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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Viceroy, and what I present to you now is a simple yet.. complex idea. First off, if any of you watch anime, I think you may have an idea of where this is going. It would be in a Japanese city by the name of Kōun, and the roleplay would be based in that city. There would be a High School for the teenage characters to go, which is named Hayashi Senior High School. It all sounds like a normal everyday ''life'' roleplay, but it would have the aspects of an anime. For instance, there could be an epic fight scene that over-exaggerates itself, guy takes fry and other guy basically goes super-saiyan! Well.. I'm sure you guys get the point.

    I have it all planned out, but I just need to know if people would be into this kind of thing.
  2. *enters from the shadows* I like have peeked my interest...
  3. Oh, cool! I just hope more people notice this soon, I'd really like to do this idea.
  4. *nods in agreement* As would I, sadly, all group RP's I have joined always die off rather quickly and it saddens me.
  5. It sounds like it would be entertaining.
  6. I'm interested. I haven't really done an anime role play yet. I'm big with the anime though.
  7. I'm always interested in animu high school life. Count me in if you ever start this up.
  8. Whelp, I'll be prepared to start it up. I just need to know if the people who posted before are still interested in doing this.



  9. I'm still interested.
  10. I am still interested.
  11. Alright, then! I'll make the sign-ups in a little while. :D
  12. @C92cool


    @Lady Bernkastel

    Hey, guys! I'm working on the thread right now, it'll probably be done soon. I can't wait to get it started up!
  13. *breaks down wall and enters room* I'M SO PUMPED AND READY!!!!!
  14. I'm interested, it sounds interestong. :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.