observed the human's features. He was taller than she, with far darker skin and yet there was something more. At a glance he seemed like a normal human, but now given a closer look, she realized there was something about this stranger that made him odd. Her senses were going crazy and the air around him made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. The stranger's smirk did not change even after noticing Anira's hand on her blade. Once there was but mere meters between them, she decided to finally speak,

    "Tis extremely dangerous for a mere human to be wandering these woods. Especially one not native to these lands," She said with certain caution. She did not know what to expect from the stranger. The man's smirk turned into almost a cynical smile immediately after she spoke, sending her guard even further up.
  4. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally spoke to her. His voice was cold, calm, and unnervingly gentle. "You have every right to be cautious, my lady. But you should not worry, for I am no stranger to these lands. In fact, I know them quite well. So, please, before there is any unnecessary... Shall we say... Confrontation... Would you be so kind as to remove your hand from your blade? I promise I won't bite." As he said these words, Anira felt even more guarded. "You might not be a stranger to these lands, but you are a stranger to me. And these woods are dangerous, and not just because of the animals that live here." As these words left her lips, the man began to laugh hysterically, almost falling into the lake. Anira simply stared at him. After the man regained his composure and straightened himself up, he nodded to her, turned around, and began to walk away. "The nerve of this fool..." She thought as she watched him leave the area. After a few moments, she began to follow him.
  5. After a few moments of silence, she began to wonder to herself why she had begun to follow him. She kept her distance, not wanting to attract his attention. She was curious yet guarded. She wanted to learn who this mysterious man was and why he seemed so different then the humans she was used to being, if she couldn't avoid it at all, in contact with. Why had he laughed at what she had said? Why was his voice so unnerving to her? Though he kept walking he spoke aloud,

    "May I ask why you feel you must follow me, my lady?" She stopped dead in her tracks. How could he have possibly know she had been following him? She was beginning to dislike this stranger more and more by the minute.

    "Who are you?" She asked directly, her voice firm and commanding. She was growing weary of this mystery and she wanted answers. He stopped, a few feet away from her and turned slightly so she could one again see his face. His smirk had once again found its way back onto the stranger's lips.
  6. He started toward her at an easy pace. He was in no rush. This was a mere game to him, a game only he could win. He stopped with a short distance between them and said, in his cold voice, "I am no one in particular my lady." The smirk left his face after he said these words, and she was taken aback by it. Her instincts told her not to think the obvious in that he was merely stating he wasn't anyone important. She felt endangered by this person, but she could not bring herself to leave. She was too curious. The frustration in her mind was building, and she finally gave in. Readying her bow, she took aim at him, and, with a demanding voice shouted "I demand you tell me who you are! No more of these petty games!" After the words left her lips, there was nothing but silence between them.

    After a few moments, the silence was then broken by his laughter. And he proceeded to step right into the readied arrow, poking his forehead with it. The smirk had found its way back across his lips, and he stared at her. "You fool, what are you doing?!" Anira was panicking. She didn't know what to do. Normally, she would have had no problem killing someone who drove her mad. But this individual, there was something off about him. It was as if she shot him, nothing would happen. As if the arrow would simply bounce off of him and drop to the ground. With these thoughts racing through her head, she slowly lowered her bow. "I have told you already, you have nothing to fear my lady. Why must you know so much about me? Why is it so important to you?"
  7. Anira was shocked into silence. There was blood trickling down his forehead from where he had poked it with her arrow yet he seemed unfazed by it. He simply stood there, cold, calm and quiet almost eerily so. She found herself suddenly understanding why she had followed him deeper into the forest. It was time that the unanswered questions of her past finally became answered. She found her voice once more,

    "You are like only one other I've ever come in contact with." She said in a quietly dark tone. Her mind suddenly jumping back to the day she had found her father laying in a pool of his own blood. The sound of the culprit's laughter echoing loudly in her mind. "I swore that day that I would kill anyone like him, yet here we stand, my weapon to the ground, and you still alive questioning me. I demand to know what you are, who you are and where you come from. You ask why this is important to me, I respond with it involves my quest to avenge my father's death. So if you shall not answer my questions," She readied her bow once more, "Then there is no reason why I shouldn't kill you." Once she was quiet once more, he stood there gazing upon her almost as if he were contemplating his next choice of words, though Anira knew that was not the case. He wiped some of the blood from his forehead and stayed quiet for a few moments longer before turning his attention to her again.
  8. "My lady, if it pleases you, I will tell you my name. Nothing more." His voice was still calm, even though it seemed more likely she would now kill him. Hearing these words, she began to lower her bow once more. This time, however, she did not lower it as much as last time. He stood there, staring at her, the smirk gone from his lips. He seemed upset, as if he had lost the game in which he was the only victor. She took this opportunity and quickly said "You have my attention. Now out with it!"

    "Kresch. That is my name. Are you satisfied?" His voice was still calm, though it sounded much colder, as if pure hatred was pouring into each word he spoke. She could only stare at him, it was as if his voice was piercing her mind. After a few moments, he spoke again. "I am not understanding what I could possibly have to do with the death of your father. But I have given you an answer. Therefore, I find it fitting that you give me an answer as well. What do you think I am?"
  9. Anira lowered her bow completely, though her guard had risen even more. She sighed and nodded, "I should have known you were not going to tell me what you were. Now to answer your question, Kresch, I shall explain my own. I mention my father's murder for I believe you are what his murderer was. Neither you or he are human. There is something about you that causes the animals to become restless as well as the air around you." She began to circle Kresch, her mind swimming with possibilities of what he could be. Slowly things were starting to make sense, Anira was beginning to understand. He felt as if she was trying to make him feel like an animal she was trying to kill. She now knew his name, something he had been trying to avoid this entire time. She was smart, dangerous and cunning, he knew she would eventually figure out he was. It was only a matter of time.

    "You say I have nothing to fear, yet everything about you makes me fear you. You know the animals won't attack for they fear you as well as know you. But how can an animal know you?" She asked herself aloud. Kresch stayed silent watching her every move. "My father told me legends of these things called changelings. Or at least he said they were legends, he kept me sheltered from the evils of the world. You are a changeling aren't you?" She demanded.
  10. He lowered his head and sighed easily. He wasn't against her knowing his secret. He began to smirk again, and said calmly "You are correct my lady. I do have the innate ability to change my form to whatever I deem fit at the moment. However, even though I am capable of such a feat, I do have my own personal body. You will never see it, because there are some things that just don't belong in this world." As he said this, her eyes began to widen. Her fear began to grow. Seeing this, he continued on. "You do not have anything to fear. I am not here to do harm to this world. My reasons for being here are my own." Hearing these words gave her a feeling of ease. It was as if she could trust him, as farfetched as that sounded in her mind. She stopped circling him, and looked down, pondering in her mind's eye what he could possibly be.

    As she looked back up, he wasn't there. But instead, someone else was standing there, with arms wide open. It was her father.
  11. The only sound heard was the soft thud of Anira's bow hitting the grassy earth beside her. There he was, her father, standing before her where Kresch once stood. His wise, yet kind face showed a mixture of joy and sadness. She knew that it truly was not her father, but Kresch changing his image to something she once loved. Her eyes began to water yet she fought it with ever fiber in her body. Swallowing the large lump in her throat she forced herself to speak, "Why do you torture me changeling? Why must you reopen wounds long since closed?" She balled her hands into tight fists and brought them close to her chest. "How do you even know what my father looks like?" She demanded, fighting the overwhelming urge to jump into his arms in a tight embrace. Yet she gave into the temptation momentarily as she awaited his response, and reached out to lightly place her hand on the cheek of her father's image.
  12. As she reached out and gently touched his face, he seized her hand. He held it for a few moments and then let it drop to her side. He took a step back. As she wiped the tears welling up in her eyes, she looked up to see Kresch back in his familiar form. He said calmly "It is not my intention to hurt you my lady. I am merely attempting to show some form of... What do you call it again? Compassion? Yes, that's it. I felt that it would be nice for you to see him again." She stood there, the rage, the hatred, all of it building inside of her. She detested him to the point where the sight of him left a foul taste in her mouth. In her best efforts to control her anger, she said quietly "Just tell me how you know him."

    "I have told you this. I am no stranger to these lands. I most likely know them better than you. Do not be offended by this, for I am much older than I appear. I knew who your father was. My reasons for being here do not concern you, nor do they concern your father in any way. But please, do not think that I can tell you everything about him, for I only knew of him." Hearing these words calmed her. She began to doubt that his words were what was calming her. There was something about his voice that she couldn't quite pinpoint, but she knew there was something off about it.

    Feeling that he had satisfied her curiosity, he began to leave once again.
  13. Anira stood there, hands at her sides, eyes cast downwards to the ground before her. As the distance between them grew she could feel the hatred and anger began to grow inside of her once again. In one swift motion she swooped down, gather up her bow and readied it. Anira quickly shot an arrow that barely grazed Kresch's head and struck the trunk of a tree directly in front of him. Kresch stopped once more, this time angered by Anira's rash action. Blood was now freely dripping down the side of his head.

    "You wreak of the Derathian Empire. You may be old and you may know this forest better than I Kresch, but I know the Imperials and the scent of anyone associated with them anywhere. I have a score to settle with them and if you are friend to them, even if you mean me no harm you must suffer the same consequence as all those who belong to the Empire." She growled, readying her bow once more.
  14. As Kresch removed the arrow from the trunk of the tree, he turned to her. Wiping the blood from his head, he spoke, "I am friend to no one." His voice was smooth, and calm as always, but there was something wrong. There was fury in his eyes, it was as if he had just been betrayed. Usually he wouldn't have cared about this, but for some reason this struck a nerve. He could not place his finger on it, but he knew he was at a crossroads. He would either kill the Elf and continue his travels, or he would join with her and accomplish his goals. He felt the latter would be more appropriate to his nature.

    As he held the arrow he stared straight into her eyes. She already had another arrow readied and was waiting for him to make his move. She was a hunter, and she was stalking her prey. Though he did not fear her, he did see her as a useful tool for his gain. He spoke then, his voice still calm and cold, "My lady, I am not your enemy. I am not here to kill, I am here for business. Not pleasure. Do not make me change my priorities." These words pierced her gut as if she was stabbed with the business end of a rapier. He was not joking, he was serious. She knew this creature would kill her if he so desired, and for some strange reason, this comforted her. Knowing that he could have killed her the moment she stepped out of the thicket made her at ease. With these thoughts she slowly lowered her bow again.

    "Now then," he said, not taking his eyes off of her, "it seems as if we have a mutual group of friends. These Imperials are fools, and the Derathian Empire is run by these fools." She couldn't believe what she was hearing, it was as if they were thinking the same thoughts. Noticing the look on her face, he quickly interjected, "I have no intention of taking out the Empire. I hope you understand this, but my goals are not so simple. I have much more planned for the Empire than that. But I cannot do this alone... Wait, that's a lie. I can, I just choose not to." She was confused at these words, but she managed to speak anyway, "If you are so confident in your abilities, why don't you accomplish your tasks by yourself?" His smirk found its way across his lips yet again, "It is quite simple, my lady. You see, walking these roads for days at a time does get pretty repetitive, and I simply feel it would be more fun with a companion."

    She moved her gaze from Kresch to the ground. She was contemplating her next words carefully.
  15. Anira's gaze lingered on the ground for a few more moments, her mind racing with wild thoughts. She knew that in an instance the changeling could kill her if he so pleased. Yet she could almost sense that he wouldn't. He did not need her but there he stood offering a chance to join him in his travels to the same destination she had set her own sights upon. Why was he after the Empire? Why was he asking for her companionship as well as her help? Why does she hesitate, Kresch wondered to himself as he watched her piercing yet delicate features shift with thought. Slowly, her eyes rose once again to meet his own. There was a new fire behind her eyes and he knew she was going to agree, little did he know she had a few more questions that she needed answered.

    "Say I were to agree, and I were to help you, what would I receive in return?"
  16. Kresch looked at her, and the smirk once again spread through his lips. He looked at her for a good moment before speaking, never taking his eyes from her own. "My lady, whatever you wish out of this journey is yours. I am not interested in material gain nor am I interested in honor of any sort. My goals are my own, and if you wish for objects or honor, it will be yours." These words made Anira breathe easier. noticing this, Kresch once again began speaking, "So, what is your answer, my lady? Do you wish to venture with me or not? If you do not want to accompany me, I will simply take my leave and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors."

    She pondered over her answer, and noticed that Kresch had changed forms again. But he did not stay in any one form. He was bored, and he was anxiously awaiting an answer from his would-be female companion. After a few minutes of contemplation, she finally gave him an answer.
  17. "Then I shall accompany you to the city. I only ask for three things out of our little agreement. The first is that you do not stop me from killing those I see fit. The second is that I wish to know more about changelings and more about you. Lastly, I do not wish for honor or materialistic things, all I wish is that after everything is said and done, that my father's murderer's are brought to my justice." She spoke bravely and with authority. She only wished to know more about Kresch and people like him for reasons to help her own cause though she knew him complying would be a long shot. "Now, no matter your answer to any of my wishes I will still accompany you." She quickly unstrung her bow and put it in it's holster strapped to her back. "After you, good sir." She said, her twinge of sarcasm evident.
  18. "Your questions shall be answered in due time and in the manner I see fit. But you will satisfy your appetite for revenge on your own. Remember, I am here for business, not pleasure. Should my business be in the same vicinity of your interests, then so be it. As I have said, whatever you wish for is what you will receive." Kresch never took his eyes off of her as he said this, and she did not remove her gaze as well. She detested him, but he couldn't care less about that. He was not traveling this world for friends, but his reasons for being there would be revealed in due time. Anira would have all of her questions answered and then some.

    "Okay then," Kresch began walking toward their destination, "next stop, the City of Derath." He started to laugh hysterically at the sound of his own words. This puzzled Anira, but she didn't ask any questions, for she knew there was no point. After Kresch regained his composure, he looked at her. His smirk was ever present, and this unnerved her a little. She was starting to grow accustomed to Kresch's bizarre ways. And with that, the two of them were off to the Imperial City of Derath.
  19. Four days had passed since Kresch and Anira had met, and the days they had traveled together had been anything but pleasant. They had stopped once again for the night to rest in a small clearing surrounded by thick trees. Anira had stared a small fire and was beginning to cook the game she had caught earlier that day when she glared over at Kresch. He sat against a tree at the edge of their camp, eyes closed with his arms folded across his chest. Everything about him annoyed Anira to no end. His snide remarks, calm attitude, and no matter what he said or did, she felt that at any moment he would turn around and attack her. Sighing, she slowly removed her gaze from his and returned it to the fire before her. He was not the only reason she felt like something was going to attack her from behind. Almost as if reading her mind, Kresch slowly spoke, his eyes still closed.

    "What is bothering you, my lady? You've been on edge since we started traveling together." Anira grew to no longer surprised by his sudden awareness of things she was thinking during these past days. She stayed quiet for a few moments before finding her voice.

    "There was a reason you found me traveling alone. I've been hunted for the last three years by Imperialistic bastards. I fear that one night I shall rest my head to sleep and not wake up for my neck had been slit."
  20. Kresch simply stared at her and began to chuckle. He unfolded his arms and gradually made his way to her. He stood over her as she started her fire. "My lady," he started as he held back his laughter, "there are much more dangerous things in these lands than Imperials. You have nothing to worry about. So rest easy, and don't worry about me betraying you." He understood his nature and did not blame her for not trusting him. She simply looked up at him and sighed again. She went back to her fire.

    He proceeded to walk back to his tree and resumed his sitting. After a few moments, Kresch spoke, "Throughout my travels I have experienced many things. I have come across many interesting individuals and have encountered powerful foes. I am by no means weak, my lady. These Imperials whom you have such disdain for, they have heard of my true form in myths, and nothing more. Were they to come across us, they would know true fear rather swiftly. I am not one for confrontation. But I am one for accomplishing my goals by any means necessary."

    She, for some odd reason, felt she could trust these words. They were the most sincere words she had heard in a long time. And she knew that these types of words were hard to come by, even if it was from someone like Kresch. Anira finally got her fire going, and proceeded to cook her game as planned.