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  1. The first day of class wasn't always the easiest, especially when every classmate within the school is an Animorphis. A person that turns into only one animal, they don't choose the's given to them by birth and nothing can change it.

    Kowaku Academy was a special kind of place to hide these special creatures from humans, the world wasn't ready to accept what they could do yet...and until then, the school is funded by Hiro Yammamoto A billionaire that invented the first hover car, which is now being used as military equipment! He too is an Animorphis and had to not only hide it from the world, but had to control these powers!
    Knowing what it was like to be alone he built this school to help the future creatures to control their powers as well as learn!
    Daughter of Mr. Yammamoto was Akiko Yammamoto!

    (You can make up to three characters in this story unless one gets killed then you can make another, just as long as you stay at three! You cannot be Mr. Yammamoto either! Also this is very much an anime role play!)

    "Oh my gosh! It's Akiko Yammamoto!" One girl whispered as a another girl had walked past them in the hall.
    Hiro was always posting pictures of his daughter around school, bragging about how she had made it into the top high school around because she could control her powers, and that if she could do it anyone could!

    The girl had short, brown hair with a flower pin pulling her bags over to the left side of her head and the uniform for this school, rumors have been going around saying she was a know it all jerk because her father always bragged about her and because she was stinking rich!
    Everyone in the school heard about Akiko and frankly, she was talked about so much by her father that it was sickening, causing people to be annoyed or angry at her.
    Akiko walked to locker 137 and started turning the dials to open it.
  2. "Hey, Riko!" A girl yelled as she snapped her fingers in front of Riko's face. Riko had been day dreaming again so she jumped a little at the sudden snap. She looked over at her fiend and laughed a little. "Sorry." She apologized. Riko and her two best friends were leaning against lockers 140, 139, and 138. Riko leaned on locker 138 since it was here's. Her friends were leaning against their own lockers. Strangs, huh?

    Riko's friend with black hair and brown eyes tapped on Riko's shouldet and nodded behind her. Riko looked behind her and saw the girl she despised most. Akiko. She made a disgusted face before she turned her attention back to her friends and scooted closer to them. Riko and her friends talked some more, aware of Akiko at all times.
  3. "Hey! Akiko! I got a bone to pick with you!"
    The young woman turned around to see a huge, random brute in front of her, he smirked as he raised a fist about to punch her but Akiko dodged, moving to the left.
    Everyone gathered around for the fight, cheering for the brutes side!
    As he slammed his fists down again, Akiko dodged once again, leaping into the air then kicked him in the face hard! So hard that the guy closed his eyes, stepping back a few times.
    As she came running to him he put his hands up and she kicked his arms then jumped and kicked him in the back, sending him foreward.
    She punched his stomach just as he turned around then kept punching his head before she back flipped, kicking his face and knocking him out.
    As the toughest guy in the known school fell on the ground, Akiko stepped on his back, "If you could all stop acting like idiots! I have something to say!"
    Everyone went quiet as she spoke...
    "Mr. Yammamoto made me the school Principal...and maybe if you won't be civil and treat me as your leader! Then you will treat me as your alpha because I just took down the biggest guy here! Stop acting like humans and get to work!"
    The girl walked away as if nothing just happened and everyone started walking back to class, astounded at what they saw.
  4. Riko had watched the whole thing but after what Akiko said, she snapped. "He only made you the principal because your his daughter! And FYI, we're not your pets, spolied brat!" Riko yelled at Akiko before she turned her back on her as if she was far below her. The people that hadn't gone to class yet began clapping and cheering. Riko smirked and turned to her friends. "Time to make a rebellion." She said then looked at the others who agreed before disappearing into class. Riko went into her class and sat in then front seat in the middle.
  5. Katell and her twin brother Kole watched as the well known girl, Akiko fought one of the toughest guys.
    Katell and Kole usually only talked amongst themselves, it wasn't that they were shy, they only had trust issues.
    As everyone began getting to classes the two siblings stayed as one girl yelled at Akiko.

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  6. [​IMG]
    Bjorn Casually walks down the corridor to class knowing that the Akiko was in for a surprise, Bjorn was the School Joker, A master of Pranks and Mischief,Bjorn Stands In the The Doorway to the class room he had a lesson in smiling to him self as he watched the argument between the Principles daughter and another Pupil, "I wouldn't be to Smug Akiko, Never Gloat During Victory as This may leave you open to attack", Bjorn Had not foreseen that his Greatest Mischievous plan was going to actual work with no hitches, He had set up the oldest Tricks in the books the old door+Water+Bucket prank and the tack on seat, He had kept observations on his target from last term.
  7. image.jpg Sakura Yammamoto walked through the door, she was also the daughter of Hiro Yammamoto and the younger sister of Akiko Yammamoto. Hiro talked about Sakura but not as much as Akiko.

    Sakura walked to her first class and sat down in the back of the classroom.
  8. [​IMG]

    Ayako Obinata walked in the school corridors in fast pace, avoiding everyone who was standing near the lockers, talking to their friends, probably talking about her. No, she wasn't popular, unlike Akiko Yammamoto, the girl she had never talked to. It was that some of her classmates thought she was a weirdo. Ayako had a habit to talk to her imaginary friend, even in public, which led people to think of her that way.

    After passing another corridor, Ayako at last got to her classroom. When she entered, she saw her classmate, which was no other than Akiko's younger sister, Sakura Yammamoto, already sitting at the back of the room. Ayako had always adored Sakura, but she never dared talk to her as she was afraid Sakura might think of her just like everybody else did.

    Ayako glanced away and walked to the front seat and sat there.
  9. Bjorn Turns as he remembers he almost walked in to the wrong class room and leaves the doorway passing Akiko and Sticks a note on her back reading "kick me!" then darts thought the door that Akiko's Younger sister went through triggering the bucket to fall Behind him "oops" Bjorn said Mischievously as he kicked the bucket aside with one leg and walked towards the back of the class room and sits down Nearest the window on the right.
  10. Katell and Kole walked off to class after they saw the fight. First class was the same class Akiko's younger sister and the class clown Bjorn.
    Katell and Kole knows a lot of people... they just don't know them.
    The twins sat in the back of the room, at least two seats away from the other girl in the back. This was where they talked among themselves.
    "What do you think of Akiko now?" Kole asked.
    "I think she's too bossy," Katell answer and they both ended up laughing as they talked about almost everyone.
  11. Sakura dodged the bucket of water with inhuman like speed, "oh no! It's okay!" Sakura said, grabbing a rag from her panda backpack. "Are you okay?" She asked Bjorn and looked up but he was already gone, she looked around before cleaning up the bucket of water and walked back into her seat. Sakura took out a fuzzy pink pen before writing down some notes.
  12. Bjorn had flown to his seat and was perched on the chair after swooping over the teachers chair and placing a tack pin on it, Bjorns form he was 'Gifted' with was a Kookaburra which over the years he found fit his personality,
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  13. Sakura watched as Bjorn put a tack on the teachers desk, "uh-oh..." she whispered.
    As the boy walked by, she blushed and focused on scribbling down notes in her notebook.

    Akiko crumpled up the kick me sign before she sat at her desk, nobody kicked her...most likely they didn't even want to challenge her.
    Looking through papers, the young woman started reading through them...she was suppose to have a conference with the Grand Council of Schools in a week! These were the people that were with the Schools and with the government, keeping the secret of the school.

    There was a law within the school that if the children were so misbehaved that shock collars need to be put on them until they misbehave, of course Akiko was against them no matter how the kids treated her.
  14. Kaikou walked into the class that Katell was in and bowed as the teacher stopped speaking, "forgive me...I got lost" he smiled sheepishly before sitting down next to Katell.

  15. Katell and Kole looked over to the boy who sat next to Katell. It was at that moment the twins stopped laughing at their own comments about everyone. They stayed quiet knowing that the boy might hear if they continued to gossip.
  16. Riko sighed softly as she entered class, not really caring that she was early. Which in her case, was rare. Riko sat in the middle row at the middle desk. She dropped her stuff on the table before laying her head on it. She didn't exactly have a 'good nights rest' last night thanks to all the studying she was doing. She sat up and leaned back in her chair, running a hand through her long brown hair. Riko felt her phone buzzed and pulled it out to see her older brother was calling. The heck? She thought before answering. She put the phone to her ear. "What is it?" She asked him, not caring to say hello at this point.

    "Don't give me attitude Riko." Kirito snapped on the other line. "God, you can be such a brat." He complained. "Anyways, dad wanted me to make sure your ok. He knows you pulled an all nighter." He said in a disgraced tone. 'I'm fine. Class is about to start so I'm hanging up. Bye!' Was her reply. Kirito heard the beep sound as she ended the call and turned his phone off. "Idiot." HE sighed and put his phone in his pocket again.
  17. "hello class! My name is Mrs. Choko and I will be your new teacher from now on, unfortunately Mrs. Iwa has retired..." a young and beautiful teacher smiled, stepping in her class with her handbag, holding her stack of folders.
    "Now, if everyone could stand up and stand against the wall, I am going to be placing you in your desks today, it helps my organization..." she said before calling out names.
    Ayako Obinata ended up sitting next to Sakura Yammamoto.

  18. Riko didn't move. Her head was on her which rested on her desk. Riko was passed out. Her expression was calm and her breathing soft. The only sign that shewas a live was the faint rise and fall of her body. Riko dreamed about a different life. One where anything was possible. She smiled as she slept, happy about her dream life.

    Kirito leaned back against his desk, waiting for the stupid teacher to get here. He was 17, two years older than his little sister, Riko. Kirito tapped his foot in annoyance and pretty soon he stood up. Kirito walked to the front of the class and leaned against the teacher's desk. "Listen up idiots! You have my permission to do whatever the hell you want till the teach gets here." He announced and all at once, everyone turned to their best friend. Kirito was the most popular, next to Akiko. Because of his aggressive and bad boy nature he was known as Black Dragon. He actually liked the nickname. Three guys walked up to Kirito and they began chatting.​
  19. Seeing the new teacher bjorn felt bad for putting the tack on her chair and swooped over and took the pin off the chair whilst she was distracted and returned to his seat.
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  20. "Alright, heres a list of supplies that i need you guys to get, while I pass these out how about a movie?"
    She turns on the projector and started passing ot the papers, humming.

    Sakura was glancing at Bjorn and drawing him, she was good too.