Animus Veritas: A Science Fantasy RP!

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  1. Summary​

    Animus Veritas is a science fantasy role play about star-gazing tribal survivors who go on a series of adventures to repair the ship they live in so it can finish healing the Earth from a horrible cataclysm that occurred three hundred years in the past. During the course of these adventures they use power suits, laser rifles, automated drones, nanomachines, energy shields, and more, in order to bypass enemies, puzzles, hostile environments, and more.

    Using your wits, imagination, intelligence, and team work, you’ll get to explore a galaxy of infinite possibilities: If exploring desolate spacecraft drifting through space or mysterious planets with alien ecosystems and strange civilizations whilst dealing with the aftermath of a civilization-ending cataclysm on your home planet is your thing, read on! Be sure to leave a comment of your interest, and/or any questions you may have, as I’ve already got most of the lore written up! :ferret:


    It has been three centuries since the Great Cataclysm rocked the cradle of mankind, and sent rocks of fire and fury raining upon the unready populace of the world. Like an endless storm of bullets, chunks of the moon and several large asteroids--as well as ancient platforms of the sky--came raining down on a utopian Earth. The wondrous, shining cities of man fell, and the environment was changed forever as most of the world’s life was wiped out. All that was left behind were remnants of mankind that had crashed aboard an ancient ship, who awoke to find they had no memory of themselves, or of the barren, alien world around them.

    Over the past three centuries, humanity did its best to survive in the irradiated, barren ball of a planet that they once called home. The ship around them kept them safe in ways they did not understand as it slowly, but surely, awakened more and more with each passing year. Approximately fifty years ago, the ship’s artificial intelligence flickered to life within the ship’s core in the midst of a meeting of all the tribal elders. It didn’t take long to discover the fact that the ship had a soul, and that its name was Animus Veritas. It had been protecting them the whole time, using its power to deflect away as much radiation as was possible, and growing food in makeshift hydroponics gardens for them to feast upon.

    However, as time wore on, it became eminently apparent that, after centuries of protecting and feeding the last remnants of humanity, Animus Veritas was struggling to remain functional. Parts started to wear down, and despite self-repair mechanisms that struggled to keep the ship alive, more problems arose than were fixed by itself. The people within the ship, with their limited, backwards knowledge, began working to alleviate the ship’s needs: Hunters left in packs to kill what few animals of the sands they could find so the ship didn’t have to grow as much food, and an entire class of people known as ‘Techies’ arose, dedicated to learning how the ship worked so they could fix it.

    This kept the ship intact for several years. It remains this way to this day. However, as the ship has awakened further, it has realized that further degradation of its components is inevitable: Given another few years, the ship will die. Yet, this could not be allowed to pass, as the ship was also responsible for terraforming the planet slowly over time and making it habitable once again, as well as curing the great deal of genetic damage caused by constant exposure to high levels of radiation for several generations.

    In short: Humanity needed the ship, and the ship needed humanity.

    So the ship’s AI—Veritas—came up with a plan.

    Animus Veritas, a vessel of several miles in size, was capable of feats that none aboard the ship were capable of understanding. One such feat was the capacity to create gateways to other places in the galaxy, that could serve as two-way doors for groups of people to step through. Such places could be asteroids, ships, space stations, planets, the surface of a sun, a black hole—anywhere that Veritas decided. Through these gateways, groups of volunteers could step through to find parts, materials, and anything else that Animus Veritas needed to keep functioning. It was likely dangerous work: With or without aliens, the environments themselves would often be quite deadly.

    You are one such volunteer.

    Will you answer the call?
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  2. first

    Also yeah, interested, of course.
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  3. F-

    Fuck. I'm interested :D
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  4. I'm interested or something.

    Y'know, if all the cool kids are doing it too.
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  5. Eh, this looks decent.

    I'll begrudgingly show my interest.
  6. I'm joining this. I can manage a weekend post at least.
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  7. All my yes; I'm more than interested! I really like the concept of travelling between planets to cure the beloved ship. Might make somebody who treats the ship like a God, and has a religion for it. Because that ship is lovely.

    Looking forward to the OOC!
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  8. Funny enough, this is a thing in the extended lore.

    Heart of Veritas: Refers to the energy core at the centre of Animus Veritas that powers the entire ship and which houses the computer core. The ship spoke to people here first, and appears to have a limited personality. It claims to be in spiritual chains, but does not specify at this time how it can be eased from them, often to the distress of those who work closest with it. Some have taken to worship of it, though the ship often denies godhood, despite seeming to wield godlike powers.

    So I'm absolutely, perfectly endorsing you to do this. :ferret:
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  9. Sure, whai nawt.
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  10. Hmm...looks interesting.


    Right now I'm thinking of making a 'Techie', maybe one that wants to try and replicate the core for many uses.

    Question though, is the Earth that was blown up more modern times, or was it a sci fi version of Earth ala Federation from Star Trek?

    EDIT: Never mind. -1 Competent Reader point Maxim.
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  11. I'm in. And when I say that I mean I'm in until the RP is finished or dies.
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  12. I'll answer the call!
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  13. Noooo, go away, I'm making a tech nerd. D:

    Not really though, there's room for more than one of those I'm sure.
  14. Dibs for the first pet! I want a pet for mine!
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  15. Oooh, yes. This is definitely a plot for me. Consider me very interested and plotting.
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  16. I'm up for it... I think... >_> <_<
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  17. I would be interested, certainly. Out of curiosity, what level of writing is expected?

    Also, is this an ark ship of a sort, containing and protecting remnants of not only humanity, but a blighted Earth's flora and fauna or any of its ecosystems?
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  18. From the unfinished rule list:

    I only ask for one paragraph as a minimum per post. The paragraph itself doesn’t have to be any longer than three sentences, so long as you give me something to work with. If you can write more than that, I’ll welcome it, but I keep my barrier to entry low, so if you’re new to role playing or writing, and want to learn more, I will happily teach you.
    Answered in extended lore, I'll quote it here for you. :ferret:

    Animus Veritas: The name of the ship which the remnants of mankind call home, though also refers to the name of the AI that inhabits the ship and cares for the people who live on it. The ship has a Latin dictionary on board, which offers multiple definitions for Animus: Willingness, Mind, and Heart being the prominent three. Veritas translates simply to Truth. It’s several miles in size, with several thousand cryo-tubes implying that it was perhaps a colony ship, a mobile laboratory, a space colony, or something similar. Animus Veritas always avoids answering the question of what its purpose was before the Great Cataclysm when asked.


    Earth: A largely barren world that appears to be undergoing some transformative process which Animus Veritas labels as "terraforming." While the surface is nothing more than stretches of deserts, tundras, and patches of irradiated soil, the underground caverns which comb around the planet are humid jungles filled with bountiful fruits and plentiful game. Given another century or so, and Animus Veritas claims it will have the world restored to what it once was, save for the missing moon.

    If anyone wants, I can post all of the extended lore I have done so far. There's a couple more entries I need to add.

    ANYONE STILL INTERESTED IN JOINING: FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR INTEREST STILL! Everybody knows that Interest Checks are notorious for typically only carrying about half the people who show interest over into the OOC phase of the RP. :ferret:
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  19. I'm definitely interested.
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  20. So to summarize the OP
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