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  1. Anyone know anywhere to go to watch English dubbed anime? I hate subbed and I am into a bunch of different animus but I can't pay to watch it and I either get up into the series and can't find anymore English dubbed or I just can't find it.
  2. I typically do a search for the anime I want dubbed and Google brings up decent results. I don't subscribe to a specific site or anything like that, so this method works for me.
  3. I found a website where I can watch different ones but the ads kill it lol
  4. @Lewi If you want free dubs, you're gonna have to deal with ads. That's just the way it works. It's how they keep their sites up.

    Or you can pay for legal streaming, or go out and buy the anime, and deal with no/fewer ads. And that way, you're supporting companies that bring us anime instead~

    (but if you're really strapped for cash, has a long list of dubbed anime. You'll get ads still, though.)
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  5. It's not that I mind ads. I mind ads when it's fifteen minutes of fighting pop ups before I can even watch lol
  6. Unfortunately, you can't go to many sites these days without ads killing it, but they're a necessary evil, especially when you're trying to get something for free. Ad revenue is about the only way they can keep websites up if they're not making a profit any other way.

    If you're looking for popular dubs, I know for a fact that FUNimation has subs and dubs of anime on their channel for YouTube. Then there's some anime and movies here at FantasyAnime.

    Other than that, I can't help you very much in this department; I typically watch all my stuff on Netflix. If I knew you better, I'd offer my username and password and let you use it, but... yeah.
  7. I appreciate the tips guys. ^_^ any favorites you all recommend?
  8. @Lewi are you using an adblocker? I watch on cartoon online using Google Chrome browser with adblock installed. I think adblock is available for firefox, too, and if you're using IE...

    well, shame on you O.O
  9. Lol no I don't have an ad blocker
  10. Dude. Why not? Most of them are free, they speed up your browsing and save you the aforementioned clicking
  11. Because I'm computer stupid lol
  12. Yeah my friends have turned towards using adblockers when advertisements on Youtube videos were longer than the actual video.

    Do a Search for Adblock. If you have Google Chrome (I'm pretty sure FireFox has it too) just install it and the icon for the Adblocker will appear on the top right hand side of your browser. It's very simple and you'll find watching videos, listening to music on Pandora, and browsing online will be much simpler.
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