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  1. Animus...thats what they called beings like us. Something traumatizing would happen and then from that certain circumstance you were given an animal ability that would help you whenever you get into a similar situation...or any horrible situation in general. There was a boy who almost drowned and nobody would help him so he became a merman. There was a girl who had a drunken father that would beat her so she'd run into the dark forest not knowing where she was going so she'd grow bat ears and wings to see better and get away from danger. Another boy was locked up and beaten almost half to death so he'd grow wings to fly away. Some of these creatures joined together to survive others sit alone and suffer. These are their stories.
    (This was inspired by Anima the Manga)

    The city of Azu was amazing and busy. It was a time of simple pleasures where the children would go out and play all day until it became night time to farming natural crops on a regular basis. Yes it was simple and gorgeous. However when you walk in the streets you'd better watch out. Animus lives there.

    Ava Heart looked around, she wore cargo pants and a black tank top with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had gotten her powers from the tiger. When she was little her parents threw her out on the streets because she refused to whore herself out to pay for bills. Not knowing what to do and almost being dead she grew claws of the tiger as well as fangs and majestic climbing abilities! She learned to steal food in order to survive.
    She saw a man carrying a basket of food and with her sack she sprung into action. She ended up stealing almost his entire stock to last for 3 days. She ran back into her home, which was an abandoned underground city. There was a secret latch that nobody except her knew about, she pressed it and her door would open for her.
  2. As a child Bjorn was chucked out in the the Wilderness of the Rockies and lived on his own there for most of his life he developed the characteristics of a bear but minus the fur and the bear face ect he had the brute strength of a male Grizzly bear and the apatite of one to but some how he found he never got fat, Bjorn spent the nights mainly looking for food rummaging through bins and checking though parks and streams for berries,Fish,Honey or even human food and during the day he tried to stay in his woodland home in Brook Bridge Park.
    Bjorn Stood and watched the sun as the sky became tinged with orange as it set, tonight was going to be a good night Bjorn could feel it, he steps out the park on to the street looking round as he roamed across the road stopping and growling at another animus in a bin who ran off as Bjorn approached, "huh lets see what we have in here" bjorn said to him self as he rummaged through the bin.
  3. Governmental patrol walked along the main streets, looking for Animus to experiment on or sell for money. Ava wasn't stupid, she would only go out when patrol wasn't walking around. Each and every day she would hide from patrol and sneak food then walk back to her hideout. One day though, when the sun was setting she had a bag of useful tools to help her, including food. She was walking when she saw a animus in a garbage bin. She started for a little bit then walked up to him and grabbed his arm. Staring at him in the eyes she put a huge cabbage in his hand. "Here try to stay out of garbage bins" she said then continued to walk away from him.
  4. Bjorn growls "thanks" and gives the girl a fresh salmon "here for your kindness" Bjorn said
  5. Ava smelled the fish "ehh no thanks...but thanks though" she said
  6. Bjorn shrugs "ive never seen you out this way before are you new here?"
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